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Best 2018 March Sale Deals

The 2018 March Anniversary Sale is here!

I have compiled a list of best electronic gadgets that went on sale that are worth looking at. All product links are below, and after them there is a video with the products that shows more details than can be seen from images. I included the best-selling smartphones, Eachine drone that has been a hit of the season with a compatible FPV headset, a power bank to keep it running and cables for a good measure. The 360-rotating magnetic one is especially cool.

Best 2018 March Anniversary Sale Deals


Oukitel K3 is an ultra slim quad core Android. It gets a unique design that is different from other devices. This phone combines metal, glass and PC into double 2.5 Denier curved body. 4 cameras come pre-installed, K3 gets 16MP plus 2MP cameras  for rear and front facing cameras, together with sophisticated image processing algorithms. In addition to that, this phone has a 6000mAh high density Li-Polymer battery, together with the smart power consumption management system. Large battery smartphone must pack a quick charger to meet your needs of efficiency. With MTK Pump Express Flash Charging technology. It’s been ordered over 2000 times and has a 4.8 rating.


With a very high screen-to-body ratio of 90 percent, the Kiicaa Mix is an attractive device for the price. It’s the year of bezel-less smartphones and now, you can get one for as low as $110, minus another $10 during the sale, which makes the Leagoo KIICAA Mix is one of these cheap bezel-less options that’s available in the market right now. The Leagoo Mix is one of the smallest 5.5-inch Android smartphones available with a 1080p display. It has a sleek, modern design and comes with 3GB of RAM, an octa-core processor, and a 16MP camera. This phone is also popular with buyers, having been ordered over 2000 times with another 4.8 star rating.


If you are still fussing around with headphone wires like it’s 2010, it’s time you get with the times with these wireless headphones. The Bluedio UFO have a much better control scheme than on previous models. The buttons are clicky and laid out on the side of an ear cup. They provide the essential functions: call/Music, track-skipping and volume controls. They also have an additional feature that lets you switch between EQ effects by holding the track skipping buttons. Accounting for the specs and the quality, they are much cheaper than big box store brands. Bluedio UFO come with a DJ-style spiral extension cable, and a hard carrying case, which is a very nice addition.


If you don’t like the bulkiness of headphones but want the freedom of wireless, check out Bluedio Turbine or TE bluetooth earphones oriented at gym junkies and joggers. The sealed in-ear-canal design can help to block outside noise, so you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music at the gym without distractions. The lightweight and ergonomic design allows TE to stay comfortably in your ears, which ensures you can move freely during your workout.The ear pieces are connected by a cord so there are no worries of them falling out of your ears never to be seen again. They’ve been ordered over 15,000 times so people seem to be enjoying their convenience.


Power banks are undeniably handy, and they’re even more so when they’re universal. With this one both Android and iPhone users can use their native cables to recharge it, which is the first time I see anything like it. This power bank is ultra slim and light, coming in at 0.53 inches wide and weighing just 255 grams or 9 ounces. It’s 10,000 mAh capacity can be refilled in 6 hours when using a 2A adapter, and one charge can power 3.5 iPhone 7s, or 2.3 Samsung S7’s, which is a pretty decent capacity. Size-wise it is pretty similar to an iPhone 8 Plus.


One option of eliminating annoying, tangled cables is to get a retractable one so the cable will only be there when you need it to be. This one has a micro-USB to iPhone charger adapter. The retractable cable length ranges from 20cm to 1 meter. The transfer speed of the cable is 480 mbps, and it can be used for both charging and data transmission, unless your phone is locked to only transmit data with the native cable.


Magnetic USB cables make plugging in your phone a lot easier and more fun. This is a newer design where the cable rotates so you can still comfortably hold your phone in your hand while it charges. The design is also meant to prevent tears in the cable, therefore prolonging its life. Not bad for under $5, not bad at all.


If you’re prone to tearing your cords, check out this pliable cable. It has a longer, reinforced connector so you can be a little rough without facing the consequences. Sorry to Android users because this is only compatible with iPhones. For some reason I couldn't find an equivalent in that store, but you're welcome to try yourself, the link is in the description below.


Cables are nice, but if you want to eliminate the stress of using for charging your phone altogether and make your home and/or workplace sleeker you can do so with this wireless charging dock. It works for iPhones and Androids, but make sure to check if your phone is included in the product specs, or buy an internal wireless charging insert because not all phones have that ability.


Here’s a product people that have been thinking of getting a drone. Eachine E58 one of the best starter drone under $50. In addition to the cool Mavic-style design, it comes with many beginner oriented features. Whether it’s a 20$ or 1000$ quadcopter, all have similar main parts: four rotors, flight controller, camera and remote controller; and therefore, their control mode is very similar. Eachine E58 has headless mode that eliminates the need to keep track of the orientation of the aircraft, and altitude hold which automatically maintains the flight height at the desired level. With a fully charged battery you can have up to 9 minutes of play time. The battery has micro USB port and can be conveniently charged with almost any phone charger. Eachine offers the E58 with two type of cameras, 0.3MP or 2MP. Angle of the camera can be adjusted from shooting straight ahead to straight down (0 – 90 degrees). With it you can get amazing views of the local wildlife.


VR goggles couples with a drone is a whole new level of fun. Eachine EV800 is a successor of VR007 that comes with at least two improved points: 1) a 5″ FPV screen with 800×480 resolution and 2) a 40 channel 5.8G receiver that includes Raceband. For those who prefer a less immersed experience, the goggles can be split to transform it into a small FPV monitor. You can remove the part that rests on your head and mount the screen on a tripod, which is some pretty neat thinking on Eachine’s part. The battery is a built in 2000 mah battery which you’ll charge using the included cable. The battery can’t be removed, but these goggles can also accept external power up to 3S as a backup.

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