25 Best-Selling products for $10 or less: 2017 YEAR-END EDITION

In honor of 2017 I compiled a list of the best-selling products on AliExpress for $10 or less  (but most of the things here are within the $1-5 range). All product links with the pictures (and the order amounts with prices) are right below the video.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for all the support and for following my blog, and I hope to see this continue on in the next year.

25 Best-Selling products for $10 or less on AliExpress: 2017 YEAR-END EDITION

Voxlink braided cable

Product link: http://ali.ski/w51P8 (iPhone) / http://ali.ski/lVsgZ (micro-USB)


Fast charge adapter

Product link: http://ali.ski/zI6oja


Magnetic adapter

Product link: http://ali.ski/jqoynZ


Yazole watch

Product link: http://ali.ski/fVXrl


Cardboard VR headset

Product link: http://ali.ski/TnO5c


Short socks

Product link: http://ali.ski/NnEWP5


Pill pen

Product link: http://ali.ski/CG1g_


Waterproof phone case

Product link: http://ali.ski/Phev6


Xiaomi backpack

Product link: http://ali.ski/ULedc


Mi piston earphones

Product link: http://ali.ski/mH6C2



Product link: http://ali.ski/6hMH5


UGreen cable organizers

Product link: http://ali.ski/p0pYzM


Organizer travel bag

Product link: http://ali.ski/xb47X



Product link: http://ali.ski/U7ZHzL (chain version) / http://ali.ski/UMcrRz (rope version)


Waterproof LED strips

Product link: http://ali.ski/f2pZxy


Makeup brushes

Product link: http://ali.ski/WEerm


Titanuim (?) ring

Product link: http://ali.ski/YJozZz


Micro SD cards

Product link: http://ali.ski/M-Rhhl



Product link: http://ali.ski/odcLKg


Sticky pads

Product link: http://ali.ski/AbFh6



Product link: http://ali.ski/fhMRlA


3 in 1 Lens

Product link: http://ali.ski/lCr4I


Reusable water bottle

Product link: http://ali.ski/_EWT6


Earphones case

Product link: http://ali.ski/YgEau


Motion sensor night light

Product link: http://ali.ski/6HJSz5

10 Best-selling electronics of 2017 for $10 or less


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