15 Things for $1.99 or less

I want to remind everyone that next week we will have the 11.11 video with the best deals. You can already start reserve your coupons here. You can also get coins by adding products to the cart.

Now let’s get to the new items: 15 products that you can get from AliExpress for $1-something, or less. Let’s begin!

Fry pin (not sure if)

Not sure if the first item is worth the interest, here is Fry pin for $0.98 that has curiously been purchased over 200 times.

6 Pcs. sticker set

The second item today is a 6-piece sticker set for a laughable $0.01. It’s worth noting that the shipping is extra which in my case brings the total price to $0.85 but, damn, I was pretty surprised to see a 1-cent item in my affiliate portal.

Eye mask

The third item is, or are, these cute eye masks. Not as amazing as the Pepe mask from the previous video, but not bad at all and less than half the price of it. 4 Different options are available in the listing.

Doll keychains

The next item is doll keychains because why wouldn’t you want to have a little plush doll guard the integrity of your keys. If you are a big middle-eastern guy with a thick beard having one of these might save you from being selected for a random security check.

Imitation walnuts

Our next find is the imitation walnuts. If you color them they might work as a very inappropriate Halloween decoration, or you can even use them as they are for certain countries. Somebody on YouTube asked, why would you buy them if the real ones are cheaper? Fair point. But it's because these ones wouldn't rot/go bad.

Soap tray

A decent home decor item that is priced right – this leaf-shaped soap tray. The actual price is $0.98 and there are 3 color options to select from.


Another household item, fancy spoons long spoons because you need something to eat cake with for the duration of this winter. There actually are 3 different length options, the shortest one that is the cheapest is at the end of the listing.

Earring ends

If you wear earrings, I assume the ends of them get lost easily. That is why there is this pack of 100 for only $0.29. A pretty handy thing to have, if you ask me.

Netherlands coin

I’d like to stay away from judging other people’s hobbies as long as they don’t harm anyone. This is only one coin option from the store. There is a whole lot more different ones where it came from.

Paramount movies poster

Here is another neat item, a poster with the icons representing 100 years of Paramount movies, with the total of 100 movies. All icons are made in the same style, which I found pretty amusing.


If you were wondering on what else over 8000 people could spend their $0.98 on is 15 sticks of catnip. Please be aware that since this is AliExpress, please note that you might want to reconsider giving it to cats that you actually like.

Dish sponge

This is a dish sponge. This listing also comes with a built-in casino, because the only active color option is “select random color”. In case you are not sure how to use this sponge, please take a look at these helpful images.

Drain cleaner

Another invention that is nothing short of genius is this drain cleaner. I have one of these and it works relatively well. Please be aware that the next image might seem a little nasty but it shows what it is able to do. Moving on.

Single stickers

We have seen 50 and 100 pack of stickers many times, but in case you just want a single one, here is an option for just a few cents. There are several different prints that you can pick from the link in the description.

Pop socket

And if you suffer from dropping-the-phone-on-your-face syndrome, here is a fancy phone holder that can save you from looking like a Texan wife. It can also work as a phone stand as you can see from the pictures in the description. There is a lot of different print options in the listing.

Want to see more cheap things?

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