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Owl Holders, Cosmic Key Chains + 8 Other Things for $3 or LESS

AliExpress is a good source for cheap gadgets, many of which are sold retail for 3, 4, 5 and 10 times the price. And today I will show you my latest 10 finds that you can get for $3 or less. 

Please get comfy, and take you wallets out – we are not messing around.

Cheap and Useful AliExpress Gadgets


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Price: $1.97

The first item is a total hoot.

This key holder also has a cool feature! When there are no keys hanging, the owls’ eyes are closed. When there are keys hanging, the owls’ eyes open. Totally not creepy.

Who doesn’t like owls? And who doesn’t like not losing their keys? Well, now every owl-lover can gain the wisdom of this predator of the sky by purchasing this key holder. You’ll never lose your keys again with a designated spot as cute as this one.


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Price: $1.90

Who doesn’t love a good tea-bagging? With this Unicorn Tea Infuser, sipping on some tea gets even more fun! This Unicorn Tea Infuser holds your loose leaf tea in hot water for the perfect cuppa.

Also, who doesn’t love Unicorns? Like, how super cute! 🦄


Price: $0.85 – 0.91

The world is yours with these planet key chains!

You can literally hold the world in the palm of your hand…and crush it if you want to. It’ll be a relief to finally let your keychain carry the weight of the world instead of your shoulders for once. If you’re looking for more of an out of this world aesthetic, this key chain also comes as different planets like Jupiter, Mars, and … um … Uranus. 


Price: $3.00

Yeah…books are still around. And apparently, bookmarks are as well.

Nerds will love this quirky bookmark for their latest read. Mark your place with these squished animal bookmarks. It’s like animal abuse…but it’s not. The bookmark comes in a variety of squished animals like a Shiba Inu, Donkey, and Gecko. 

Regardless of which animal you choose, these bookmarks can act as conversation starters that can distract you from how boring the book is. 


Price: $2.84

What do you get the person who has everything? The answer is “Nothing”. We found it for you on AliExpress, and apparently, nothing comes in different shapes.

You can choose to be a dick and waste resources like gas, paper, plastic, and employee time by purchasing “Nothing” encased in a transparent shell for 2 dollars. Then when that special someone asks what you got them for a gift, you can say, “nothing.” Not only do you get to revel in the satisfaction of seeing their disappointment, but you get to see them get excited when they realize you did get them a present.

But wait, there’s more! You also get to experience their reaction when they realize that you did in fact, get them nothing. So, this is more of a purchase for yourself, if anything. 


Price: $1.88

Adult purchases – how fun!

Though as far as being a real adult goes, purchasing these curtain holders is not a bad idea. They’re cute and practical. These curtain holders are a great way to mask that your home really is not put together, but it kind of is.

Purchase these curtain holders in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic (or the adult you’re pretending to be‘s aestheic). 


Price: $0.70 + shipping

When you’re making that coin, you’re gonna need a place to put it. As in, literal coins because we both know you’re a broke bitch who is still penny-pinching. The good thing is, you can be a cute broke bitch, putting your pennies into this coin purse.

Choose from black, green, grey, or red for the perfect place to squirrel away change (or small miscellaneous items, earphones for example) without shame. 


Price: $1.96 (1 meter / 3 ft.)

You can’t go wrong with double stick tape, you just can’t. Imagine the possibilities!

This tape could fix more than duct tape. Though just a fair warning, it won’t fix your heartbreak from your significant other giving you ‘nothing’ (or just how broken your life is).

But it could probably hang up those super cute umbrella hangers from earlier. You should purchase this tape just in case, because… adult things. Cheap gadgets don’t get any more useful than this.


aliex best deals

Price: $0.74 + shipping

Yeah, you never made varsity. You didn’t even make junior varsity. Your Dad still doesn’t look at you the same way.

But that’s all about to change with these custom letters! Live out your high school fantasy by purchasing these embroidered letter patches. By purchasing these letters you can be number one on the varsity team all the time. Just imagine the respect you’ll get walking around in your own custom letterman jacket as an adult.

Hey, maybe even your Dad will respect you this time around!


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Price: $1.26 for 3

You know what everyone needs? Umbrella wall hangers.

That’s what we all work towards, right? Not hooks that hang up your umbrellas, but hooks that look like umbrellas. It’s essential for every household. These umbrella hangers are the ideal ones to purchase for your home.

Not only are they super cute, but they’ll remind you that a raincoat just isn’t enough on a rainy day.

This is a staple in cheap gadgets: it serves a good purpose and doesn’t cost a lot.

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