16 Coolest novelty umbrellas from AliExpress

What’s up people?! Rain clouds are.

We’ve had 16.80 mm of rain (~6.6 inches) just this Saturday. My friends and I spent the night in a tent at a wild hot spring celebrating my 25th birthday, and the tent was soaking through. 

And while your city may not have such intense weather, a good umbrella should be a good thing to have handy. And instead of picking a plain one at a local store for 3 times the price – there is a whole ton of novelty umbrellas on AliExpress. Check them out!

16 Coolest novelty umbrellas from AliExpress

Umbrella with jagged edges

(One of the Best Sellers in the “umbrellas” category)

Zebra jagged edges umbrella AliExpress

This is the best-selling umbrella in the AliExpress umbrellas category. It is fully mechanical, and, as per the comments, it is very lightweight and portable when assembled – I can see the appeal, this is good emergency umbrella to carry around.

Purchase link:


Van Gogh’ “Starry Night” umbrella

Van Gogh starry sky umbrella AliExpress

Warrant yourself as an art aficionado. There are two purchasing options, with or without the button to open the umbrella.

Purchase link:


Sky umbrella

Cloud sky umbrella AliExpress

An umbrella that lets you carry a piece of a cloudy blue sky no matter where you go.

Purchase link:


Umbrella that changes the color when it rains

Color changing umbrella when it rains AliExpress

An umbrella that changes the color when it rains. So you can tell if it rains, while it rains.

Purchase link:


Transparent umbrella

(6 color options)

Transparent umbrella AliExpress

This guy could use one of those.


Purchase link:


Transparent leaves umbrella – $17.68 (2 color options)

Transparent umbrella leaves AliExpress

Just link the one above it, but with printed leaves. Comes in either green (spring) or red (fall) version.

Purchase link:


Heart-shaped umbrella – $21.51

Heart shaped umbrella AliExpress

An umbrella that is shaper like a heart♥. Say it with Pepsi? Nah, say it with an umbrella 😀

Purchase link:



Dualbrella dual umbrella for 2 people AliExpress

Embarrassing or genius? You decide.

Purchase link:


Up Yours umbrella

Up yours middle finger umbrella AliExpress

That umbrella is… one way to show your attitude towards rain.

Purchase link:


Wine bottle umbrella

Wine bottle umbrella AliExpress

Purchase link:


Banana umbrella

(2 colors)

Banana umbrella yellow green AliExpress

Comes in either green or yellow color. Neither one is a significant source of potassium.

Purchase link:


Katana-style umbrella

Katana umbrella AliExpress

You may remember this one from our Geeky Items Vol. 4 compilation.

Purchase link:


Umbrellas with beautiful prints

(26 designs)

Beautiful design umbrella AliExpress 3-2 Beautiful design umbrella AliExpress 1-1 

I am not sure if these are thermally transferred onto a white canvas, or are already printed like this; but they are beautiful, and the color depth looks amazing – at least on the product pictures.

Purchase link:


Totoro umbrella

(7 color options)

Totoro anime umbrella AliExpress

For the fans of the incredibly popular 1988’s anime.

Purchase link:


Sunflower umbrella

(2 colors)

Sunflower umbrella AliExpress

Purchase link: (yellow) || (purple)


Helmet-style umbrella

Helmet style umbrella AliExpress

An excellent umbrella for people who don’t like other people.

Purchase link:

P.S.: If you live somewhere it rains a lot, you may also like these products:

Insulated waterproof (water-resistant) lunch bag

Waterproof thermal lunch bag AliExpress

Purchase link:

Waterproof (water-resistant) PVC boot covers that don’t look too hideous

Waterproof PVC boots overboots AliExpress

Purchase link:

Waterproof (water-resistant) jackets (careful with the size, measure yourself first)

Waterproof unisex jacket AliExpress

Purchase link:

Waterproof (water-resistant) nylon backpack

Waterproof nylon backpack ALiExpress

Purchase link:

P.P.S: I say water-resistant, because waterproof implies that it is impenetrable to water. The water will get through at some point – the difference is the mm rating. Trust me, I tried so much gear trying to keep myself and my belongings dry, as I commute on my bike year-round.

Thanks for the attention, ladies and gentlemen! 

I also have 16 more packages on the way, and I will post more reviews as they arrive.

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Love you all!

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