You are currently viewing 2017 Black Friday Deals (AliExpress & GearBest)

2017 Black Friday Deals (AliExpress & GearBest)

Traditionally, Black Friday is more of a North American holiday, famously known for being the day where people trample each other for discounts at stores, one day after being thankful for what they have.

Accodring to, 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores, and according to marketingland, total consumer spending in stores continues to decline, and the online spending keeps on rising.

But I don't have to tell you that you are much more likely to get a better deal online than in retail. I have searched AliExpress and GearBest and cross-checked the best deals on tech products to post only the ones that I thought were good for the 2017's Black Friday event.

Turns out there are some reasonably good discounts on tablets, smartphones, cables and lapbooks.


3-Pack 5-pin cables

Genuine cables are expensive, so Black Friday is a good time to stock up on them. This 3-pack offers them in different lengths, and they are of a decent quality.

Product link:


Baseus Type-C cable

A flat design Type-C cable from BaseUs, which normally goes for around $5.

Product link:


Aukey power bank

16,000 mAh Power bank from AuKey with 3.0 quickcharge so the gadgets are ready to go again even faster.

Product link:


Doogee X9

A $58 budget phone with a fingerprint scanner – at a $12 discount.

Product link:


Cubot Note Plus 4G

GearBest offers 230 items at a flash sale at $99.99 ($7 less than AliExpress).

Product link:


Leagoo M8

A 5.7″ smartphone with decent specs with a $15 discount.

Product link:


Lenovo P8 Tab3 Plus

8-inch Phablet from a brand name manufacturer with a 625 Snapdragon processor.

Product link:



A unique computer/gamepad device with very impressive specs – can support a lot of current games (see the item description).

Product link:


Aoson S7

6.0″ Phablet with a Quad-core processor and an IPS display at a 41$ discount – only $58.99!

Product link:


Chuwi Hi12 tablet

Famous tablet manufacturer that has been around for a while – this 12″ 2-in-1 tablet comes with both Windows and Android OS.

Product link:


Chuwi Lapbook 14.1

Chuwi's first laptop with an Appolo Lake processor (one of the cheapest devices that use this processor).

Product link:

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