Best Xiaomi Smart Home and Lifestyle Products

Hello, our dearest friends. In this video we will see products from the world-famous Chinese brand, that some people refer to as “China’s Apple”, the correct pronunciation of which is still a topic for heated debates among certain individuals.

It is believed, that when you buy your first Xiaomi product, you enter a secret cult, where you solemnly declare to contribute the remainder of your life to recommending their products to everyone you know and meet. So allow us to present you 12 most interesting smart home and lifestyle products from the universe of Xiaomi.

BEST Xiaomi Smart Home (and Lifestyle) Products

Yi Smart Bulb

xiaomi yeelight smart bulb

Smart bulb can do lots of things. Compatible with Aries’, Virgos, iPhones and Androids. Low energy consumption. Imagine sitting with your significant other, pushing a few buttons on your phone, and there you have it, very intimate set of things, one leading to another… But I digress.

A smart bulb can be programmed to turn on and off at a certain time, it has a massive array of colors, and several lighting modes, all of which can be controlled wirelessly via your smartphone or tablet.

Yee light:


Xiaomi TDS water tester pen

xiaomi tds water test pen

Xiaomi’s TDS test pen. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. This water tester will help you learn more about the quality of your tap water. It has waterproof design, and a built-in low energy consumption chip. The tester reacts to soluble salts, ionic organic compounds and heavy metal ions. It will test all negatively and positively charged ions in water, to determine if the water is safe for consumption.

Water tester:


Xiaomi Piston 3 earphones

piston 3 earphones

Third generation of the electronics giant’s hit in-ear headphones seem to have had a good start, having won the Red Dot award for design excellence. They come with a metallic back, and a plastic body. We get a spiral design where the tip points towards the ear, which was done to improve the comfort of the earphones. This rather unique design is implemented to largely improve sound quality in bass, mid and high sound ranges. In addition, this design improves the sound balance. A titanium-alloy diaphragm is stuck between two PET membranes. Several color options will let you pick one that is the most compatible with the color of your phone case or your underwear.

Piston earphones:


Mijia pen

mijia pen

Mijia pen is one of the few products from Xiaomi that do not connect to your smartphone. The only other purpose other than writing, scribbling and/or drawing that it serves is looking cool AF. The ink cartridges inside can be replaced. All-metal precision connection parts, and a 0.55mm ball point tip that is imported all the way from Switzerland makes all writing-related tasks more pleasurable and smooth. Just admit it, you really want it for some reason. Only $5, friend.

Mijia pen:


Mi Router 3 & Wi-Fi repeater

xiaomi mi router 3

Stable wi-fi to masses. Xiaomi Mi router 3 will help you reach the colossal speed potential of your wireless internet connection. More specs can be found in the link in the description.

For the maximum effect, it can be used with the wi-fi amplifier, which in turn can increase the wi-fi coverage in your mansion. The amplifier can be inserted into any USB port, from your laptop to a power bar, to get that wi-fi goodness rolling.

xiaomi repeater

Mi wifi router + repeater: +


Smart scales

xiaomi smart scales

Smart scales from Xiaomi will help you evaluate the effect of your daily trips to McDonald’s or that local donair shack. The app will help you schedule the times to track the progress, and will make passive-aggressive recommendations based on that. The scales can estimate muscle mass, water and visceral fat levels, your body fat rate, bone mass, basic metabolism, and a few other things. What is also pretty neat is that it can remember up to 15 people.

Smart scales:


Xiaomi wireless IP security camera

xiaomi 350 wireless ip security camera

Allow Xiaomi to know more about your day-to-day activities with this home IP security camera with the silent gear and no blinking lights. It has a spinning top that makes no sound, and gives you a full 360 view. It has night-vision and a subject-tracking mode. Lens distortion can be turned on and off, and the files can be stored locally or backed up to the cloud or another remote storage. To state the obvious, the camera connects wirelessly, and can be placed anywhere within the reach of your wi-fi. It can also be controlled and monitored from your phone.

IP camera:


Smart home power bar

smart home power bar

What smart home is it without the smart power bar? This one comes with a built-in surge and overheating protector. 3 Power sockets, and 3 USB outlets that track electricity consumption, and also connect to the same Xiaomi app.

Each power socket has an independent safety door to attempt protecting the bar from little intruders armed with forks and knives, and there are 4 rubber grommets on the bottom to prevent it from sliding all over the place.

Smart power bar:


20,000 mAh power bank

xiaomi new 20000 mah power bank

A slick CE-certified white power bank will keep your gadgets charged, and your inner peacefulness at bay. With the true 20,000 mAh capacity it is capable of resurrecting several smartphones and/or tablets. With 2 USB power outlets at 2A each, it is a very good find for the price. This power bank is a perfect representation of the quality of this reputable brand.

Xiaomi 20,000 mah power bank:


Xiaomi AIR laptop

xiaomi air apple laptop macbook alternative

A long-awaited Xiaomi Air is a worthy competition to Macintosh Air. It runs circles around it in terms of performance, and noticeably concedes on the price. Out of the box, it comes with a 6th gen. I5 Intel processor, 8 GB of RAM, 250 GB SSD, Full HD display, and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 940MX video card. And all that for less than $750 USD, which means that you will need to slave away for a shorter amount of time than to get a comparable product from Apple.

Mi Air (laptop):


Waterproof nylon sport backpack

xiaomi waterproof backpack

A surprisingly lightweight and waterproof sport backpack made of nylon is not something I expected them to make, yet here it is. It has a 20L volume capacity and a 10 kg weight carrying capacity. The design allows you to close it in 3 different ways, and whenever you are not using it, it can be compactisized into a portable brick.



Xiaomi Band 2

xiaomi smart fitness band 2

A smart band that we gave away in one of our previous videos. If you want to participate in the future giveaways make sure to subscribe via the form below to be the first to see the exciting new products.

The Mi Band 2 has a built-in pedometer, heart-meter, and it can also notify you about the incoming calls and messages. Thanks to the IP67 rating, this band is waterproof and dust-proof and it could be used pretty much in any conditions.

Mi band 2:

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