12 Things from AliExpress for $1 or less

Hello, my dear Aliholics!

Today we are going to see 12 different things that you can buy from AliExpress for $1 or less. And when I say $1 or less, I mean that they can be $1 and some cents, the most expensive item at the time when the video was recorded was around $1.90. I want to mention that any time you buy something I receive a small referral commission from AliExpress, which does not reflect on the purchase price.

I also wanted to let you know that I am preparing to release a new project that will make browsing for interesting products easier, and if you would like to participate in a closed beta test, please send me your email in a private message and I will send you the link to access it. I am really excited about it because it will make looking for new things to buy even easier than it already is.

So with this out of the way, let’s begin!

12 Things from AliExpress for $1 or less


Product link: http://ali.ski/WnCrE


Luminous sphere

Product link: http://ali.ski/Nefcc



Product link: http://ali.ski/px90w


Selfie fan

Product link: http://ali.ski/1kmNK


Socks tape

Product link: http://ali.ski/q20W4d


Shovel spoons

Product link: http://ali.ski/0m-En5


Stretching buttons for holidays

Product link: http://ali.ski/tpUQve


Vintage-style picture holders

Product link: http://ali.ski/FOiMpO


Tiny bottles

These bottles go for ~$7 per 7, which works out to about $1 per bottle

Product link: http://ali.ski/tEckkK


Deer necklace

Product link: http://ali.ski/mvl_At


Leaf notes

Product link: http://ali.ski/FcU8T


Tasty minimalist socks

Product link: http://ali.ski/G3rNWo


I decided to start a new section: RANDOM PRODUCT OF THE WEEK

This week's random product is:


Product link: http://ali.ski/wNV7s

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