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Were the 11.11 prices real? AliExpress Unboxing: Vol. 12

It’s been awhile since the last unboxing haul. I have ordered a lot of things for the 11.11 sale, and most of them have already arrived because I spent a few extra dollars for the E-Packet shipping. This is going to be a cast edition, because I have a little injury on my right thumb. We will see the sale prices, and will compare it to the current price to see if the sale price was real.

The products are listed below the video. We apologize for the sound in the video – we will no longer use songs with lyrics. We added subtitles to the video to help understand it better, or you can read the full post with the descriptions below.

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Price: $13 | 11.11 Price: $9.81

Since a lot of westerners got tattoos with random Chinese words, the manufacturers decided to keep the tradition going and name their brands with random English words, so the first sunglasses we have are from the brand called Cool Pandas.

They came with the carrying case, inside we have a piece of cleaning cloth, another carrying case, a keychain (as a gift), a piece of paper to check if they are polarized, and the sunglasses. The frame is solid and relatively strong, the movement of the joints is smooth, and they passed the polarization test.

I didn’t like how they look on me though, so I will be looking at reselling them locally.


Price: $4.71 | Same 11.11 Price

The second pair of sunglasses I found searching for Elton John sunglasses, because we recently watched the Rocketman movie and I liked his sunglasses choice.

These also came with the cloth and a soft pouch, and with a paper for the test, as I went with the polarized version. These ones pass the test as well. I really liked this model, and decided to keep these for the summer. The frame is really solid, and I was very happy with the price I paid for them.


Price: $8.22 | $7.75 11.11 Price

UPDATE: Stopped working after 2 weeks. Can no longer recommend it.

I went pack to using liquid soap for washing hands, so I decided to buy an automatic soap dispenser, though I admit that this was more of an impulse buy. The dispenser uses 4 AAA batteries to run.

The container opens on the top, and takes about 300 ml of soap. It takes a few seconds to activate, and dispenses a generous amount of soap equal to roughly 2 sqiurts of soap from a regular manual dispenser.

The important part is to turn it on while holding it above your head (the switch is on he bottom), while holding it by the side to avoid activating it and getting an eyeful of soap – or fill it up after it's turned on.

The device is not life-changing, but it’s not bad for convenience.


Price: $2.67 | Same 11.11 Price

For showering I ordered honey soap, because I really like the way it smells. I won’t spend too much talking about it though because the product itself isn’t too exciting.


Price: $3.88 | 11.11 Price 2.45

The next item are decorative letters that I got for the bedroom. Despite what you might think, the letters are actually just the first initials of my and my girlfriend’s names, and I hope it won’t result with me getting on some watchlist.

The 11.11 price was also good in this case. Each letter needs 2 AAA batteries to work, and there is a switch on the back. So far I only turned them on once to test them. The plastic quality is not outstanding, which is kind of expected for the price. But they are quite big, and I like how they look.


Price: $9.70 | 11.11 Price: 11.25

Here we have a beard kit, with which I dun goofed because the 11.11 sale that I paid like a chump was actually higher than the regular price, but it’s fine because it costs twice as much on Amazon for the same set. Still though, it made me feel a bit foolish.

It comes with the beard oil with a soft fir smell, a beard balm, a wooden comb, and a brush. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and my beard is looking much more tame.


Price: $14.25 | 11.11 Price: $14.70

The next item is my favourite from this haul. The 11.11 price was $14.70, and right now it costs a bit less, being sold at $14.25. But on top of the total order cost I got an additional coupon, which brought the total price down by another 10%.

The stand has an option to run from 3 AA batteries or from a wall plug, which would be great to have on all the lights that I bought so far. To save space it was flattened out before shipping, and I spent a couple minutes putting it into the shape that I liked. It produces a soft white light, and I think it looks really pretty.

This was the first part of the 11.11 haul, I still have a couple items on the way, and I will make a new unboxing video once they all arrive. 

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