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Bluetooth speakers from AliExpress

In this video we’re looking at 5 portable Bluetooth speakers from AliExpress from $5 to $25 – Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker, Bluedio BS-2, Maiha D007, X3U and “Ubit” X6U. The links to all products with pictures and description are below the video.

Best Bluetooth speakers from AliExpress under $49

Xiaomi speaker

PRICE: Around $25 USD


Full comprehensive review of this Xiaomi speaker

Xiaomi speaker sounded clean and not overwhelming, very clear bass, warmer mids, and treble that didn’t pop at high volume.

The bass starts becoming clear only at 30-35hz, but at 45-50 it is very apparent and just as loud as 70 on the D007. It begins to shake at uncontrollably at 70, and at 95-100 it starts to sound like something from your aunt’s room on Valentine’s Day.

But the main downside with this speaker is the absence of buttons except for the power one, so everything must be done from the device it’s connected to.

The alloy case is smooth all over and very pleasant to the touch. We also liked the front grill design, which was a nice touch – note that it’s present only on the black model. The only thing except for the speaker is a manual – there are no cords.

Bluedio BS-2

PRICE: Around $34 USD


I thought that the Xiaomi speaker was the pinnacle of technology $30 could buy, until I tried the Bluedio BS2.

This thing packs the most natural sound, and beautifully sounding bass. Although it only becomes noticeable at around 30-35hz, it is strong and dimensional. BS-2 is an open back speaker, which means deeper and a more “in a world around me” type of sound.

This speaker also has a 3D mode, but it is unclear what it does. We though it was either mono vs. stereo, or 3d vs. surround sound, but we didn’t really notice any major difference.

Unfortunately, this speaker has been discontinued, but they have released a newer version: Bluedio LS.


Price: $46.99

Heavy feel, solid case and crystal-clear sound seamlessly delivered through Bluetooth 5.0 protocol.

It comes with all the fancy features like voice control and NFC support, and it has a slot for Micro-SD cards.


PRICE: $39


MIFA is a relatively new brand, but their products are as good as competition.

This speaker has a strong case, sleek design and beautiful sound. Ultimately, all the choices in this post are objectively great, so the choice is mostly about the design, rather than features – the quality of sound will not disappoint you in either case.

Thing is, all the sub-$50 speakers you find in stores are simply junk with sub-par parts. So all these choices are going to sound like the $100+ speakers.

Xiaomi is the best portable speaker of the 5, with crystal clear sound, amazing bass and solid build.

Bluedio is a bit bigger, but surprisingly they weigh about the same and they have a similar battery life at around 8 hours. The Bluedio’s open back design give it a more natural and organic sound, and it is an optimal speaker for a primarily indoor use.

Tronsmart is a great option, but is less portable due to the size and weight.

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