Best selling AliExpress products of 2017: 10 Electronics under $10

In this video we will see 10 best selling electronic products from AliExpress for $10 or less. You will see 10 electronic gadgets for $10 or less that have been purchased the most this year. All product links and pictures are below the video.


Best selling AliExpress products of 2017: 10 Electronics under $10



best selling aliexpress products 2017

The first item is poor man’s Apple TV called Miracast. It is a flash drive-sized dongle with an HDMI output. You plug it into the outlet in the TV, connect it to your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and use your devices with the bigger screen. Pretty cool, right?

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Wireless keyboard with a trackpad

best selling aliexpress products

The second thing is a wireless keyboard with a trackpad, which will help you switch between the shows while laying on the couch if your laptop is plugged to the TV. There are no drivers needed, and this device is completely plug and play. It works off 2 AAA batteries, which last for a surprisingly long time.

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LED flashlight that can be recharged via USB

cheapest electronics from Ali Express

The third thing is a rugged LED flashlight which main advantage is that you can recharge it via USB. LED bulbs conserve less energy, so the light will last longer than its’ conventional counterpart. The light is also zoomable, which means you can adjust the size of the light ring.

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Car air diffuser/humidifier

best selling electronic products 2017

This $7 air humidifier has been purchased over 12,000 times. If you live in an area with dry air or extensively hot summers, this thing can help make your longer car trips a lot more pleasant. If you decide to buy one, make sure to read the instructions first because they are somewhat specific.

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Fast-charge cable

dropshipping product ideas

The next item is a gold-plated fastcharge cable from the brand called Ugreen, that has been purchased over 66,000 times. It comes with an oxygen-free copper wire core, which is claimed to provide up to 1.5 times charging speed compared to a standard cable. It must be noted, that the longer the cable is, the slower the charging will be (thanks to Fallenstar37 for the info).

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Dummy security camera imitation

drop shipping product inspirations

If you can’t afford a real security camera, here is a dummy one for only $3. It looks similar to a normal security cam, inside it has a simulation camera lens, and even a blinking LED light that makes it seem more real. This replica requires 2 AA batteries for the light to work.

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Toilet LED light

aliexpress best products

If you want to avoid turning on the lights when using the washroom at night, this toilet light will help you avoid the significant effort trying to adjust your aim. The light has a motion sensor, and turns on and off on its own. The light gently flashes between the colors when operational.

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Retro-style USB controller

aliexpress gadgets

What’s better than retro games? Playing those retro games with a retro-style controller. The gamepad has a USB plug, and is compatible with Windows as a plug and play device, and is also claimed to be compatible with Mac computers, and according to comments, it works even with Raspberry Pi systems.

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Piggy bank that grabs your coin

best products from China

The next thing is something that we have previously seen in the useless things video – this piggy bank, which upon the push of the button grabs your coin. I have one of these, and it is hilarious. I have the panda one, and there are options for cat lovers as well.

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Bluetooth USB sound receiver

best selling products 2017

And the last product is a Bluetooth receiver. There are two versions, both with USB plugs. You can connect it to your portable device or even to your computer, if it has Bluetooth, and it lets you transmit music wirelessly. It is a gamechanger if your car stereo does not have Bluetooth built-in.

Product links: (option 1) || (option 2)

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