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Hi friend,

Want to save even more money by shopping on AliExpress?

Well, read further. I shit you not, there is no begging for discounts or Instagram likes involved; it's all up to par, Pontiac.

We all probably know that AliExpress has coupons. You add a coupon to your account, and then redeem it at the checkout, simple stuff. Many of us (including yours truly) use them rarely, or even not at all. And that's a shame, because the savings in some cases are like $35 off a purchase of a $35.01 or larger, which means you could get a $36 product for $1. Some stores just have them on the store page, some advertise them on their own social media profiles, but I was under the impression that most of the time, these coupons are useless.

But that was until I saw


Front page of


They put 20 top coupons on the home page. If you want more, you can also browse categories, for example, for when you have something specific in mind.

Usually there are around 40,000 coupons available on the site. Some, obviously, have an expiry date, which is listed in the first line of the description. All coupons are (obviously) free to use.

Some of my favourite coupons from their site:

$5 off an order for $5.01+ at Seven (Electronics)

$10 off an order for $10.01+ at Show My Color (Custom hand-painted shoes)

$10 off an order for $10.01+ at Five Tiger (Luxury watches)

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to check the store rating, as I suggest to, whenever possible, to buy from trusted sellers.

Also, make sure to spend some time and check that the same items can't be bought for half-price from another seller/store. Not to kill the vibe, but it's not a secret that AliExpress could have the same item at many different prices (see more in the article about AliExpress Sales).

An excerpt from the website:

“While searching for coupons do not forget to check their expiration date and other characteristics such as minimal order requirements, coupon value etc. AliExpress offers you tons of different deals from different sellers and it broadens your opportunities on purchasing items at super low prices.

Our database is updated daily, and we offer you new coupons every day. All hot promotions are verified and valid and ready when you’ve found them at our web page. Any time you visit our website you can learn current number of available coupons at Categories section. Browse different categories and check every day updates when making an order at AliExpress. Also do not forget to take a look at the expiration date of the offer. Don’t miss our daily fresh discounts!”

The website is

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