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11 Simply genius and unique things

AliExpress is a great source of unique and interesting gadgets. Some are short-lived, but many things designed and invented in China are here to stay, and to improve the quality of lives: be that through the unique design, or through simple yet thoughtful design.

In this post we have something special for you: a list of the most unusual and simply genius things that we have recently come across.


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This is the most interesting ice tray that we have seen so far.

Calling it revolutionary seems a bit too far-fetched, though you have to admit that the construction is very practical. You place a round silicone thing (not in the picture) in the middle and fill it with water in between.

It can also double as an ice bucket to keep the drinks cool.


If you use a soup ladle, why not have some fun with it. A perfectly balanced swan that graciously hovers around your stew while you are watching over it like a hungry hawk.

A truly poetic moment.


A lockbox that is disguised as a book. What’s interesting about it is that the pages are actual paper.

Although we would rather see more obscure and less mainstream books – something that other people are less likely to look through should they feel bored around your apartment.


At first, all smartphone manufacturers (except for Apple, because it’s Apple) decided to come together to remove the need to worry about using different cables and agreed to all start producing phones with the Micro-USB inputs. But then faster and more efficient USB-C came out – how dare they! Then Apple decided to introduce their lightning cables.

But now instead of having 3 different cables, you can just have one very adaptable cable.

Quite genius, if you ask us!


A smaller and a thinner phone comes with a sacrifice: the lack of the AUX port, which creates a need to use earphones with a non-standard plug, and takes away the opportunity to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time.

But fear not, we can eliminate the annoying problem by using a simple external cable.

Checkmate, companies that want to make us buy a new set of earphones.


We’ve seen laptop stands, we’ve seen charger docks too, but this is the first time we are seeing these two things tastefully united in one.

The lack of external ports on your new Macbook (or any other laptop with a USB 3.0 output) can be concerning, which can be easily fixed with this device.


We feel that there is a joke about chocolate-covered cherries here, but in this context it is hard to imagine it coming out in an appetizing manner.

This lovely bathroom cleaner will add a visually pleasing element to your bathroom decor.


Did disgruntled Ginger poop in your slippers again or decided to use your $1,800 sofa as a scratching board? Keep him busy with the catnip-infused fish plushie.

This is an equivalent to giving your kid a tablet playing YouTube Kids, only that it costs much lower.


If you suffer from the chilly limbs syndrome during the colder months, this electric heat pad will wrap your feet in a comfy hug. You will love it so much that regular slippers will start feeling neglected.

As if you need another reason to stay in front of the computer for a longer period of time.


Remember the freakout you had at the coffee shop when the poor tired waiter mistakenly added an extra piece of butter cake to your bill, Margaret?

Well, with this bottle you will have an extra reminder you needed to take your pills. Breathe freely, Margaret.


Playing cards that glow in dark: it seems like such a simple idea.

Should come super useful should you find yourself in a poorly-lit prison cell. In which case, do not, I repeat: do not drop the soap.

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