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Neat Gadgets To Keep You Entertained

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Last updated: June 14, 2024

Look, I know there is literally hundreds of thousands of gadgets in existence on AliExpress. You find one, then it the seller suggestions lead you to another, then you start reading the specs, and find a few more listed from other sellers.

Then you start reading the feedback, find a few good reviews, but a few of the bad ones, and that leaves you thinking: “do I really need it?”

“Do I want this, or another one?”

Or you want to buy one, or a few, but you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Or maybe, it’s much simpler. You are curious what is out there, and what you might be missing out on.

Well, you came to the right place.

In this post I will show you the latest and most interesting gadgets, along with some practical ones.

This list will be ever-updating: the newest ones will go to the top of the list.

I will be adding gadgets with the best feedback rating, and with the coolest functionality. Among these are the gadgets recommended by the community on Reddit, as well as the highest-rated and best-selling electronics listings on AliExpress.

Best AliExpress Gadgets

Insta360 4K webcam

Price: $333

Insta360 is a very popular camera brand .

I have their 8K 3D 360 camera that I paid a little over $5,000 for back in 2017 – it’s been an amazingly robust and truly professional-grade equipment.

And since then, they have started focusing on consumer-grade products.

Their 2-lens 360 camera has become the most popular 360 camera in its category, but this new (true) 4K webcam is another piece of tech that I think has excellent potential, because of how innovative it is.

Some of its features:

  • AI-tracking: multiple modes. It can track your face to always keep it in focus;
  • It can switch to document + whiteboard modes: automatically readjust the angle and aspect ratio to focus on the important parts of your presentations;
  • Vertical or horizontal modes: can be used for streaming on any platform;
  • Built-in physical gimbal: it will make any footage smooth in any type of movement;
  • Gesture control: it can recognize hand movement and adjust functions / switch between modes;
  • TRUE 4K resolution – none of the digital upscaling like on the cheaper cameras (*cough…sjcam*cough*)

Magnetic wireless power bank by Xiaomi

Featured AliExpress brand

Price: $17.15+ (depending on capacity)

A power bank by Xiaomi (so that you know it’s going to be of excellent quality).

Capacity ranges from 10,000 mAh – enough to charge a typical modern smartphone 2-3 times.

It’s very lightweight and magnetic! Clip it on the back of your phone and enjoy the benefits of wireless charging (as long as your phone supports it).

No QI charging? No worries! You can still use it with a charging cable.

Hagibis M.2 portable SSD enclosure

Price: $27

Have you ever ran out of space on your smartphone?

I’m not talking about iCloud (although, it also applies). I’d rather keep all my files on a physical drive.

Behold: a magsafe portable SSD enclosure!

You can use it with any mini M.2 SSD drive.

It supports impressive write speed of up to 10GBps – so that you can seamlessly record 4K footage.

It’s impressively lightweight – at only 59gr.

It can be used as an additional SSD enclosure for any USB-C device: a smartphone (both iOS and Android), a laptop or a game console.

Redragon TL84-B

Price: $42

Redragon keyboards are the best keyboards on AliExpress [according to LinusTechTips: source].

TL84-B is their best-selling non-gaming model.

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard – check out their Kumara K552.

Alternatively, there is Attack Shark K86, which is currently the best-selling mechanical keyboard on AliExprss overall.

Attack Shark X86 Mouse

Price: $28

Attack Shark is a brand that is up-and-coming for some, and very popular for the niche gaming crowd.

The X6 is their best-selling wireless mouse with 3 connectivity modes: 2.4G+, Bluetooth and good ol’ wired.

The charging dock is included in the price, and, of course, it comes with RGB lighting.

Emulators (R36S and RG35XX)

Price: $35-45

Portable / handheld consoles are another cool niche gadget that always pops up when people are talking about the sub-$100 gadgets.

I understand why: they have a retro feel (nostalgia is strong with us), and they offer a lot of games and a nifty functionality for the price.

Both of these options have 64GB of storage and many, many nostalgic console games.

The main difference between the R36S and RG355XX is the shape (though, you can get the RG35 guts in a classic shape too).

Convoy S2+

Price: $16

Convoy S2+ is the strongest flashlight I’ve seen in this size.

Seriously, every time I use it in front of someone for the first time, their reaction is always along the lines of “WOW that’s BRIGHT!”

It runs on an 18650 battery (like in vapes, for example), and the waterproof metallic body makes it feel very solid.

I’ve had mine for about 3 years now. It’s awesome.


Best-selling product: 3,000+ orders || Featured AliExpress brand

Price: $12

KZ is a very popular brand among budget-conscious audiophiles.

It is for a good reason: along with Edifier and Fiio, they make high-quality audio products.

KZ are well-known for their wired earphones. There is still a good market for them – specifically, among gamers (wireless earphones can’t transmit sound as fast as wired ones).

But also, if you need earphones for work or school, chances are that you want to go wired, so that the battery life isn’t a concern.

Looking for wireless earphones? See Best TWS earbuds on AliExpress

Air freshener that matches the sound of music

Price: $5

As you could tell from the title: it’s an air freshener that has a sensor that matches the RGB lights to the best of music that plays in your car.

Pocket photo printer

Price: $46

Remember Polaroids?

Of course you do, even if you’re not old enough to remember them from the 90’s, you likely saw their “rebirth” in the last decade.

This pocket-sized printer connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and prints warm photos in a matter of seconds.

Ran out of paper? You can buy additional cards for just $0.50 a piece!

Poco x6

Best-selling product! 10,000+ items sold with a 4.9-star average rating

Price: $270 (8GB RAM/256GB memory) | $320 (12GB RAM/512GB memory)

Currently the best-selling smartphone on AliExpress.

When the 1st Pocophone was released, it quickly gained popularity, because price/quality ratio was just off the charts.

This is a new model with, and the specs are just as impressive:


  • 6.67″ AMOLED display with a 2712*1220 resolution
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 5.4
  • 5G support, NFC
  • 67W charging (about 40 minutes for a full charge)
  • MediaTek 8300 Ultra processor
  • 8GB / 12GB RAM

Numerical clock

Price: $5

I wouldn’t let this list to exist without some cheap goodies.

This deal looked so good, I had to snatch one for myself. I’ve always liked having a big clock visible by the computer, and I thought this one was “the one”.

This clock has an alarm function and a 12/24 hour mode, but you probably just need it to show time. And it does that too.

Lightbulb / security camera

Price: $32

A neat 2-in-1. A security camera built-in into a lightbulb.

It does everything a modern security camera needs to do: have a motion sensor, recognize people and objects, have night vision and be capable of 2-way communication.

You can schedule it to work at a certain time only, or always. You can also set “inactivity” zone, so that it only reacts when the motion is detected in a desired zone.

The camera can turn around according to the app control.

And, of course, you can connect it to Wi-Fi and access the live feed from anywhere.

Neck massager

Best-selling product! 10,000+ items sold, with a 4.7-star average rating.

Price: $28

Comes with a built-in battery, and can work for about ~1hr. on a full charge.

SEGA emulator + 2 controllers

Price: $11 + shipping

Another emulator, but this one comes in a form of an HDMI dongle, with 2 controllers.

Tons of games are pre-loaded, and the controllers are wireless.

If you were raised with a different console that rhymes with “HayStation”, you can find it here.

Turbo fan

Best-selling product! 3,000+ items sold, with a 4.4-star average rating.

Price: $23

Useful for many things: PC cleaning, fire starting, pointing on your face with your eyes closed and imagining that you are flying.

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