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Unboxing – Vol. 11: Selfie light, $3 watch and FISH FLOPS

A new batch of the useless things from AliExpress has arrived, and today we will open them, test them, and see what they are like. 

All items from this haul have been ordered about 3 weeks ago. Almost all of these items, except for the last one, have been included in the last best-selling items from AliExpress for $5 or less post. All of them have been shipped with regular non-trackable shipping, and I was quite surprised that they have arrived relatively fast (compared to the 6-8 weeks like it was in the past).

The video for those who have the time to enjoy the full process, the condensed text version with the product links is below.


The first item is a clip-on selfie light, which I guess is meant for clipping onto your smartphone and be used as a supplementary light source for taking brighter pictures of your face with a frontal camera, but really it can be used with your rear camera, and to clip onto various things to make your surroundings brighter.

The light works off 2 AA batteries, and it has three lighting modes. I have to say this device makes a significant difference in terms of providing light. Like, it’s really bright for such a small thing. I am not sure if it’s legal, but I decided to use it with the rear camera as well to illuminate these two handsome fellows – below is what it looks like in a fully dark room with the light turned on at the maximum setting.


A $3 watch which at this point has over 18,000 orders that I suspect is quite popular with dropshippers.

People often ask me, do the cheap watches feel cheap? Well, yes, this one does, it costs $3. But I have to say that it looks very decent. I know the price is relative, but I’m sure that others who aren’t that familiar with AliExpress would be surprised to hear how cheap it is.


The next item is a newer version of a magnetic charger cable. What makes it so special, you might ask. We get a few additional corks and features. First of all, the cable has a protective covering from a material. It’s some sort of thick bendy resin plastic. It has a light on the end which makes it easier to find it when it’s dark in the room. And third, the tip is smaller than the ones that we have seen in the old unboxing videos which means I can use it with my phone case.

The magnets are pretty strong and if the tip is up to an inch away from the cable it will come flying to it which is quite a romantic spectacle. The connection seems to be strong enough to support the weight of the phone, but I wouldn’t trust it to hold the phone above the dark abyss.


Here we have a travel bag for all your wire needs, although I don’t see why it can’t be used as a regular stationary bag for all the extra wires that usually just blissfully wrap themselves around each other like some adventurous folks from certain craigslist meetups.

There is a separate pocket for SD cards, in which I was only able to fit two of them. The bag can hold 18 short individual cables, or less if the cables are longer. The bag has been described as waterproof, but I would instead describe it as mildly water and splash-resistant.


The next item is an absolute jewel, this is something that I have been patiently waiting for and now it finally is here. If you watched my previous videos from a month ago you probably already know what I’m talking about. There are the fish slippers, or as I think we all should call them, fish flops. There were a few color options, of which I opted for the green ones.

These fish flops are not the most comfortable pieces of footwear that I have owned, as I generally don’t find the Vietnamese-style thong slippers all that comfortable, but I have bought them for the shock factor and the lulz, and that they do quite well.

Hey! Want to see more cool products at very cheap prices?

There is a lot more electronics, home decor products and things of a general nature that you can buy on AliExpress in the shop section and in collections.

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