12 Best-selling products of 2018 (most under $10)

Today we are going to look at the best-selling items from 2018.

There are some awesome products on AliExpress, finding them can be a lengthy process, and just like dating in highschool or having your cat swallow your engagement ring, you will likely have to dig through a lot of crap to find what you are looking for. It is always interesting for me to go through the list of things that people buy, because many of them I would never think of buying, but when I see some of those things, I can’t understand how I ever lived without them. To make the browsing process even easier we created a ton of collections where you can browse product lists with a certain common characteristic (like best-selling, geeky, products for home), and the shop section where you can browse an almost endless stream of products.

But right now, let’s see the best-selling items from 2018!


There’s something hypnotic about watching fire burn on its own, but just imagine how magical it would look in rainbow. All you need is a talking head inside and it’s pure Harry Potter. Spice up your next camping trip or bonfire with this mystical rainbow fire sachet.


Here are some noise-cancelling earphones for when you just want to get lost in the music. These are the QKZ DM6 earphones that were very popular during the March Anniversary sale. Shoppers seem to be very satisfied with the sound quality, with over 11,000 orders and a 4.8 star rating.


This cell phone stand is very handy for watching videos, mindlessly scrolling social media feeds, and/or playing addictive games in comfort. Gotta avoid that carpal tunnel syndrome, am I right?


LED light strips are an easy and inexpensive way to add interest and colour to your home. We have LED light strips around our TV and it makes the watching experience a little more fun. You can add the strips to almost anything – appliances, electronics, door frames, wheels – it’s always a nice touch.


Charge your phone no matter where you are in the world with this universal portable USB charger. The honorable mention in the last week’s post made it’s job, and it made its way into the best-selling items list with over 8,000 orders. In case you missed it, it is a new round design, where the cable rotates so you can still comfortably hold your phone in your hand while it charges. The micro-USB was the most popular option.


Even though marble phone cases are still in, it seems that the glitter is starting to overtake it. You can have a lot of fun shaking and watching the glitter move around the case. Unfortunately Android users cannot partake in the fun since this case is only iPhone-friendly. Interestingly enough, I have only been able to find such cases for iPhones.


We’ve shared a lot of mens watches before, but here’s one for the ladies. It comes with a minimalist design and 4 different floral prints to choose from, perfect for the summer coming up. Even though it’s under $4, the shoppers don’t seem to be complaining about the quality with almost 3000 orders and a 4.9 star rating.


If you lack smart things in your life, check out this minimalist smartwatch. It’s running on Android, and the features include bluetooth, a 0.3MP camera, a pedometer, sleep monitor, calendar and the ability to support Facebook and Whatsapp.


Ladies (and/or gents, no judgement, because I think that Johnny Depp and David Bowie are cool AF), stop blowing all your paycheques at Sephora and try out this liquid eyeliner from Aliexpress instead. It seems to be pretty legit for under a dollar with a 4.8 star rating. 25,000 People have already tried it. Perfect eyeliner wings not included.


Many people decided to keep their small household items organized with these cute umbrella hooks. You can hang them upside down or in a more common position. They can work for keys, jewelry, sunglasses, earphones, or anything else that’s cluttering up your tables.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve accumulated a lot of USB cables over the years. Clean up your phone charging station with this wireless phone charger. Ok, so the charger itself comes with a cable but it’s the only one you need.


And just because you thought iPhone cases can’t get more hipster-y, you get another chance to relive your childhood every time you check your phone with this gameboy phone case. Yes, it is a phone case with a built-in game console on the back. It even comes with classic games like tetris, pinball and snake, because why would you bother installing them into your phone when you can have them in the case instead.

As mentioned above, there is a lot more collections on our site. Not to mention, the shop section that has over 600 individual and unique products, examples of which you can see below:

These are the latest product from our Shop section

You can browse the rest by category by clicking the link below!

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