Best-selling products of 2017 Q3 on AliExpress

Q3 is almost over, and the results are in. In this post we will see the best-selling products of the third quarter of 2017. These are the products that were popular among our viewers, or that had a large volume of sales during June, July and August.


Best-selling products of Q3 2017 on AliExpress


Remote holder

Number 10 is this handy device. When the remote is lost, all the trust for your family members and roommates is gone with it. Avoid unpleasant moments like that by using these hooks. You attach one end to the remote, the other one to the wall, and put it on the hook, and keep it right next to the sofa that you just spent your summer on.

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Bluetooth receiver

This Bluetooth receiver has gathered 1800 orders so far. If your laptop or computer does not have Bluetooth capabilities, you can still connect those sweet Bluetooth earphones and listen to the sweet soothing voice of Michael Buble without being confined to the area of reach of the cord. According to the description the reach of the device should be up to 20 meters, but given the 4.0 protocol with backwards compatibility, it really is closer to about 10 meters or so. Still, not bad for the sub-$4 price tag.

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Airplane (travel) pillow

Given that people who actually have lives usually travel during the summer months, this travel pillow was a pretty big hit, selling close to 200 items in this listing alone, and a few thousands more in other, more expensive listings. It was also pretty popular on Amazon. It sort of reminds me of those ostrich pillows, that sold quite well last year.

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Homunculus Loxodontus keychain

Homunculus Loxodontus is a statue by Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort. It was made for the Leiden University Medical Center and installed in the spring of 2016. Later in 2017, it became popular in Russia and Ukraine under the name of Zhdun, what means “the Awaiter”, which explains why it was so popular on AliExpress. It was photoshopped into a bunch of famous paintings, and now the awaiter can patiently guard your keys.

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Floatie drink holder

The Summer is over, but the vibes can remain with this floating drink holder that Instagram models like to use. And while that is not a real job per se, the job that this floating unicorn does certainly is. If you prefer to keep it real, and less magical, a pink flamingo comes to the rescue.

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Knowing how long packages from AliExpress usually take, or accounting for the average temperature in Russia, where AliExpress is the number 1 E-Commerce site, and the beetroot is the only non-vodka-consuming thing that can survive the cold, people prepare for the winter by purchasing these lovely thermoses.

If you want to extend the comfort of having a warm beverage outside of your home, there are a few different designs for you to pick from.

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Cable holder

For those who like their things organized, put your Adderal away for a moment, and check out this simple and elegant earphones organizer. To add more luxury to your daily routine, it is made out of genuine cowhide leather, and has an old-school style button. There are several color options to better match the color of your phone or earphones.

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Solar panel

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” If you want to live off the grid, if you care about the environment, or both, or if your summer home is way far away from the nearest power distribution grid, this solar panel can help you keep your electronics running. This 32-cell 5-layer monster can bend up to 30 degrees, and has an optional sticky surface on the back for the easier application.

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Xiaomi power bank

This version of the Xiaomi’s power bank has been a big hit as well. Understandably so, because despite the increasing power capacity of our gadgets, they never seem to have enough juice, and with the planned obsolescence of batteries, they constantly need to be recharged.

This sleek power bank has rounded edges and sits nicely in your palm, and is one of the few gadgets from Xiaomi that come with their own power cord.

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Sport earphones

These sport earphones show us that even at the price point of $3 you can still get a decent sounding device without breaking the bank. The review section is full of impressed buyers – I even could not resist getting a pair of these for myself, because having an extra pair of earphones is always handy. They have special tips for the better grip to your ear.

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