You are currently viewing 11.11 Sales 2016: Best Deals on AliExpress

11.11 Sales 2016: Best Deals on AliExpress

11.11 Is just around the corner!

We have already previewed the best AliExpress brands deals on electronics, smartphones and headphones/earphones, but in this post we will look at individual deals, that we believe are worth your time and money.

Are you looking for the best 11.11 sales deals? You came to the right place!

11.11 Sales 2016: Best Deals on AliExpress

11.11 (November 11), more commonly known as 1111 Sales, or Singles Day sale, is a Chinese holiday, celebrating one being single (an odd idea, but surprisingly common). On this day it is normal to bury your internal eternal pain in shopping. Many, if not all sellers are preparing to this sale days and weeks in advance.

Sales-wise, AliBaba Group sites have hit US$5.8 billion in 2013, US$9.3 billion in 2014, and over US$14.3 billion in 2015. Judging by how E-Commerce is only gaining popularity, it is reasonable to assume that the numbers will be even higher this year.

Anyway, you’re here to see the best AliExpress sales deals, not listen to my blabbing, and the best AliExpress deals you shall have!

(Also, don’t forget to get the store coupons and prepaid coupons in advance)


Best 11.11 deals on small electronics

Memory cards – from $2.27 (4 gb)


The most common first purchase on AliExpress is memory cards. The retail prices on these are a highway robbery, but during the 11.11 sale these go starting at $2.27 with free shipping to most countries.

Product link:


KZ ATE earphones – $3.92


I’ve had these before. I paid $12 for them, and I thought they were well-worth the money.

And now they are only $3.92!

Purchase link:


[more deals on KZ earphones]


Need new watches?


Check out the Curren watch store.

Purchase link:


[more small electronics]


Best 11.11 Deals on portable electronics.

Bluedio CS4 speaker with metallic body – $34.49

A model of this speaker that comes with a metallic body, that adds it more credibility.

Purcase link:


Soocoo Cube360F waterproof action camera – $75.52


Sold for $97 on DHgate, not found on other sites.

Purchase link:


Xiaoyi’s new 4K action camera – $209.99 – 229.00


It is sold for around $300 on other websites, so the 11.11 deal is really good in this case.

Purchase link:


Teclast Tbook 10 tablet – $175.99

Found at $190 on DHGate and Banggood.

Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 1.64Ghz Quad-Core processor, 4GB RAM, 1920×1080 resolution.

There are bundles with freebies like case and stylus.

Purchase link:

[more portable electronics]


Best 11.11 deals on Products for Home.

Christmas supplies – from $0.80


Stop overpaying for your Christmas supplies!

We all know how much cheaper stuff from China is if you order it from China.

Purchase link:


Paintings – from $3.68


Purchase link:


Fancy wall tapestry – $11.31


7 designs to pick from.

Purchase link:


Bed sheets sets – from $26.10 (twin/king/queen)


Get yourself some nice-looking bed sheets! Prices start at $26.10 for any size – twin, queen or king!

Link to the bed sheet store


RGB bulb with remote that can change colors – $2.93


Cheap bulb that can change colors. Comes with a remote. Make sure to double-check the socket size on your original bulbs to make sure you get the right kind.

Purchase link:


LED lightbulbs – $1.10


LED bulbs last longer than regular bulbs, and consume less electricity (=smaller utilities bills).

Make sure to check the bulb size – can be found on the bulb (d0n’t burn yourself!).

Purchase link:


Puppyoo vacuum cleaners – from $19.80


Green vacuum cleaner – $51.91:

Handheld vacuum cleaner – $26.69:

Blue vacuum cleaner – $36.24:

Portable vacuum cleaner with a car lighter plug – $19.80:

Puppyoo store home page


Chuwi ILife robot vacuum cleaner – $136.72


The original listing price of $402.11 isn’t the real price (I know, shocking), it’s more around $170-190 on other sites.

This vacuum cleaner has great feedback, and it connects to the charger on its own when the cleaning is done.

Purchase link:


Best 11.11 deals on Smartphones.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S – $129.99

(make sure to select King package with a free case, protective film and a 64 gb memory card)


Regular price on other websites tends to be around this amount, but not including any goodies (approx. $25 value).

Shop now:


Huawei Honor 4C – $119.99


Regular price trails at $133 on other sites.

Shop now:


Meizu M3 – $97.49


Regular price tends to be around $110 on other sites.

Shop now:

[more deals on smartphones]

How to survive the 11.11 sale:

  1. – Don’t buy stuff you don’t need just because it went on sale. You’ll end up sad and feeling dirty, and with something you have no use for.
  2. – If you’re buying small electronics, check prices on other websites (GearBest, DHGate or BangGood), to make sure the price isn’t artificially inflated to make the sale price more appealing.
  3. Purchase the discounted coupons in advance. They go on sale on Nov. 8, and will be available in limited daily batches until Nov. 10. Last year you were able to buy a $100 coupon (redeemable at the checkout) for $50, $200 coupons for $100, and so on, so the savings were quite substantial.

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