30 Geeky Electronic Gadgets from AliExpress – Vol. 11

If you are here, then you probably want to see some interesting and unusual geeky products from AliExpress.

If you like this list – this is the compilation number 11, and there is many more in the Geeky section.

TV backlight http://ali.ski/ijq2IM
USB fridge http://ali.ski/hLzYZT
Feet hammock http://ali.ski/NHpAtf
Moon lamp http://ali.ski/DPAtqR
Cheerson CX-10 tiny drone http://ali.ski/4J-P9f
Magnetic putty http://ali.ski/dMn3x
Light side dark side http://ali.ski/lIiRzY
Lab coat http://ali.ski/zPkfa
Chewbacca hoodie http://ali.ski/BDos2y
Cat stickers http://ali.ski/2HstI
Cat socks http://ali.ski/Ka-x2i
Socks 1 http://ali.ski/BMG8eR
Superhero socks http://ali.ski/cpF_yy
Slot machine piggy bank http://ali.ski/Kwhufh
Octopus hat http://ali.ski/Z7ohEs
Oreo mirror http://ali.ski/6YCo0
Storm trooper baseball cap http://ali.ski/tRG0p
Coffee poster http://ali.ski/SaoOQt
Skeleton poster http://ali.ski/7hcmi (poster store: http://ali.ski/Muyft)
Macbook mirror http://ali.ski/tbqWQ2
Cable organizer http://ali.ski/MYfwEs
Math watch http://ali.ski/rDR4E
Neurotransmitter necklace http://ali.ski/a_pWmx
Heart necklace http://ali.ski/8WGQK
Silicone keyboard http://ali.ski/-etHb || http://ali.ski/z-UQs (wireless version)
Mug for system admins http://ali.ski/UoftL
Space pens http://ali.ski/broak
Running alarm http://ali.ski/j9L5FX
Knight hat http://ali.ski/RngSgN
Gallium http://ali.ski/dLtnHV


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