Best 11.11 Deals on AliExpress: FASHION

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In case you're looking to update your wardrobe on the 11.11 sale, we've put together a list of stylish clothes/accessories for you. Since 11.11 usually creates a backlog in shipping, we stuck to items that you'll be able to wear into spring.

Guys can stock up on basics or treat yourself to some weird ‘Harajuku‘ prints.

Ladies: Maria, who happens to be a visual merchandiser for Topshop, did a bit of trend forecasting for spring/summer 2018 (vinyl isn't going anywhere, and fanny packs are the new mini-bags) so you'll still look on trend once the packages arrive. Scroll past the men's items to see.



Fearrick and Loathingmorty in Las Vegas T-Shirt

Sale price: $6.55

Product Link:


Long Heathered T-Shirt

Sale price: $7.96

Product Link:


Smoke Print Hoodie

Sale price: $15.86

Product Link:


Button Front T-Shirt

Sale price $5.34

Product Link:


Milky Way Sweatshirt

Sale price: $12.94

Product Link:


Lined Hoodie

Sale price: $26.39

Product Link:

Pink distressed denim jacket

Sale price $21.59

Product Link:


Furry Sleeve Sweatshirt

Sale price: $13.71

Product Link:


Simple sweaters

11.11 Price: $13.59

Product link:


Iridescent Fanny Pack

Sale price: $6.99

Product Link:


Vinyl Pants

Sale price: $21

Product Link:


Faux Leather Jacket

Sale price: $29.13

Get on AliExpress:


One Shoulder Crop Top

Sale price: $5.45

Product Link:
(Available in 2 lengths)


Backless Bodysuit

Sale price: $7.67

Product Link:




More fashion deals from AliExpress (Part 2):


Just like after your dog eats your engagement ring, to find something good on AliExpress you will probably have to dig through some crap. We tried to save you the time by finding the best deals for you and listed them in our shop section, and the latest products from it are listed below.

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