Best selling products of 2017 for $1 or less on AliExpress

Hello my dear friends! In this collection we will see we of the best selling products of 2017 for $1 or less. Please enjoy responsibly.

Just kidding, go nuts on that shit.


Best selling products of 2017 for $1 or less on AliExpress



The list starts with these simple earphones. If you were born as lucky as me, your earphones are also likely always getting lost, ripped, and forgotten at home, so it's always good to have a spare pair at home, in the gym bag and at work. Especially if they are so affordable.

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Ladybug bathroom holder

Number 9 is this ladybug bathroom holder for toothbrushes and such that we have unboxed in the one of the previous videos. Still have it, still using it, it’s pretty awesome. I like it.

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Titanium ring

Man rings are becoming a more common accessory among office professionals. Stay relevant this season with gorgeous and quite neutral titanium ring.

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Bowties are cool. Be unique, get a few. Over 4,000 people already have. There are 11 different colors in this listing.

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Earphones splitter

This handy earphone splitter will allow you to watch a movie on your phone or a tablet with a friend without having to share a pair of earphones.

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Lint/dust remover

If you have a pet at home, or live in a dusty area, this brush will help you keep your clothes clean. The roll is made out of TPR viscose, which you can easily wash with water without having to replace it.

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Bicycle mask

If you ski or snowboard, or ride your bicycle during the cold, this thermal mask will keep your face warm during the winter months. If you order it now, you should have it before the fall starts.

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Passport holder

The summer is here, and it’s time to travel. To keep your passport in the good condition, here is a passport holder. There is a pocket inside for you to put the boarding passes in, and a strap to keep if close and safe.

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Freeze! You have the right to remain silent and everything you order will be shipped to you, including this rugged-looking waterproof flashlight. It conveniently comes with a strap to hold on to during the tough times.

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The ring

And one ring to rule them all takes the first place of this list, having been purchased over 6000 times.

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