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Redmi 9S, Rimless Sunglasses + A Few More Best-Selling Items from 2020

A lot of things have changed since the lockdown, and here is the new bestselling AliExpress products, with the items from May of this year.


Price: $2.92

The first product today is these sunglasses. In a very short period of time this listing has received over 13,000 orders.

With a promo, that was filmed on a smartphone and masterfully put together using a TikTok editor, I can definitely understand the appeal.

The sunglasses look good though, and they come in a variety of colors.


Price: $13.99

People being locked down in most countries means that the sales of home exercise equipment, along with mechanical bedroom companions, is also going to be on the rise.

I’m, not going to show the latter, but here is one of the best-selling exercise straps.

This set has 5 bands with the different resistance strength, handles and a carrying pouch.


Price: $35.40+

A cheap way to make your old couch look better is this elastic cover that wraps all around it.

There are 24 different color options and 4 size options, depending on the number of seats on your sofa.

The size measurements are listed in the description, and it is highly recommended to measure the couch first before buying the covers.


Price: $1.99

Staying home with pets means having to interact with the pets more often. Which means more fur on your clothes.

And while it is possible that you will not have the need to impress anyone other than the cashier at the local supermarket, keeping clothing fur-free is not a bad idea.

This brush comes in a variety of differently colored handles.


Price: $1.69+

This cable with 53,000+ orders might be the most ordered cable, if not the most ordered item on AliExpress altogether.

There are options for Micro-USB and USB type-C, and there are several color options for the cable, like grey, gold, silver, red and black.


Price: $2.29

A simple elastic head band shouldn’t cost too much.

There are 13 color options available, mostly plain pastel colours, and a leopard print for the most adventurous.


Price: $11.68

Aesthetic t-shirts that all the edgy individuals are getting for the summer – $11.68 USD gets you one with free shipping to most countries.

They come in white or black, with 3 different print options.

If you are curious about the fit, browse through the feedback pictures – there are plenty of them to give you an idea of what it looks like.


Price: $0.53+

Regular resistance bands are also quite popular this season.

This listing gives you an option to purchase them individually, based on the desired resistance strength. 


Price: $0.82

This nail gel listing has over 36,000 orders.

There are 60 different colors available, and the listing feedback, however trustworthy it is, is rated at 4.8 stars with a lot of feedback.


Price: $3.64

The listing for these simple summer tops has 14,000 orders.

Good for working out, or wearing around the house or at the office, since these two are pretty much the same thing nowadays.


Price: $4.90

Outside of the obvious joke, these organic wool balls are used for a few reasons:

1. To help absorb the moisture during the drying cycle to make clothing dry faster and more effectively, and

2. to gently infuse the clothing with scents, if you drop a few drops of aroma oils on them.

They are reusable.


Price: $1.14

Being in quarantine means picking up new hobbies.

And to unleash your inner 80-year old with surprisingly steady hands what better hobby there is than knitting?

There are 32 different colors available in this listing.


Price: $2.79

This metallic watch that we have seen in the recent $3 watch review video.

It’s great for the price, you can see a lot of pictures in the feedback section, if you got time for that, to get an idea of what you can expect if you decide to order it.


Price: $8.74

Rimless sunglasses that come in 6 different lens color options.

These come with a carrying case, a cloth and a manual – in case you forget how glasses work.


Price: $10.71

The summer is approaching, and in some countries it already is shorts and iced coffee season.

To keep the air moist and fresh, you can use this air humidifier. For the best result, drop a drop of aroma oil into it before using.


Price: $1.19

And if you have a phone or any other things that you don’t want to drop, here is an anti-slip pad. It is washable and can be used virtually indefinitely.

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