10 Coolest novelty pillows from AliExpress

Looking for some novelty pillows for adults? Fruit pillows for kitchen, log pillows for the living room, kitty pillows for filling your entire room with them?

Or maybe, the best of all, the ostrich pillow for those days? People working in customer service and tech support know what I'm talking about…

10 Unique decorative pillows from AliExpress

Log pillow

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/dMdc4


Fruit pillows

5 options

Fruit pillows 8.54 5 options

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/hCKEz


Kitty pillows

16 options

Kitty pillows 8.51 4 options

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/nveYZ


Ostrich pillow

Ostrich pillow 12.42 2 options

A pillow for one of those days… People in customer service and tech support sure know the struggle.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/G0YDV


Emoji pillows


The opinion about emojis tends to be split. Many people claim emojis are cancer, and 9gag community is strongly against them, but at the same time I see others buying all emoji-related.

So if you like them, check out the listing linked below; if you hate them, please accept my sincere apologies and check out the remaining pillows below (no emojis there, I promise).

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/WbXpV


Memory foam pillow with bamboo fiber cover (your face will thank you) – $13.41

Memory foam pillow with bamboo fiber cover 13.41

I have one of these, and, man, are they comfortable. It's like sleeping on a cloud, I'm not even exaggerating.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/Vl_52


Banana pillow – 70 cm length

Banana pillow 13.80

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/w2hwKA


Rose pillow (30 cm) – 4 color options

Rose pillow Aliexpress

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/FyvA57

The link above for the ~30 cm (12 in”) ones. There are larger ones (link one pictured below) – approx. 45 cm (18″) available here.

Flower pillow 40 cm 19.00 6 options

Larger size – $28.70, 6 color options


10. Minecraft pillows.


Don't get tricked by the $6.99 price, as only the first pillow costs that much. The rest are $12.99.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/y2LIDL

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