10 Geeky items you saw online but didn’t know where to buy – Vol. 2

The first time the list I made of 10 geeky items you may have seen online, but never knew where to get, it was very well-received by /r/AliExpress, so I decided to turn this into recurring series as long as there is interest.

I am not sure about the posting frequency. I am thinking once a week should be good. If I feel that it becomes too spammy, I will change it to once every 2 weeks, or even once a month.

This time I will focus on geeky gift ideas – not necessarily anything that you have seen before, but most likely there is something that you may want to get for yourself. I know I want all of this stuff.

To view the item, click the picture, or the description above.

10 Geeky items of the week you saw online,

but didn't know where to buyVol. 2


The most interesting things on AliExpress

Spy remote control spy tank

iSpy RC tank 69.90

Price: $69.90

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/wzNjB


Feet hammock

Hammock for your feet $11.97

Prce: $9.73

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/jcyEG


Inception totem

Inception totem gift set 2.69

Price: $3.24

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/pZxExA


Molecule necklaces

Serotonin, Dopamine, Acetylcholine

Molecule necklace $0.65 - 3 choices (Serotonin, Dopamine, Acetylcholine)

Price: ~$1.50 (varies)

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/D-gRo


Magnetic putty that glows in dark

3 color options

Magnetic putty that glows in dark $9.89 - 3 color options

Price: $2.49

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/0zb4n


Retro-style pocket watchPocket watch $4.87

Price:  $11.99

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/wK9vtr

Milk carton-style power bank

6 color options

Milk carton-style power bank $5.23 - 6 color options

Price: $6.99

Note: the actual capacity of this power bank is reported to be ~1500 mAh, contrary to what is claimed by the seller/manufacturer.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/XNkNE


18-piece set of iOS-style app icon magnets


Price: $4.95

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/EmpNG


Handmade wooden bowties


Price: $4.95

Stand out with these stylish wooden bowties. They are made by hand, cost less that $5, and there are over 15 designs to pick from!

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/VVVtLM


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