You are currently viewing Best 2017 AliExpress March Sale and GearBest Tech Deals + Coupons

Best 2017 AliExpress March Sale and GearBest Tech Deals + Coupons

AliExpress 2017 Anniversary sale has begun!

We have spent hours looking for the best deals and comparing prices on the hottest new tech products, and we are excited to show you the gadgets we picked. Coincidentally, GearBest is also having a sale, so we decided to post a few deals from there – as usually, they have better prices on Xiaomi goods, and excellent customer service.

Don't forget to compare prices on whatever you buy to other websites like GearBest, BangGood, DHGate (we did it here for you, but double-check for the other stuff that you buy), and check store coupons before you make the purchase for additional savings.



Xiaomi Air 13

xiaomi air 13 sale price

If you are stoked about the Xiaomi's ultrabook, you should be. This machine is amazing: 13.3″ IPS Full HD display, [reversible] USB type-C port that allows charging, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB SSD. All that for $884 on GearBest.

AliExpress has them for $714 after a coupon, and Geekbuying for $748.

You can also get a 12.5″ version with 4GB of RAM for $479.

P.S.: Don't be alarmed by the Chinese version of Windows, it comes with an English interface and keyboard.

Product link: (13.3″) | (12.5″) – GearBest

(select shipping from HK for a better price)


Xiaomi Redmi 4X

xiaomi redmi 4x sale

Xiaomi is well-known for its pristine reputation. This smartphone with, I dare to say, incredible value for the price, comes with an Octa-core Snapdragon 435 processor, 4100 mAh long-lasting battery, 5.0″ curved 2.5D display, and to top it off, f2.2 aperture front-facing camera, and Android 6.0/MIUI8.

If you aren't excited about the $112 price, you should be – GearBest has it for $129.99, and GeekBuying for $135.99. AND you might be able to knock another $5 off with the coupon – get one ASAP.

Product link:


Vernee Apollo

If you are looking for a phone with better specs, Vernee has been a noticeable name lately. You can get a true high-end phone (not to be confused with the Lite version) with a 2K display, Helio X25 Deca-core 2.5Ghz processor, 4GB RAM, 21Mp rear camera, and a fingerprint scanner for only $247 after the store discount.

Product link:


Teclast Tbook 10s tablet/laptop

teclast tablet laptop

This powerful portable machine with a detachable keyboard by Teclast has a 10.1″ Full HD IPS display, Intel Cherry Trail X5 processor, Bluetooth 4.0 and even an HDMI output. On GearBest the sale price is $159.99 for 60 units/regular $182, or $204.99 on eBay.

It also has a newer processor than a CHUWI Hi10 Plus, which costs $20 more.

AliExpress will have 1500 units of this tablet available at $149.99. And you can get $2 more off with a store coupon.

Store + coupon link:

Product link:


Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera

yi 4k action camera coupon sale

The summer is near, and a good action camera is a useful thing to have. Yi 4K camera (which, by the way, is true 4K, not scaled) has dropped from $229 (11.11 prices) down to $186.29, and they have more coupons, which can take the price another $2-10 down – but they are limited to 600/1600 coupons a day, so get them quick!

This camera compares very well against the $499 GoPro Hero 5 – AND it has a built-in touchscreen display, the battery is bigger, and the accessories cost much cheaper.

No need to go for the option with a waterproof case for $20 – you can get one for $7 here.

Product link:

Store + coupons link:


MPOW MBH31 Bluetooth earphones

mpow bluetooth sport earphones deal aliexpress

These Bluetooth 4.1 earphones can work up to 10 meters away from the source device, and they can work as much as 7 hours on a single charge. And when they are not being used, you can clip them to each other to avoid losing them.

The price on the official website is $35.99, on Amazon they are $26.49.

On AliExpress flagship store the price is $15.60, or $14.40 if you collect enough points to pre-order. This is pretty much the only one good deal in that entire store.

Product link:


Smart bracelet

A smart bracelet with the generic model name ID115 can do pretty much anything that Xiaomi Band 2 can do, and it costs half the price. Gearbest has a limited amount for $14.82, on AliExpress they are $11.62

Product link:


Xiaomi YeeLight smart bulb

Smart bulbs that can be controlled from a smartphone app are a new step in the smart home technology. The best part is that it is connected via WiFi, so you can control it from pretty much any place with internet access.

You can get one for $12.94 on AliExpress or for $11.59 on GearBest.

Product link: (GearBest)


It is also possible to save on all other products with special store discounts – check out the sale page and browse through coupons with the discounts.



If you want more product choice inspirations, make sure to check out videos on our YouTube channel:

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