10 Geeky things you saw online – Vol. 5

Does anyone even read what I write here?

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Blah, blah, blah, items, words. Work! Buy! Consume! Die!

Ok, here we go.

10 Geeky items you saw online,

but didn’t know where to buy – Vol. 5

The Best Geeky Gift Ideas from AliExpress

Leo meme AliExpress


Clapper switch

Clapper switch AliExpress

There are 110V and 220V versions available. Check which one you need in your country here.

Price: $6.21

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/X5k5SZ


Jerry can 6 oz flask

Jerry can 6 oz flag AliExpress

Price: $4.53

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/Niyoh


Adventure Time beanies – $6.00

(3 options: Finn, Jack, Fionna)

Adventure Time beanie hat Finn Jack Fionna AliExpress

Price: $6.00

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/UIwHq


Plasma ball

Plasma ball AliExpress

Yep, the “Tesla” Plasma Ball.

Price: $7.25 + shipping

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/0GodH


Batman batarang letter opener

Price: $14.94

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/C5vj6V


Totoro / etc. hand warmers

Totoro etc plush hand warmers AliExpress

Price: $7.59

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/Oi5al1


Wooden flash drive

Wooden flash drive AliExpress

Price: $4.34 – 14.79

The transfer speed is equivalent to class 4 (or less).

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/d1UK5u


Nessie soup spoon

(3 color options)

Price: $1.92

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/Z2Zp9h


The Alien ring

Alien ring AliExpress-1

Price: $1.02

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/h2CXP


Mathematicians' watch

(3 color options)

Mathematicians watch AliExpress

At this price, I would not expect them to be the most quality watch out there, and I doubt that they will work forever; but if you like the concept, at this price I do not expect that buying them would be a hard decision.

Price: $2.79

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/-s6R1o

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