3D Sweaters and Hoodies from AliExpress – REVIEW (VIDEO)

Hey friend. In this video I will review some of the weird sweatshirts that I bought from AliExpress. All links are below the picture, except for the Kim Jong Kardashian one – unfortunately, the supreme leader got upset by it, and to my best of knowledge it is no longer sold anywhere.

3D Sweaters and Hoodies from AliExpress – REVIEW (VIDEO)

Wonder what the quality of clothing on AliExpress is like?

5 3D sweatshirts, and 1 hoodie – review. Links below!

Links to the 3D sweatshirts: that I'm wearing:

Llamacorn hoodie – http://ali.ski/oSWAA
Pug sweater – http://ali.ski/vXVSD6
Van Gogh sweater – http://ali.ski/d7c3D
Cat with a gum bubble – http://ali.ski/XOfQoV (number 8)
Skull 3D sweater – http://ali.ski/2lQ_2S
Kim Jong Kardashian sweatshirt – no longer available 🙁

3D Hoodie/sweater store: http://ali.ski/NWkXh

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