You are currently viewing 25 GREAT things for $10 or less

25 GREAT things for $10 or less

Low on cash? No worries! We have selected the best 25 items that $10 can buy – make your pick.


The next product is this bendable table LED light. It has three different intensity modes for the small, medium and dark.Make your day brighter. Comes with free E-Packet shipping to some countries.


These lovely lamps.

We’ve seen them advertised on Instagram by drop-shipping website for $30 + shipping, and not that they are bad for this price, but you can get them much cheaper here.

There are a few different options, one prettier than the other one.


The third item is a universal charging cable which lets you charge up to 4 different devices with different plugs at the same time. The tips on this one are color-coded.


Great wired QKZ DM6 earphones with pretty impressive and up-to-date specs for the price. 


The next item is a revolutionary device that can transform any earphones into wireless earphones. Well, almost.

It’s a Bluetooth receiver that connects to your smartphone, that you plug your regular earphones into. It removes the wired link between them and your phone.

Some people say it’s better because it helps your earphones last longer because you can attach the receiver to your shirt and keep the cable away from the pants to keep it from bending.


The next item has been ordered over 5,000 times.

Here we have protective eyeglasses that will reduce the eye strain while working on the computer. Highly recommended to all office professionals, and anyone else spending a significant amount, or any amount of time in front of the computer.

At this time, eye replacement surgery is not widely available, and laser eye correction is expensive.


Having kids is expensive, but watching them grow is priceless. You can easily make the progress measurable and quantifiable with this lovely wall sticker.


And if you want to outsource or automate the measuring process as early as possible, these toys will help your little ones get acquainted with the numbers from the very early age.

By the way, we now have a for parents category in the shop section on our site, so feel free to browse it for many other interesting and inexpensive finds.


We are moving onto this giant mousepad.

The largest size will cost you less than $9 including free shipping, and it will be big enough for both the mouse and the keyboard. You can even fit another mousepad on top.


If you have more than one device to connect to your TV and not enough HDMI outputs, here is a digital HDMI splitter with a button that will help you easily switch between the devices in one click.


Here is something that you might have seen on TV shop: it was sold under the name of Gator grip.

Having said that, I should probably make a separate video with the list of all the things that used to be sold there that you can still get on AliExpress. This device is a universal adapter for the bolts sized between 7 and 19, and all other similarly sized caps.


If you want to keep your skin healthy and your plants alive for longer, here is a multi-purpose thermometer that shows you both the temperature and humidity level.

It works off of 2 AAA batteries and can be placed anywhere you want.


This is meant as a headphone hook with a few sets of strong sticky tape. There are smaller cheaper options but I prefer this one because of the wider fit – it will not scratch the earphone bands as much as the other ones.


This is nothing new to me, but I keep getting amazed at how cheap you can get simple items like this set of measuring cooking spoons – I saw the same set sold at a local grocery store for around $7.

For 50 cents with free shipping though it seems like a far better deal.


Here we have a simple lava lamp powered by USB, which means you can also use it with a wall plug using a simple smartphone or tablet adapter.


Here is another listing with different high socks, the pun is very much intended. Show your originality for less than $2 per pair.

There are 29 different designs to choose from.


Another item that will come handy in the kitchen, a lid that will turn any food bag in a safe spill-free container.

I can’t count the times I have accidentally thrown pasta and beans all over the floor, which is why I think this thing is a good thing to have.


Interestingly enough, all the cheap products that I have ordered during 11.11 have already arrived in less than 1 month even with the postal strike and the holiday rush, so there is a good chance that you can get this toque before it gets too warm for you to wear it.

8 Different color options to choose from, most of them are colder ones.


Another unusual item is this dragon-scale ring. I have my suspicions that it is not made out of real dragon skin, but who knows. Comes in 2 ring sizes.


We have seen the magnets before, but I just couldn’t not mention them seeing as people are still buying them, and there are over 28,000 orders on this listing alone.


A loofah is a natural sponge. I see them sell on Amazon from a couple to up to 5 dollars per piece.

If you want one, I want to mention that you should get a few instead, as they are hygienic to start with, but they can become a home to bacteria if kept for too long.


Another well-selling item is posters, and there are a ton of different kinds for all tastes. This one one a craft paper shows a map of Disneyland.


For whatever reason it may be, if you are not able to get a car alarm, here is a temporary or even a permanent solution for it.


The next items is a luxurious-looking money clip. This is one of the things that can make you look rich for a low amount of money.

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