Best Tiny Tech Gadgets (Video)

AliExpress, or Chinese websites e-commerce websites are a great place to buy electronics from. In this video you will see 10 Awesome Tiny Tech Gadgets.

Links to the products:

10. Tiny camera – http://bit.ly/2cdoL5O
9. Computer stick – https://aliho.lc/2cWvoM5
8. Cheerson CX10c drone – https://aliho.lc/2cvqaFs
7. Bluetooth headset – https://aliho.lc/2cWvp2p
6. Zoomable flashlight – https://aliho.lc/2cq8HAN
5. Tiny selfie stick – https://aliho.lc/2cdzQHy
4. Mushroom speaker – https://aliho.lc/2cFcfBP
3. Portable cooling fan – https://aliho.lc/2cDo0qZ
2. Tiny USB flash drive – https://aliho.lc/2cDonSF
1. Credit cards-sized phone – https://aliho.lc/2cUtfEq

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