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How to get AliExpress 11.11 coupons?

The 11.11 sale is approaching!

There are several ways to get additional savings, most of which were outlined in the recent post called “How To Get The Best 11.11 Deals“. In this post here we will talk about the coupons for the 2017 sale specifically.

There is a new post for the 2019's sale DEALS! Check it out NOW

How to get AliExpress 11.11 coupons in 2018?

To get the 11.11 discount coupons follow these steps.


1. Go to the AliExpress coupon center.

Click “Get it now”. You can get a maximum of 5 $2 coupons per day (redeemable during the day of the sale).


2. Add products to the cart to get coins.

This works with any product. You can add however many products you want to get as many coins as you want. This year coins can be used as a partial payment for some sale products (as you can see on the image below).


3. Play coupon games in the app.

How to get the Best 11.11 deals on AliExpress in 2019?


Best 11.11 Deals of 2018 (electronics/gadgets mostly)


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  1. agi

    how on earth do you manage to buy the hourly coupons? I don’t even have the time to update the page that they are all gone after 1 second!

    1. Admin

      Yeah I’ve been trying to get some myself to no avail. Seems that you need to be sitting there at the very moment hitting the refresh button. Reminds me of that Big Bang Theory episode.

      1. agi

        Trust me, I am there refreshing the page over and over again but there’s nothing do do, maybe you can get the 1$ but forget the others, question is: can you try to win those even from pc or only through the app?

        1. Admin

          You normally buy them, but I tried buying one from the batch that came out at 3 pm today, I waited for the countdown, and the second it became available I hit “buy now”, then “pay now”, but they were already sold out.
          Not even 10 seconds passed since they became available and all were sold out already. WTF!

          1. agi

            there’s also the ones you can get for free exchanging the coins you earned in the previous days, they ones who are available every hour, but again is impossible to get them! 😑

          2. Admin

            I see, I didn’t even want to bother with those, seems like I was right to not do it πŸ™‚

  2. annoyed/frustrated

    Yeah…I’ve tried at least a few dozen times (coin exchange and the advance purchase one) since it came out, and absolutely nothing…all gone in less than 1 second! I have a $1 coupon to show for it though? It’s pretty ridiculous. It was far better last year. I can only imagine what their upcoming March 29 sale would be like.

    I’ve also played that flip card game on two accounts for the 10x/day (and a few coin pays) alloted plays, and have never gotten that $5 coupon either.

    Wasted far more time on attempting to get these savings that could otherwise be made at work in a fraction of an hour, which is ridiculous.
    Is this sale a hoax or something? Even coin exchange coupons on any old regular day goes in a few seconds as well…

    1. Admin

      I don’t usually bother with the seller coupons, because it’s too much work for little money. Of course, if there is one for, say, $5 off $100 purchase, and I’m buying something that is more expensive, then it would be stupid not to, but other than that I don’t chase them. I wasn’t able to get a single voucher coupon either, they sold out pretty much instantly.

      Nevertheless, I am still going to be shopping tomorrow, there still are a lot of very good deals. If you haven’t yet, check out the 11.11 Sale Deals list that we have made, these are some of the best deals that I found.

  3. Peter

    Great article. Looking forward to this year’s edition.

  4. Manpreet

    When I exchange coin with coupen it doesn’t add to my account 😡 what to do

    1. Admin

      Not sure, I don’t even bother with the coins myself – I think they’re a waste of time, and last year many people had problems with them as well. I look for them in stores that have the things that I am interested in, and check if they have coupons. I hope you get your coupons exchange sorted out though!

  5. Manpreet

    Can u tell me any other way for free shipping

    1. Admin

      If the seller does not offer free shipping for the item you want, search for this product again from other sellers – there is a check mark in the search “free shipping”. Most products are sold by more than one seller. But sometimes even the price + shipping is cheaper than the “free shipping item” – they just include the shipping into the price.

  6. Susanne Lorentsen

    How do you use the coupons? Have alot off the 2 $ nit can’t use them

    1. Admin

      You should be able to redeem them at the checkout (in the cart) at 3.00 PM PST, so in a little less than 1 hour

  7. Amy

    I have over 600$ in Coupons. So could I use that as 600$ to spend? I don’t under stand?

    1. Admin

      Some coupons require a minimum purchase, like $2 off $20, some of them can be used towards an individual order regardless of the amount (like the $2 coupons for 11.11). You can check the coupons that you have here:

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