AliExpress Message Center: How to contact support?

Your order didn't get delivered, the dispute was rejected so now you are trying to get your money back, but all you get is a chatbot that replies in generic pre-recorded messages. Sounds familiar?

Don't worry, I've been there too. There is a simple way to speak to a real human on AliExpress.

If you have not received the order, you need to open a dispute. If you opened a dispute but it got denied due to insufficient evidence, follow the steps below.

Don't panic! It's easier than you think. Just follow the steps below.

Unfortunately, there is no call center for AliExpress. It is a very busy marketplace with low prices and low overhead costs. But they do have a team that replies to live chats, and they are usually pretty helpful.

Step 1. Click the link below to go to AliExpress support page.

Step 2. Go through the prompts

The link will open the chatbot. Usually, the dispute for “item not received” will get rejected if you don't provide a screenshot of the tracking number. Copy+pasting the link to the tracking page is not accepted for some reason.

You need to select the options as shown below.

aliexpress call center

Step 3. Get through the chatbot.

Click “Chat now“. It seems like there is no point to try further, but there is. This is the final boss. The options are pretty straightforward, the key is to say that you have new evidence. Once you defeat it, you will get to talk to a real human!

You need to pick the correct order number, screenshot the page with the tracking number ( works, or use your local postal service website: Canada Post for Canada, USPS for USA, Royal Mail for UK, etc.).

Send the screenshot to the chat agent, and explain the rest.

Be polite and respectful. Try to not talk too much, and don't mind the broken English – they often use online translators.


If the page is not loading, go through the new process – they are currently rolling out the new support portal. I prefer using the old one, but it can sometimes be slow and laggy.

Step 1: Click the link below to enter the new support portal.

Step 2. Select the proper entries

Click on the order number, and then click on the product name in the order.

Confirm the order selection

Make sure to select “refund issues” out of the choice, and go through the chatbot again. The options are pretty straightforward, the key is to say that you have new evidence.

Make sure to be polite and calm. Don't talk too much, and don't mind the broken English – the agents often use online translators.

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