20 Products for $3 or less

Howdy, friends!In this video we will see some of the cheapest best-selling items online: 20 products for $3 or less from AliExpress. The best online deals are right here 🙂 Make sure to watch the entire video for the giveaway details!




20 Products for $3 or less



Chicken stress keychain – http://ali.ski/nbIRus
LED sports watch – http://ali.ski/VMUuV
RFID wallet – http://ali.ski/CGkh-
Waterproof phone case – http://ali.ski/Z6gprV
Cable organizer – http://ali.ski/G10G1z
Cat / dog wall sticker – http://ali.ski/TRHD0
Travel toothbrush – http://ali.ski/d8zDMe
Pineapple pendant – http://ali.ski/ORuaL
Portable toolset – http://ali.ski/CQrFk
Giant balloons – http://ali.ski/DMJcy
Silicone travel container – http://ali.ski/LmtzLZ
Wireless charger – http://ali.ski/brr0z + charging patch – http://ali.ski/1P2bQE
Giant orbeez balls – http://ali.ski/EzZLW
Gear fidget keychain – http://ali.ski/r20KTo
Glasses clip – http://ali.ski/qkurlj
Electric toothbrush – http://ali.ski/ixNeuO
Bicycle spokes lamp – http://ali.ski/O9uUXY
USB hub – http://ali.ski/ydBkW
Wireless mouse – http://ali.ski/CSIPnz
Smartphone mount – http://ali.ski/0pU6s

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The Christmas is coming!

We have prepared a list of cheap Christmas products from AliExpress for you to stock up on: https://aliholic.com/christmas

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