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🤑 Best-Selling Products on AliExpress

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Last updated: June 7, 2024

Alright there, pal!

You want to know what are the best-selling products on AliExpress.

Maybe, you’re a dropshipper – in this case, kudos to you, I respect the hustle.

Possibly, you are an experienced shopper, and you are curious, what others are buying.

And quite possibly, you are bored and have just thought “hmm, what can I buy on AliExpress, that I haven’t bought before, that is also popular?”

In any case, you came to the right place. In this post I’m going to collect the best-selling products from AliExpress that have 1,000+ orders – but most products here will have at least 5,000. The one with the highest amount of items sold has a whopping 100,000 sold in a single listing! That’s a whole lot of little packages in the mail.

AliExpress Best-Sellers: All In One List!

Foldable flood light

Price: $4.25

An ultimate flood light.

It has 2 folding panels; magnetic bottom for attaching to, for instance, a vehicle hood (or for holding bolts and nuts); and an auxiliary light in the front.

It comes with a built-in 800 mAh battery and has USB-C charging.

Wooden shoe horn

Price: $6.50

Slide your shoes on with style!

This slick shoehorn comes with its own wall base and a magnet for an even easier on/off experience and a modern look.

Poco X6

Featured AliExpress brand: Xiaomi

Price: $285

The best-selling smartphone on AliExpress at this point in time.

Pocophones are known for having the high-quality components at an attractive price. Excellent price-to-value ratio!

Duckie bucket hat

Price: $3.75

The most awesome bucket hat that can definitely make it easier to identify you in a crowd.

Floss distributor

Price: $3.50

A handy box for floss sticks.

Compatible with the conventional floss types. You can also buy refills from the same listing.

Fidget toy

Price: $5

An incredibly smooth-moving and satisfying fidget toy.

Food bag clips

Price: $2.10

If you’re still using rubber bands for your snack preservation (or just rolling the end and placing it against the wall), here is a better option to keep them fresh.

You can buy a lot of 3 for $2, or a lot of 10 for $3.

Anti-fog suction cup mirror

Price: $10.25

A handy mirror with a suction cup for an easy placement.

Furniture carrying straps

Price: $10.75

Save your back, champ!

Even if it helps you avoid pulling your back once, it’s very well worth it.

As a bonus, you can lend it to people who are asking you to help them move, instead of actually helping them.

Your future self will thank you.

Edge brush

Price: $2.75

A handy brush with rough bristles to clean edges and otherwise hard-to-reach places.

Precision measuring tool

Price: $6.95

A digital caliper with a whopping 50,000+ sales.

There is a weiner joke here somewhere, but I’m too classy to make it.

Key rings (set of 2)

Price: $5.95

A pricey-looking key accessory.

The horseshoe on the bottom has a removable pillar, which is what keeps the keys in it, which comes with a mini screwdriver to remove.

Cooking oil spray bottle

Price: $2.15

A spray bottle for oils.

I have one, and – without exaggeration – I use it daily. It’s very handy to use for spraying oil onto the frying pan for my morning eggs.

It’s been used by more than 2 years now, and it’s still running. Strong enough for dispensing olive and canola oil.

Waterproof camping light

Price: $3.75

A handy waterproof light with a hanging hook for camping.

Comes in a variety of sizes and brightness intensity levels.

Stainless steel travel cup set

Price: $5

A set of 6 small cups with a carrying case.

You have a choice between 30ml and 70ml capacity (1oz or 2oz).

Grip trainer with a counter

Price: $5.75

Grip trainer with a digital counter. The counter can be reset to 0 after each use.

The resistance can be adjusted in the range from 10 to 100kg (22 to 220lbs).

Cable organizer

Price: $0.93+ (depending on the amount)

A set of cable organizers that have a sticky back for the easy application.

This is the most “human” design that I’ve seen yet.

Travel-size containers

Price: $6.50

Travel-sized containers for your toiletries. This listing has a set of 4 x 60 ml. containers.

Candle tray

Price: $5

The cutest design for a candle tray.

Retro-style watch

Featured AliExpress brand

Price: $11

A digital watch with a familiar retro design.

Skmei is a well-known watch brand on AliExpress – hence the slightly higher price tag (no brand models can be bought in a 3-5 range, but they tend to not last long).

Shoe brush

Price: $5.50

A cleaning brush with rigid bristles designed specifically for shoes.

The bristles are strong for longevity, but are still soft enough to not damage the shoe material.

Car seat hooks (set of 4)

Price: $3.50

A set of 4 metallic hooks that fit the car seat headrest pillars.

Handy for transporting groceries and other smaller cargo.

Lint remover

Price: $10

A generic lint remover.

100k+ orders in this listing alone, and a few others with 1,000+.

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

I’ve used smaller lint removers in a $3-5 range, but I prefer the design like this – with the handle, it’s much easier to use for longer periods of time.

It’s better to spend a little extra, because normally I don’t use it individually. Instead, I collect a few pieces of clothing, and clean them all at once.

Nail care set

Price: $6.75

A 6-piece nail case set, that includes 2 clippers (conventional and angled), small scissors and a few files.

Portable vacuum cleaner

Price: $10

As seen in the “AliExpress Must-Haves” collection.

This portable vacuum cleaner comes with 4 different nozzle attachments for any task.

Below is a link to a cheaper listing, which has ~4,000 orders compared to the 100k+ in the $12 one.

Sun shade for cars

Price: $10

Umbrella-like sun visor that goes on the inside of the car.

2 Sizes available, that will work for most cars.

Grid double-sided tape

Price: $1.75+ (depending on tape width)

Strengthened version of a conventional “gel-type” double-sided tape.

Super sticky and very durable.

I’d recommend going for the minimum 3cm width for the optimal holding strength ($2.50 in this listing) – the price difference is negligible, and you can always trim it to size.

Side mirror wiper

Price: $3.35

Silly? Very.

Useful? Without a doubt.

Can also double as a button presser for crosswalks.

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