30 Geeky Electronic Gadgets from AliExpress – Vol. 11

Listen here, pal. We don't just post random things for you to buy. We actually research them to make sure we only post stuff from reputable stores and at good prices. If you are here, then you probably want to see some interesting and unusual geeky products from AliExpress.

I'm sure you will like this list. But what if I told you that this is merely a tip of the iceberg? This is compilation number 11, and there is many more in the Geeky section. And of course, if you want to see more of them – go to the front page, where you can see the products in the list format, or browse them freely by category.

TV backlight http://ali.ski/ijq2IM
USB fridge http://ali.ski/hLzYZT
Feet hammock http://ali.ski/NHpAtf
Moon lamp http://ali.ski/DPAtqR
Cheerson CX-10 tiny drone http://ali.ski/4J-P9f
Magnetic putty http://ali.ski/dMn3x
Light side dark side http://ali.ski/lIiRzY
Lab coat http://ali.ski/zPkfa
Chewbacca hoodie http://ali.ski/BDos2y
Cat stickers http://ali.ski/2HstI
Cat socks http://ali.ski/Ka-x2i
Socks 1 http://ali.ski/BMG8eR
Superhero socks http://ali.ski/cpF_yy
Slot machine piggy bank http://ali.ski/Kwhufh
Octopus hat http://ali.ski/Z7ohEs
Oreo mirror http://ali.ski/6YCo0
Storm trooper baseball cap http://ali.ski/tRG0p
Coffee poster http://ali.ski/SaoOQt
Skeleton poster http://ali.ski/7hcmi (poster store: http://ali.ski/Muyft)
Macbook mirror http://ali.ski/tbqWQ2
Cable organizer http://ali.ski/MYfwEs
Math watch http://ali.ski/rDR4E
Neurotransmitter necklace http://ali.ski/a_pWmx
Heart necklace http://ali.ski/8WGQK
Silicone keyboard http://ali.ski/-etHb || http://ali.ski/z-UQs (wireless version)
Mug for system admins http://ali.ski/UoftL
Space pens http://ali.ski/broak
Running alarm http://ali.ski/j9L5FX
Knight hat http://ali.ski/RngSgN
Gallium http://ali.ski/dLtnHV

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