5 in 1 Carabiner tool – REVIEW

I came across this carabiner survival tool randomly, when I was browsing daily deals. My girlfriend and I rock climb, and I go hiking/camping quite often, so it seemed like a handy item to have.

5 in 1 Carabiner tool  – REVIEW

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The 5 of the 5 in 1 of this tool:

  1. Carabiner with a locking latch;
  2. Flathead screwdriver;
  3. Phillips head screwdriver;
  4. Bottle opener;
  5. Knife;

The good. 

  • Unlike most cheap knives, the blade on this one was quite sharp; and for my needs it did not need re-sharpening just yet;
  • The blade has a few rugged teeth (a strip of about 1 inch / ~2 cm) for cutting rope, etc.;
  • The tool is small and lightweight – only 2.8 oz. / 80 gram, and is made of aluminum alloy;
  • The blade and the screwdrivers are secured properly, and they do not shake upon use;

The bad.

  • The carabiner looks a bit flimsy, and I wouldn't trust it with anything more than 25-30 pounds (~10-15 kg);
  • The screwdrivers are a little difficult to take out, but that can be addressed with an Allen key;

Overall, I think that this is a worthy item for its price. I keep mine in the top case of my motorcycle for the easy access.

Get on AliExpress: http://ali.ski/Jt14R

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