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AliExpress Top Brands: TECH & GADGETS

In a not-so-distant future, brands like Xiaomi and Huawei were considered low-quality Made In China products. As time passed, they were able to break stereotypes and gain trust and popularity.

AliExpress has a ton of stores and brands: some good, some – not so much. In this post we decided to compile a list of up and coming Chinese brands that are less-known, but which definitely deserve recognition. We picked them and their products based on the feedback from the buyers.

Best Tech Brands on AliExpress


Rating 98.1%

640,000+ followers

Xiaomi is probably the best-known brand in China, except for Huawei. The quality of products is as good as any other big-name mainstream brands, but the prices are much lower than what you’d see in retail.

In this store you can find a variety of Xiaomi products like earphones, smartphones, MiBand fitness trackers and accessories for them, and other various home accessories.


Rating 97.9%

820,000+ followers

If you have gadgets that require charging, this is the store for you.

FLOVEME is mostly known for power banks, high-quality charging cables and high-capacity fast-charge blocks (for homes and cars).


Rating 98.6%

1,282,000+ followers

Go to BASEUS store for all things power: portable power banks, cables, QI charging docks and fastcharge blocks.

Good quality like FLOVEME, but different designs. Much better than going no-name.


Rating 98.5%

923,000+ followers

Anker store sells everyday electronics, and they carry audio equipment and home projectors.

However, they are best-known for Bluetooth speakers, TWS earphones (Life P2 is their best-selling earbud model) and wireless charging pads.


Samsung’s AliExpress store specializes in memory cards and SSD‘s.

I have bought a number of high-speed SD cards for my 4K and 8K cameras, and a portable SSD. Both are still working great.


Rating 97.6%

1,505,000+ followers

QCY at this time is, without a doubt, a leader in True Wireless (TWS) earphones.

There is just too many models to name – make your pick based on the shape and size preference. Personally, I would recommend T1C because of their specs.


Rating 97.7%

107,000+ followers

If you are looking for a budget action camera and don’t want to buy off-brand, SJCAM is your go-to store.

They have interlaced 4K cameras, some great waterproof ones that don’t require a case and a full specter of accessories for them.


Rating 98.9%

1,116,000+ followers

UGREEN is another well-known manufacturer of cables.

They also started producing SSD cases, USB hubs (this type-C USB 3.0 is the best-selling model), and charging blocks.


Rating 98.5%

547,000+ followers

TOPK has a variety of different gadgets, but their best products are their smartphone holders.

They also sell some interesting type-C charger cables with LED displays, which show the strength of the electric current, and other heavy-duty cables.


Rating 97.5%

9,500+ followers

MIJIA / Yee are also related to Xiaomi. Yee makes smart lights (I have one – review here) and smart home electronics, but they go much more beyond than that – there are too many products to list.

They all have one thing in common though: simplistic design and impeccable quality.


Rating 98.5%

717,000+ followers

MI is definitely popular for smartphones, smart fitness bands and award-winning (Red Dot Award for design) earphones.


Rating 97.8%

862,000+ followers

YI is another Xiaomi’s subdivision. It makes action cameras (I have a YI 4K – video review), dash cameras and webcams. All are well-rated by the buyers.


Rating 97%

1,217,000+ followers

Bluedio is well-known for their high-quality audio products and solid warranty.

Their Bluetooth headphones, earphones and speakers are very worth the money. There is only a handful of models per category, which shows that you don’t need to have a lot of options to be successful – just need a few current ones.


Rating 98.8%

26,000+ followers

This is more of a niche product: FiiO makes audio accessories that help you get the most out of your music and music devices.

There are portable amps, lossless MP3 music players that make your music sound really good and $300 earphones (that people actually buy!).


Rating 97.8%

1,065,000+ followers

ORICO has good card readers, USB 3.0 and 3.1 hubs and various electronics-related knick-knacks.


Rating 98.1%

180,000+ followers

Blitzwolf makes a variety of different electronics. I have been using their power bank (video review) for 3 years now, I also trust them for charging cables – the braided ones I have have been nothing but great.

They recently started releasing TWS earphones, which I didn’t have experience with – BW FYE7 and BW-FYE8 (different styles) have good sales and feedback.


Rating 95.4%

547,000+ followers

UMIDIGI is another budget smartphone brand that has been on fire lately. I’ve used their F1 smartphone (video review) for about a year – it has been great: amazing battery life and a bone stock version of Android with no bloatware.

But if you are looking for a new phone, I highly recommend looking at the Bison GT2 5G: WOW!

HUAWEI (authorized) STORE

Rating 99.4%

173,000+ followers

HUAWEI is a brand that needs no introduction. Not to mention, that their phone towers are used in many countries, and their P30 PRO has won “Smartphone Of The Year” twice.

Aside from smartphones, they have smart watches and other stuff, which does not seem to be too popular.


Rating 97.7%

You will definitely hear more about Tronsmart: their marketing team is being very aggressive. It started as a speaker brand, and now is venturing into the TWS earphones.

The best-selling speaker model right now is T6, which is available as T6 Mini and T6 Plus.


Rating 97.9%

486,000+ followers

MIFA is known for their graffiti-design speaker and the rugged outdoor-oriented IPX6 speaker, but they have a few other models. Ultimately, your preference in design will help to decide between Mifa and, say, Bluedio.

We have a few more products with 9,999+ wishlist adds here. More are added every week!

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