Useless Things from AliExpress

Some of the best useless things that I got from AliExpress. The product links with pictures are blow the video.


Candy dispenser

I have this candy dispenser right next to the bed, and I use it for mixing and serving M&M's, Skittles, Jelly Belly beans and other random bulk candy. It has a coin slot, but candy comes out by just turning the knob. The coins are just stored at the back of it, and can be taken out from the bottom.

Product link:


Panda / kitty piggy bank

You may have seen something called a useless box, which does nothing other than close itself. This panda piggy bank works in a similar manner, but at least it makes an effort to grab the coin. You place the coin on the tray, press the button, the lid lifts, and a cautious panda sneakily reaches out for the coin. He (she?) firmly grabs it and skids it inside.

Product link:


Floating ball toy

This floating ball toy has a wooden base and 2 styrofoam balls. You place the ball onto the tray, start blowing into the hole, and the ball starts floating. Sometimes if the airflow is strong enough, the ball starts making spiral movements.

My friends and I had a competition who could hold the ball afloat the longest – 46 seconds was the record. It was impressive.

Product link:


Whale water fountain

This rubber whale faucet attachment is a handy device for the countries/cities where you can drink tap water without dying. It is attached to the tap, and when its mouth is open, the water goes right through. When the mouth is closed, the water starts to come out of its blowhole, like on a real whale.

Product link: can no longer be found on AliExpress 🙁


Magic bolt

This magical bolt unscrews itself.

Spoiler alert: it has a tiny motor in the the head, and with a small battery (part of the kit) that you hide on the tip of your finger or under the table in a specific spot. When the top of the bolt is near the battery it starts shaking, and the nut starts coming off the bolt.

Product link:


Creepy face bank

This creepy face bank is a popular Japanese toy. You load it with 3 AA batteries, place a coin in its mouth, and touch it on the bottom. It doesn't always eat the coin on the first try, so you may need to try again every once in a while. The coins can be removed through the slot in the bottom.

We have a video dedicated to this friendly fellow.

Product link:


Neo cube

This 216-piece magnetic cube is a fun toy to play around with. I have it attached to the fridge door, and our guests always shuffle the pieces around. I start with putting all the magnetic pieces into a single line, then fold the line in the middle a few times, and then i put rows into shapes. The 216 piece set is cool for making 2D things, for 3D ones you should buy a couple of sets.

Product link:



Ferrofluid, or magnetic fluid, is kind of a passive magnet in a liquid state. It won't attract any metallic things to the bottle it is in, but it can be controlled with magnets, which are included with the purchase.

I long wanted to get one, and finally decided to end treat myself and order it.

Check out this video where we test it out.


Product link:


Googly eyes

Everything is better with googly eyes. This kit has 700 pieces, e.g. 350 pairs in 7 different sizes from 4 to 12 mm in diameter. I place them on stuff around my place, and when I ran out of things to put them on, I started putting them on stuff at other peoples' places, and trying to see how long it would take them to notice. So far the results have been pretty mixed.

Product link:


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