13 Unique gadgets that will blow your mind!

We spend a lot of time looking at popular products, and electronics is what most people buy on AliExpress. In this collection we gathered 14 electronics and electronics-related products from AliExpress that have been bought the most in the last few months.


Here’s a product we find pretty damn cool. You can pretend to be telekinetic with one of these levitating house plants. Of course this is some good old magnetism, but think of how cool your begonias would look in it.

Price: $49.98


Tetris enthusiasts, have you ever wanted to play a physical version of the game? Now you kind of can with this Tetris LED lamp. Of course, you probably shouldn’t throw the pieces on the ground in a rapid manner but you can still have fun playing around with it on your table.

Price: $17.89


This is one of the coolest products we’ve seen in a while. It’s a lucid dream mask! You can literally make all of your wildest dreams literally come true from the comfort of your bed. It works by flashing the LEDs inside in a controlled manner to prevent you from falling into the deepest state of sleep so that you can enter a state of lucidity. Check the feedback and the item description on AliExpress for more details.

Price: $16.78


Price: $10.19

This is thing is a pretty cool 2 in 1. One, it’s a laser pointer and two, it also serves as an optical pen mouse, so you can get stuff done on the computer while messing with your cat. Multitasking at its finest.


If you’ve ever been to a Russian apartment, you’ve probably seen one of these rugs hanging on the wall. You can mimic the fine Slavic aesthetic on your computer desk with this mousepad. Be sure to add some matryoshkas and shot glasses for the best effect.

Price: $2.47+


Price: $3.14

This product is a charging dock for your smartphones and tablets. This device will help you keep your phone in an upright position while charging it, which . It comes in 5 different colours and helps to keep the surface more organized. There are options for iPhone, micro-USB and type-C plugs.


Price: $8.63 – 15.35

If the USB ports on your computer aren’t cutting it, check out this high speed mini splitter. Many of you complained when we posted cheap ones, so here is a high-quality one for a small fraction of a retail price. There are 2 versions of it: 1) 1 x USB 3.0 + 3 x USB 2.0 and 2) 4 x USB 3.0.


Price: $18.00

This is a product that would come in handy for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a waterproof LED lamp and a power bank. Use it to set up your tent on camping trips before you get the campfire going, and charge your phone, because nothing says nature getaway like a fully charged phone.


Price: $3.99

We’ve all seen the classic marble phone cases, but this is a pretty cool and different take on it. It’s somewhere between marble, precious stone, and tie dye. These iPhone cases come in 5 different colours options.


Price: $6.78+

These days it’s not hard to find a phone with a great camera, but the one thing that’s often missing is a good zoom. You can fix that problem with this clip-on zoom lens. It comes in 8X and 12X and works for any type of phone. Creeping on your neighbours just got a whole lot easier.


Price: $1.30+

If you’re a runner, it might be a challenge to find a good place for your phone. Carrying it the whole time would be super annoying, but it could also slip out of a pocket. This armband provides easy and comfortable access to your phone so you can track your speed, distance, and play Eye Of The Tiger on repeat.


Price: $289.29

Why waste your precious time picking up dust and Doritos crumbles off the floor, if you can get this cute tiny robot to do all the work for you? What sets it apart from all other models out there is that you can use it as a handheld model to work on those extra dirty, or otherwise inaccessible for the little guy spaces.


Price: $0.48+

Ok so these aren’t electronics, but they’re really cute and will come in handy for blowing off some steam when your electronics start pissing you off. Phone or computer frozen? Just lost that 10 page essay you’ve been working on for days? Happy fries squishies will make you forget all your worries, at least temporarily.

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