Best tiny action cameras from AliExpress

What better way is there to capture all the Summer action, than having a sweet action camera?

The best-known names among cameras made by Chinese manufacturers are, without a doubt, SJCAM, SOOCOO and Xiaomi.

Their cameras comprise about 90% of all cameras sold on AliExpress. With impressive consistency they come up with new models of cameras, and other devices: SOOCOO, for example, introduced an entry-level gyro stabilizer at a very reasonable price.

Unlike smartphones, the cameras are still getting smaller, and it's a good thing. A relatively trend I have noticed is tiny cube action cameras following GoPro's Hero 4 Session. Although, it seems that SJCAM introduced M10 sometime in the last quarter of 2014, and SOOCOO's G1 came out in early 2015; the tiny cameras just now started consistently popping up on the front page of AliExpress.

Below are the coolest and the most purchased cube action cameras from AliExpress.



SJCAM M10 Mini Action Camera

Price: $56.10 for the standard bundle

SJCAM is the best-selling action camera brand on AliExpress. I have reviewed an SJ4000-style camera previously, which isn't as good as the original, but is a decent camera nonetheless.

M10 is SJCAM's first and only tiny camera (well, there is an SJCAM M10+, which can film in 2K@30 fps). By the way, the M10 Plus edition comes with a gyro stabilizer; and the quality of footage (according to some reviews) and the abundance of functions beats GoPro's $200 Hero 4 Session.

Purchase link:


SOOCOO G1 Magnetic Action Camera

Soocoo-G1-magnetic action-camera

Price: $53.52

This tiny camera can record in 1080@30 fps and 720@60 fps.

The back cover, which you can flip either way, has a magnetic mount on one side, and a reusable stick pad on another. SOOCOO G1 has an 1100 mAh battery and a matching remote controller.

This camera also comes with its own app, which you can use to remotely activate the camera and transmit live video feed onto your smartphone.

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SOOCOO CUBE360 Action Camera

Price: $59.99 for the standard bundle

Here is an example of footage. Pretty neat, right?

I have a limited understanding of how the camera works; but in essence, when the lens is looking upwards, and the 360 mode is on, the camera films all around it, except for what is directly underneath. And then you can upload these scrollable 360 videos to Facebook and YouTube.

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