12 Kitchen gadgets you had no idea you needed.

I like things that make my life easier. And when it comes to cooking, I absolutely love anything that helps me ease the process.

I work full-time, and I choose to cook my own food whenever possible – it is much cheaper, not to mention, much healthier.

My kitchen fleet includes a toaster, a George Foreman grill, a microwave, a sandwich maker my girlfriend's mom gifted us, a rice cooker, a blender, a dicer and a latte machine / coffee maker. I also have a ton of knives, tongs, forks, pizza cutters and other kitchen knickknacks that serve no particular purpose, other than being funny to look at.

In this post I present you: 12 Cheap Kitchen Gadgets, that are worthy in my opinion. Some of them may make your life a little easier, some of them may make it more fun.

12 Cheap kitchen gadgets from AliExpress you had no idea you needed.

In no particular order:


Pasta serving measuring device

Pasta serving measuring device AliExpress

Price: $1.46

It is hard to see from this picture, but this device has notches on the side, and it shows how many people the amount of pasta would serve (not meant for genitalia).

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/VROYV7


Steel finger guard for chopping

Finger chopping guard AliExpress

Price: $1.36

Very useful for practicing fast chopping, if you prefer to keep all your fingers.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/1lrS5U


Bear claws for shredding meat

Bear paws for shredding meat AliExpress

Price: $1.76

For cooking pulled pork and whatnot.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/mipOY


“Second floor” stand for a microwave oven

Microwave second floor stand AliExpress

Price: $2.88

A ceramic glass can be used instead, but a plastic stand is more convenient. Especially at this price.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/BW10h


Silicone-made egg cooking mold

Silicone fryer form AliExpress

Price: from $1.53

“Silicone rubber is generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme temperatures from -55 °C to +300 °C (~ -67 °F to 572°F) while still maintaining its useful properties.” [Source]

There are other shapes available here.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/L1Lzkl


Strainer with side holes

Strainer with side holes AliExpress

Price: $2.25

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/SE0Ndn


Sushi roller

Sushi roller assistant AliExpress

Price: $3.67

You can finally make some bacon & egg sushi for yourself.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/PZj15


Egg-shaped cooking timer

Egg shaped stainless steel cooking timer AliExpress

Price: $4.98

No more burned pizza if you time it correctly.

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/sNnPN


Cherry pitter

Cherry pitter AliExpress

Price: $2.99

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/8MYPE


Ceramic knives / peeler set

4 piece knife peeler set AliExpress

Price: $12.01

Ceramic knives are more sanitary, lightweight and resistant to rust than metal [Source].

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/IChAq


Corn stripper

Corn stripper AliExpress

Price: $2.69

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/C8edwi


Slap chop food slicer

Fruit slicer AliExpress

Price: $7.33

Remember this thing from infomercials? It was freaking awesome!

Purchase link: http://ali.ski/jyUOc

I could not fit all the useful kitchen items in one post – there is just way too many!

A new Kitchen Items post will be up soon!

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  1. sobuj April 28, 2019 at 10:20 pm

    Ceramic knives / peeler set. Great tips brother


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