11.11 Sale 2016: Best Deals on AliExpress – What to expect?

Have you seen the BEST 11.11 DEALS POST - UPDATED Nov. 9 2016? See now!


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It seems that in 2016 the 11.11 sale on AliExpress is all about limited-quantity deals, so it may be wise to start shopping at midnight PST (UTC -8), which is also the time zone for Vancouver/Los Angeles/Nevada/Baja California.

For example, Bluedio T3 wireless headphones that currently are hovering at around $42 (or as much as $62.16 on GearBest) will be available for just $29.92 (the price in the listing will change on Nov. 11).







Or if you are looking to get a new smartphone, 1000 pcs. of Xiaomi Mi 5S will be on sale for $294.99 (price in effect on Nov. 11) which originally is sold at $327.99.

Xiaomi mi 5s 11.11 sale
More Xiaomi 11.11 deals: http://ali.ski/KmBh3


Need a new tablet?

Check out Xiaomi Mi Pad, with an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor and a 7.9″ IPS screen – on sale for $114.99.





And, of course, Meizu is another good option for a new smartphone. For example, 1000 pcs. of Meizu M3s with very impressive specs for this price category, which is sold starting at $138.32 on GearBest, will be on sale for $99.99.




XiaoYi (Xiaomi’s subsidiary)

And if you want a sweet action camera, 6000 units of Xiaoyi’s Yi 4K camera will be sold during this Single’s Day sale. The promotional price is $209, vs. $240-250 regular on AliExpress and GearBest.




However, these are definitely not the only deals for this 11.11 sale. Like these, for example:


Best deals, tips on what to do and not to do, how to make sure to get the best price, and what to avoid.

See the best 11.11 deals now!


Things on AliExpress for $1 or Less (video)


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