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Crank Charger, Wire Organizer, Selfie Light and More Best-selling products Under $5

People like us buy things like these.

There is a reason why I always go over the products that you buy through my affiliate links: it gives me a lot of insight on what the buyers want, and I always find new neat things this way.

And to make it even more interesting, I have ordered all of the things from this list and I will make an unboxing and testing video once they all arrive. But right now, let’s roll!


best selling gadgets aliexpress

The first item is a soft cloth that has been purchased over 24,000 times.

It is very popular among the people who visit my site or watch the channel (as I monitor the items bought through my affiliate links).

You can wipe dishes or your hands with it, and you wouldn’t have to worry which one is for which if you get them in different colors.


gadgets aliexpress 2019

A good way to keep your cords organized without needing one of these, of which I actually have a few, is this wire organizer pouch.

Can come handy for travelling or just general home use purposes.


A bendable phone holder can be used for a variety of reasons when your phone needs to be in a certain position and at a certain height.

While you eat, study, or work on a very important assignment ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


A cheap watch can be used to try out styles as they don’t keep time as good. 

I would put this purchase into a gamble category, but having said that I don’t really use mechanical watches to tell time, for me they are nothing more than a fashion piece, and I shall note that these look quite good (see our video review here).

If you are looking for a higher-quality watch on AliExpress, check out these stores:







If a car doesn’t have Bluetooth or if the AUX cord is just too short to reach to the back seat, a cheap and convenient way to get around it (apart from getting a longer AUX cable) is an inexpensive Bluetooth dongle.

You can also use it with home speakers that don’t natively have Bluetooth.


A crank charger is something that only needs to be used during the emergencies, as it will take approximately 8 to 12 hours to complete charge on an average phone battery.

But when that’s the absolute only option, it should do. Also a fun way to work out your wrists.


A selfie light that has been purchased nearly 23,000 times is a bit concerning to me, but I can see how it can become handy in dimly lit environments.

This one has three different lighting modes.

There are a few designs that either clip on on that you can plug into the AUX output of your smartphone or tablet (although I hope that nobody here uses tablets to take pictures because it looks ridiculous).


This cat phone holder is a new, completely revolutionary way to hold your smartphone or tablet.

With a gentle touch of their soft paws they gently crouch from the back, eager to help. Never mind the suction cup on the back, because these kitties will stick to your phone, making sure it stays in the desired position.

You can pick your favorite one from the 6 available designs (breeds?), or grab a few at an attractive price of less than $1 per piece.


A magnetic charger with an LED light indicator.

There are options for all three types of plugs, 8-pin for iPhones, as well as micro-USB and USB type-C. The magnetic connection is strong enough for the phone to hang down from it.

The LED light will make it easier to locate the cable when it’s dark.


These racks will help you have all your spices readily available for consumption or immediate use right when you open the cabinet door.

Some people also use them for bathroom needs, as in to put their bathroom items on them.

(I suppose you can also use them to wipe with, I just can’t say if it would be very comfortable … )


These playing cards take the honorable place in our list.

There are a few different design options to pick from.

The cards have a protective film on them that makes them resistant to moisture. The option shown in the picture glows in dark.

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