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Aliexpress March 29 App-only sale

The sale starts tomorrow, and it will be an app-only sale. It means that in order to get the cheaper price, you will have to complete the purchase via your smartphone or tablet.

Many of us have stopped buying in an anticipation of the sale, even though as we saw earlier, some deals aren’t as good as others.

AliExpress Freebies: $0.01 Phones???

If you need yet another incentive to download the app, AliExpress have recently introduced a “Freebies” category, where you get a chance to get an item for $.0.01 (including shipping) in an exchange for a review. And while it isn’t really a “freebie” per se, $0.01 is still damn cheap.

Freebies AliExpress App
The price is shown as $0.02 because I’m in Canada

There are tablets, phones, outdoor and lifestyle products – a little bit of everything; and 20 new freebie offers are posted every day. Of course, there are tons of applicants for each item, but there are new items every day, and it is free to apply – you just need to add the store that carries the item to the Favorite Sellers list, and click “Apply”.

To download the app, scan the QR code below.

QR Code AliExpress app

The app-only 6th Anniversary Sale starts at 00.00 on March 29, and will continue through until April 1st.

You can start adding the products to the cart now, and pay when the sale starts.

Some tips for surviving the sale.

  1. Download the app, as this is an app-only sale.
  2. Add the stuff you definitely need to the cart ahead of time – don’t rely just on your ability to remember things.
  3. Don’t buy stuff that you don’t need only because it’s on sale. I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes I wish someone said that to me half the time I buy stuff.
  4. Compare the sale prices to the non-sale items to see if the sale price is real, or artificially deflated. As we saw in this article, it can be either.

And this is all, friends! Stay tuned for the new unboxing video, that I should have ready later this week.

Much love!

P.S.: The app syncs with your account, so if you add something to the cart on your computer, you should see it in the app’s cart as well.

Don’t miss the sale! There are some good deals for sure.

Check them out here:

6 thoughts on “Aliexpress March 29 App-only sale”

  1. Where is this “category”? I ca’t even find it, and I have the app. In he category list, there isn’t any called Freebies or something similar.

      1. Thanks, found it. But it is quite difficult to get selected.
        Can you make a list of the atuffs that are sold for 0.01$ ? Not the freebies , sometimes some (specially new ones) sell things for 0.01$ and it is also available from browser, without using the app

        1. Sure thing, it may be difficult to have a long-lasting list, as these sales come up and disappear, but I’ll do my best

    1. It used to be every day while I was following it, but I haven’t checked in a while after they added the almost free category, which I didn’t find too interesting

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