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Notepads, reflective wall stickers and more things for $1 or less – Vol. 4

Hello, my dear Aliholics!

We are happy to bring you another collection of things that you can buy from AliExpress for $1 or less. And when we say $1 or less, we mean that they can be $1 and some cents, the most expensive item was around $1.90.


Notepads are an excellent way to stay organized. Even though there are notepad apps out there, there’s just something extra special about actually writing things down.

Maybe teenagers will disagree, but personally I prefer visualizing my to-do lists with handwritten notes. And even if you’re attached to the notepad app on your phone, you can’t deny it’s very pleasant to get a surprise handwritten note from someone you love.


A stylus is another way that people use to look fancy when using their phablets.

This 4-in-1 device, which is a stylus, a pen, a laser pointer and a flashlight at the same time – 5, if you use the flashlight as a selfie light – is an ultimate office desk plankton device, that goes for $1.07 a piece. There are multiple colors to choose from.

The two buttons are in charge of the laser pointer and the flashlight respectively.


Have you ever dreamed of opening your own psychic business? Well, now you can with the purchase of this luminous sphere.

Seriously though, even if you don’t believe in psychics, astrology, or tarot cards you’ve got to admit this is a pretty cool item for only $1.73. You can use it as a lamp to give your room a mystic touch.

During the daytime you need to keep it somewhere in a bright area so it can absorb the light so it can shine when it gets dark.


The next item on our list are these metallic pins.

We have seen many plastic pins, in both unboxing and compilation videos, but I think that this is the first time we are looking at the metallic ones.

There are several different kinds in this listing, and if you are not a fan of these designs, you can scroll below the item description on AliExpress to see other buying options.


Make your office more green with these sticky leaf notes. Actually, they’re quite an ironic product but the design does look very realistic.

They’re pretty and aesthetically pleasing for nature lovers. And if you can’t be outside, it’s nice to have a little reminder indoors.


Reflective wall stickers shaped as feathers that can act as a mirror.

There are a few different listings with different prices, and these are the cheapest ones that we found!

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