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Stress reliever devices have been used by the humanity for many hundreds of years. Ancient Chinese used stress balls, Vietnamese had their stress relieving hexagons, and now we have things like fidget cubes and fidget spinners. But the concept is all the same: mechanical or not, continuous repetitive processes seem to calm us down and help to concentrate.

In this post we will see the best and the most common stress anti-stress toys that you can buy on AliExpress.


Bulb stress reliever

Price: $1.67

In the periods of excessive stress, or to enhance concentration or productivity, this soft bulb stress reliever is your friend. What seems like a real light bulb is actually a soft rubber toy that will help you deal with your issues.

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Caomaru creepy anti-stress head

Price: $3.89

This creepy Caomaru silicone head is a perfect companion for morning bus rides. Just sit there and squeeze it while staring at people without saying a word. Priceless. Well, it's $3.89, but we think you get what we mean.

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Endless bubble wrap supply on a keychain

Price: $5.63 + shipping

Also known as Puchi stress reliever, this device is an endless supply of bubble wrap. Most people report that it feels pretty close to the real thing. It is battery-enabled, and it makes popping sounds. Every 100 clicks it makes a special sound as a reward for your dedication.

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Simple stress squeeze toy


Price: $1.38

This is a simple rubber ball in a mesh netting, that kind of looks like a grape when you squeeze it. They come in a few different colors, you jest need to add a message to the seller when you are ordering them if you want a specific color. Also, be aware that they are a bit smaller than they appear in the picture.

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Stress-relieving animal squeezers with popping eyes

Price: $4.28

When you re under stress, just squeeze one of these toys, and judging by their reaction, you would soon realize that you still have it way better than they do.

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Stone balls

Price: $9.90

Stress balls used to be the most common way of boosting concentration. People trace the concept of a stress ball back to China. Even then, people knew that taking care of their hands could help them manage stress.

These stone-made stress balls are as close as you can get to their original form, initially in place of which walnuts have been used.

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Vietnamese-style stress relieving wooden hexagons

Price: $2.83

As we mentioned above, Vietnamese used hexagons instead of stone or iron balls to manage stress. They are nut-colored and have a wooden smell. According to the feedback pictures, they re quite large and sit nicely in the hand.

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Figdet spinners (original design)

Price: $1.69 – 2.39

After the global success of the fidget cube, smart Eastern designers have recognized the trend, and re-purposed their space bearings into the device, which they called fidget spinner. There is a closed bearing in the middle, and three more open ones on each edge of the toy.

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Fidget spinners (new designs)

Price: $2.99 – 3.40

And when the conventional fidget spinners became common, the progress did not stop. They have been redesigned to provide even more functionality, and the bearings have been replaced with the larger metallic balls.

Product link:


Fidget cube

Price: $4.24

That very one. There are many versions of the fidget cube on AliExpress, some are good, some aren't. This listing has 16,000+ orders with a ton of positive feedback.

Product link:


Fidget cube on steroids

Price: $15.99

This is an upgraded version of the previous toy. Instead of 6 sides, it has 11, each of which has a unique clicker, button or a spinner.

Product link:

Thanks for reading friend, and we hope you spend your days stress-free.

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