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Best Deals of the August 2018 Sale

The 2018 August sale is going to happen August 27th to 31st. In addition to the regular discounts, this sale involves 10% pre-payment for the goods that you want to buy.


How it works:


1. Deposit 10% of the total price from August 20 to 26, and pay the remaining 90% during the sale. Example: $100 Bluedio headphones go on sale for $50. You pre-pay $5 first.

2. Get additional coupons at the checkout during the sale: $2 off $15 or $4 off $30. You pay the remaining $45 for the headphones, minus the $4 from the coupon, and get $100 headphones for $46.

We have been posting pre-sale deals to our Facebook page, and emailing them to the blog subscribers. If you have missed them, no worries. Either use them now, or just buy the product with the discount. It won’t cost that much more.

Here are the best discounted high-end and/or affordable electronic products from this year’s August sale on AliExpress.


AUGUST 2018 SALE: Best TECH Deals



Price: $361.19 / Deposit: $36.12

High-end bookshelf speakers by Edifier from Beijing, China (8,000,000+ units sold worldwide). These powered Bluetooth speakers have been produced in the state of the art facility by a group on passionate audiophiles. This model is very highly rated by Audioholics. Given the cheaper production costs, this is a killer deal – comparable products are found at retails stores for $500+.

BOSE SoundLink Mini II

Price: $130.50 / Deposit: $13.05

If you think that $130 is a lot of money for a speaker – don’t. Bose is another high-end audio equipment manufacturer that is much more well-known than Edifier, which is why I was surprised to see it listed on AliExpress. The $130 price tag is actually a steal as well, as Bose speakers blow every other speaker that we have reviewed out of the water, and they are definitely worth the money.


Price: $151.71Deposit: $15.17

FeiyuTech G6

Price: $180.26 Deposit: $18.03

Xiaomi Mijia 4K

Price: $96.50 / Deposit: $9.65

Tip: Free 50 coins by adding the sale items to your cart. Removing them after doesn’t remove the coins! 😉

(Coins can then be exchanged for coupons)


Price: $87.84 / Deposit: $8.78


Price: $89.09 / Deposit: $8.91

This prone features Android 8.1, Octa-Core MT6750T processor, 5.5″ Full HD IPS display, and 32Gb internal memory, just to name a few things: very good value for the money!


Price: $64.99 / Deposit: $6.50

Another budget smartphone option that comes with Quad-core MTK6580 processor, 16GB internal memory, 4000mAh battery, and silly features like unlocking your prone with your face or fingerprint.

Xiaomi Yi Lite

Price: $67.49 / Deposit: $6.75

Yi Lite is Xiaomi’s budget 4K camera. The higher end models from Yi like the 4K and Yi 4K+ are a lot better suited to 4K video, but the Lite has a few nice upgrades from the other “4K” cameras on AliExpress for not a lot more money. For example, Electronic video stabilizationvideo modes: 4K @ 15FPS, 2K @ 30FPS & 1080p Full HD @ 60FPS and WiFi & Bluetooth support.

Puppyoo WP9002B

Price: $89.10 / Deposit: $8.91

Puppyoo is an established brand that we knew of for many years. The quality is comparable to Bissell, only for a fraction of the price.

Puppyoo WP3001

Price: $38.18 / Deposit: $3.82

Bluedio T6


Price: $34.98 / Deposit: $3.50

Kingston SSD

Price: $31.87+ / Deposit: $3.19+ (depending on the capacity of the SSD)

SSD’s are not as expensive as they used to be, and Kingston is a well-known brand. I’ve been running an SSD from GearBest on my mining computer for a while now, and I couldn’t be happier with the performance.

Meidong Miniboom II

Price: $23.19


Price: $23.19

Huami Amazfit


Price: $24.00 / Deposit: $2.40


Price: $24.74 / Deposit: $2.47

UGreen USB hub

Price: $9.87 / Deposit: $0.99

USB hub with a USB type-C male plug for smartphones, tablets and newer laptops.

Vention USB hub/card reader

Price: $7.02 / Deposit: $0.70

A universal card reader/cable hub for your laptop.

EDUP WiFi amplifier

Price: $10 / Deposit: $1

Mini wireless modem/WiFi signal amplifier.

MoreBlue BK64 Wireless Earphones

Price: $4.49 to $4.24

We are going to post more deals right before the sale starts on Sunday evening. An email update will be sent to all the subscribers, and posted to Facebook.

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