Best 11.11 Deals on AliExpress Singles Day Sale of 2018

The 11.11 sale, also known as Singles Day sale is by far the biggest and the most popular sales event on AliExpress. It happens every year on the 11th of November. In addition to the discounts provided by the sellers there are additional price reductions available through coupons.


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Wireless earphones

11.11 Sale price: $17.22

Wires are so 20th century. Avoid the tangly mess with these Bluetooth earphones.

Smart watch

11.11 Sale price: $11.69

A smart watch is better than a stupid watch.

Xiaomi Mijia 4K

11.11 Sale price: $89.90

Xiaomi Mijia is a great mid-range action camera with very impressive specs.

Kingston SSD

11.11 Sale price: $26.19

SSD's are not as expensive as they used to be, and Kingston is a well-known brand. I've been running an SSD from GearBest on my mining computer for a while now, and I couldn't be happier with the performance.


11.11 Sale price: $329.99

High-end bookshelf speakers by Edifier from Beijing, China (8,000,000+ units sold worldwide). These powered Bluetooth speakers have been produced in the state of the art facility by a group on passionate audiophiles. This model is very highly rated by Audioholics (a reputable review portal). Given the cheaper production costs, this is a killer deal – comparable products are found at retails stores for $500+.

Lenovo K5

11.11 Sale price: $89.99+

An entry-level smartphone from a reputable manufacturer.

Baseus type-C fast charge cable

11.11 Sale price: $1.52

Another charger cable option, this time with a reinforced tip to prolong its life.

Magnetic smartphone holder

11.11 Sale price: $2.39

A smartphone holder for your car with a magnetic tip.


11.11 Sale price: $0.22

Our favourite poster store. There is a ton more other designs in their shop.

Beard catcher assistant

11.11 Sale price: $1.36

A handy beard catcher assistant that will keep your bathroom mess-free.

Nike & Adidas store

11.11 Sale price: $Varies

Nike's and other hypebeast shoes. Got a pair of these bad boys.


11.11 Sale price: $5.21

Eyeshades for the budget-conscious that don't look pretty alright. More designs in their shop section.

LED speaker

11.11 Sale price: $3.59

This already cheap Bluetooth speaker doesn't sound as good as the $25 Xiaomi speaker we reviewed previously, but it is 0.1x the price, so…

Xiaomi Mitu

11.11 Sale price: $2.75

Fidget spinners aren't as popular anymore. Behold: Xiaomi Mitu cube. The first part to testing your intellect: you need assemble it yourself.

USB 3.0 hub

11.11 Sale price: $20.21

A handy USB hub with a 3.0 and quick-charge outputs. It is powered so that all your gadgets charge even faster.

Shower set

11.11 Sale price: $140.07

AliExpress isn't just all about sub-$10 electronic knick-knacks. You can get a lot of legit home-improvement products, same as you would probably be able to get from your local department store, just at a lower price and delivered to your house.

LED light bulb

11.11 Sale price: $1.00

LED bulbs consume far less energy than their conventional counterparts. Save energy and be more green!

BPA-free water bottle

11.11 Sale price: $6.56

Milk-carton shaped BPA-free water bottle. Can be used with water or a beverage of your choosing. But who are we to tell you what to put in it?

Desk lamp with a clamp and 3 dimming mods

11.11 Sale price: $8.29

This desk lamp's leg is adjustable, and the stand doubles as a clamp. Lamp, clamp. If there is a pun there, it looks like we are missing it.

Tiny camera

11.11 Sale price: $9.26

An itsy-bitsy tiny camera with big dreams that can film in full HD. Click below for the full spec list.

Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker

11.11 Sale price: $48.03

High-quality Bluetooth speaker with impressive specs.

Xiaomi Yi action camera

11.11 Sale price: $57.99

Budget action camera from a well-known brand.

Baseus headphone stand

11.11 Sale price: $9.20

An adjustable headphone stand with a curved tray on the bottom for small items.

Xiaomi Piston 3

11.11 Sale price: $4.37

Another product from Xiaomi that has received a Red Dot Design Award.


Of course you do! Why wouldn't you?

There is a whole lot more discounts to be taken advantage of during this sale! Click below to see them.

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  1. Lisa November 9, 2018 at 11:05 am

    Hello, Thanks for the details! I really want the Xiaomi Pistons but your link seems to be for something else? Could you repost the Xiaomi link please? Thanks!

  2. Eileen November 9, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    Hello, with items that have 11.11 prices, do you just add the items to your cart and on 11.11 check out the cart? Do you need check out your cart at any specific time to guarantee the discounted price? Thanks!

    1. Admin November 10, 2018 at 11:46 pm

      Hi! You just add the products to the cart, activate the coupon (if you have one) and then place the order. Also check if the seller has coupons that you can qualify for depending on your order amount


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