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At this point, we all know what AliExpress is, and in the rare event that you don’t (welcome, by the way, you’re about to have the ride of your life), check out this post: Is AliExpress Legit.

But today I’d like to talk about another option for cheap shopping websites, and one of them is GearBest.

Best Gearbest Finds

So, how is GearBest different from AliExpress?

According to GearBest’s website:

“Our mission.

At GearBest, our vision is simple: to become the premier online electronics seller by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.”

Blah, blah, blah. No, that actually sounds great and everything, but what does it mean?

  1. AliExpress is a marketplace with a lot of different sellers, while GearBest is the seller. So instead of possibly browsing through the pages of listings with the same product, on GearBest you only get 1 listing per item.
  2. AliExpress allows sellers to handle shipping, and they offer their own methods as per their discretion. GearBest has their own warehouses (China, Hong Kong, USA-LA, UK, Brazil) that they ship from, though the majority of products ship from Hong Kong and China. The likelihood of getting a fake replica is lower on GearBest, since they have an opportunity to quality-control their goods.
  3. AliExpress has Purchase Protection, where they are more likely to side with the buyer (60 days since the item ships, and +15 days after you confirm the order). GearBest has a 45-day grace period, and they check and ship items themselves, so you are likely to have more headache if there is a problem, so may want to use PayPal for a peace of mind.
  4. AliExpress accepts credit cards only (VISA, Master Card, AmEx), while GearBest accepts them, + JCB, Discover and even Diners Club, and they also accept PayPal.
  5. Since GearBest controls the inventory, be prepared that there will be less products available overall, compared to AliExpress.

But what do we know about the prices?

So let’s compare GearBest and AliExpress prices on some popular electronic brands from China, shall we?

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 2


Xiaomi Mi 2 Band 2 is a fitness tracker, or a smart bracelet, if you will.

It connects to your smartphone, and counts the calories burnt, distance walked, monitors your heartbeat and sleep, sends vibrating impulses to your wrist to prepare you for a more pleasant awakening in the mornings, and more.

AliExpress price: $29.85

GearBest price: $28.49

2. Elephone ELE 4K action camera.


Elephone is a fairly recent, yet a quality brand. You may have seen their phone in the Best Smartphones from China post. And this is a 4K (4096×2160 UHD) camera that they made. Of course, for the sub-$75 price point, this camera films 4K in just 15fps, which is only slightly better than a 2000’s calculator, but this is not the point.

We’re just comparing the prices, remember, my sweet chariot?

AliExpress price: $69.99

GearBest price: $57.51

3. Chuwi Hi8 PRO tablet


I realize that many people are not comfortable buying tablets and other more expensive electronics from China, mainly due to the horror stories about the warranty exchanges, but these events are rather rare, and anyway, most, if not all the electronics come from China anyway. Besides, lately, I have been noticing that some more adept sellers offer warranty service in the US (look for that in the description).

I hope that the rest of them will pick up on that too, but until they do, let’s just compare the pricing on this tablet on Ali vs. GearBest.

AliExpress price: $88.52 (basic bundle)

GearBest price: $84.99

As we can see, typically, GearBest prices for electronics are about 5-10% less than the cheapest prices that I could find on AliExpress.

If you want to give GearBest a try, check out their Deal Zone: there are sub-$0.99, -$1.99, -$2.99, -$3.99 and -$4.99 deals. Don’t expect everything to be cheaper than on AliExpress, but some things may end up being a better deal.


Link to the Deal Zone on GearBest:

Sorry for the spotty posts, guys, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the YouTube channel, but mostly because I’ve been trying to get as much out as I could to enjoy the sun while it is still here, because in a few weeks we’re going to start our 9 months of rain. Gotta love Vancouver!..

Anyway, I hope you found this article helpful, stay tuned for the NEW VIDEO of the Things You Can Get For $1 Or Less – it should be up by the end of this week.

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