AliExpress 2017 March Anniversary Sale: coupons + discounts

AliExpress is turning 7! To celebrate, they are having a sale from March 27th to 30th. Last year they had an app-only sale, which isn't the case this year, but there are some products that have better discount on the app.

There also are other ways to save: coupons and coins. You can exchange coins for a chance to pre-order a sale deal in advance, and you can use coupons on the day of the sale. But before we jump to all that, let's take a moment to hear a few precautions.

AliExpress 2017 March Anniversary Sale:

coupons + discounts

Probably not the best tactic [source]

We recommend to stay away from the cheaper knick-knack products: they are going to be cheap year-round, and the prices on them are likely be artificially inflated to make the sale price seem more appealing – like we have seen a few time in the past.

Instead, focus on the deals from bigger stores and brands: tech products like smartphones, drones, speakers and earphones, and such. Brand stores are less likely to post false deals, as they have a reputation to uphold. But the most important things are:

  • DON'T buy something expensive (especially tech products) without checking prices on other sites – GearBest, BangGood, DHGate.
  • DON'T buy things that you don't need only because they are on sale.

How to Save At AliExpress March 2017 Sale?

  1. Download Official AliExpress app here: As mentioned, some stores have app-only prices, that are about 5% less than on the website.
  2. DON'T buy something expensive (especially tech products) without checking prices on other sitesGearBest, BangGood, DHGate. Seriously, I can't reiterate this enough. There are a few times when I was guilty of this, especially if there is a countdown/limited amount available, but more often than not it would be a regret.
  3. Check if the store has coupons before paying for the product. There usually are coupons like $4 off a purchase of $50. This is another easy way to save additional money, for both app and desktop/mobile site users.
  4. Shop around in advance, and add products with verified good deals prior to the sale. And before you buy them, make sure to check our site for the best March sale deals post – linked below. We will only post deals after making sure that they are lower than regular prices.


And also check out sale items in these stores:

Makibes – Smart watches & fitness bands:

Teclast – Gadgets of all kinds:

Oukitel – Smartphones:

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