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Can I use gift cards on AliExpress?

Gift cards are a common present among relatives with bad imagination. If you have one laying around, and if you are anything like me, a though of using this card to buy something very useful (as always) on AliExpress may have crossed your mind.



Can I use my gift card on AliExpress?


A quick answer: yes. You most certainly can use gift cards on AliExpress.

There are no special cards that are explicitly prohibited from processing. E-Commerce websites like AliExpress are in the business of making money, so anything preventing them from making more money is counter-productive.


If you are a first-time buyer, you may feel compelled to buy a git card for security reasons (there is a certain level of stress associated with putting your credit card on a new website). As I mentioned before, AliExpress is a safe website, so it may be an overkill; but if you are set on getting a gift card instead, note:


The gift card that you are using must work for international orders.


This is something you will want to check prior to buying the gift card. There are some cards that will not work online, there are cards that will not work outside of the country you buy it in. It would suck to get a card only to realize you can’t use it, so check first.

If it is a new gift card, chances are you need to register it first before use (which normally can be done online). Also, stop wasting your time with trying to find the best deals. Because we already found all of them, and collected them all in one place – scroll below to see the latest finds.


This is just a tip of the iceberg. There is A LOT more of them in the shop section – see the rest by clicking the link below!

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  1. What kind of giftcards?

    On aliexpress site, in the customer support section, if I browse through the FAQ, they only list credit and debit cards and a “visa international prepaid card” but no giftcards..

    I’m planning a present for a friend and she would love a gift card she can use on aliexpress, but I have no idea how to pull it off.
    (I’m from Finland – she is from Australia)

    1. what I meant is “prepaid cards” e.g. “gift cards”, not a prepaid AliExpress card. Although, if I was you I’d just buy something myself and have it shipped to her 🙂 if you were to explain to the seller that you are buying it for a friend there should be no problem. I am in Canada and my family is in Kazakhstan, and I buy stuff for them with my CC sometimes

  2. Elijah Gilbert

    Is there really a gift card I can purchase to shop on Ali Express

  3. Hi, I recently bought a Gift card to use On Aliexpress, I am not a first time buyer, and I have used a Gift card on Aliexpress before, but the gift card I used Previously wasn’t refillable, and when I try to pay with the new gift card, the payment fails, what’s wrong?

    1. Hi! If the card you have now isn’t the same as you’ve had before, it might either not work outside of the US, or if you just refilled it I think it might take a few days to process. Either way, try calling the number on the back of the card, although I suspect they will blame it on the website.

  4. Hey we’re can o get the aliexpress gift card from

    1. There is no such thing as AliExpress gift card, at least not yet. This post is more about using actual gift (prepaid) credit card on AliExpress.

  5. Hi there could you tell me what type of prepaid cards work on aliexpress, and if possible where to buy one from

    1. Hi Ali, it needs to be any prepaid card that works internationally. Check the information on the packaging of the card, it should be indicated there.

  6. I have a prepaid gift card American Express and I’m trying to buy something from on aliexpress but I can’t I don’t know what’s the problem

    1. Aye, Aye! First thing I would do is check whether the card works internationally. A lot of gift cards are restricted for domestic use, e.g. with American retailers only, if you are in the US (which I assume you are, because people aren’t using AMEX much elsewhere 🙂

  7. I won the Ali express gift card. How can I use this offer

    1. I am not aware of any AliExpress gift cards, can you provide more info? Or are you talking about a coupon maybe?

      1. Coolette

        Can you use an online visa gift card, first time buyer

        1. As long as the card works internationally, you should check the papers that came with the card or call the number provided!

  8. Ibordered a few items using the visa gift card on Ali express.but for some reason my order has been closed and I have sent an appeal for verifying my payment.if they are cancelling my order, will I get a refund ?how will I get that money back?

    1. In essence, if the payment is not accepted, the merchant (AliExpress in this case) should revoke the transaction, thus returning the funds back to their rightful origin. I have received refunds from AliExpress in the past, but I always use my regular credit card, thus I never had a problem verifying the payment, or getting the money back. Just to skip the obvious, did you register the card before using it? You normally need to go online and input your billing address prior to using the card.

    1. I’ve never had experience with Gyft cards, but generally if the card can be used with international merchants (e.g. outside of the US), you should be good to go.

  9. robert roehm

    Heads up! If you have multiple orders on this site, do not pay them all at once, your account will be locked up for security! You will need to buy one card for each 3 orders.

  10. Hello sir
    They send me a 3 step of question and I complete that..for giftcard how can I got.
    Is that fake

    1. Hi Pratap! I am not aware of any AliExpress gift cards in existence, and I have been shopping there for over 3 years. It is possible that the seller is offering you a coupon of some sort, but first thing I would do is consider where the request came from, if there is an existing relationship between you and whoever sent the questions, and what exactly they are trying to get from you. Also, if there are any 3rd party links I would be hesitant to click them to avoid getting phished

  11. Duke Bozikowski

    I used a Visa Prepaid card to order something and now orders have been caneled!
    How will I get my money back!?

    1. Hi Duke. I unfortunately am uncertain. IIRC the money can be refunded onto the gift credit card, but I can’t be 100% sure… AliExpress will refund the purchase, but I don’t know if the bank servicing the card is equipped to accept refunds. Might be best to check with the bank directly.

  12. Maureen

    Will Aliexpress accept a gift card, Virtual MasterCard?

    1. Unfortunately, no – they will not be accepted by AliExpress

  13. I live in the U.S. and would like to purchase something on Aliexpress with a prepaid debit card. What type of prepaid card work internationally, does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

    1. For a few years we have been using a debit card with a VISA logo on it, which is enabled for internet transactions

  14. i have an amazon gift card from USA. can i use it in on Aliexpress

    1. Unless it’s Amazon’s credit card, I’m afraid you can not

  15. Olivia Mohr

    Can you use an iTunes gift card to pay for items on AliExpress? Because My thinking is that when you redeem an iTunes gift card, the money is kept on your device, and you may purchase what you like on any application. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Unfortunately, no. On AliExpress you payt using AliPay account, which is tied to a credit card, there is no option to pay using a Google Pay / Apple Pay account

    1. Unfortunately, no – it needs to be a credit card or a debit card with a Visa/MasterCard logo

  16. Can I shop on AliExpress with a PayPal MasterCard?

    1. PayPal cards are only available in the US so I don’t know for sure (I’m not from the US), but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t

  17. Hi, i just purchased a vanilla debit, mastcard, am i able to purshase on ali express with this gift card ?

  18. Mubarak

    Hello please can I use steam Gift Card to make purchases on Ali express

    1. Howdy there, unfortunately – no. You can’t use Steam gift cards to purchase anything on AliExpress

  19. Hi I’m a first timer customer and use a gift card the funds have been taken off the card but order still pending how long before my order is shipped?

  20. i just purchase prizzy card for the first time, its registered and activated can i used it on ali express?

  21. Itzapex

    I’m new on here and I have US steam wallet gift card to buy some stuff on AliExpress now but I don’t know how to use it here…..please guide me

    1. Unless this is a Visa/Master Card prepaid / gift card, it can not be used unfortunately

  22. Recently, I can’t pay any orders by using Vanilla Visa. Aliexpress keeps giving me the CSC_7200015 which mentions that my card issuer decline the payment.
    I had called Vanilla Visa customer service and they keep telling me that there’s no problem with the card.
    I also had contact Aliexpress customer service by live chat but it has been several days and I haven’t get any emails regarding to this problem.
    I decided to make a new account, it still can’t use my Vanilla Visa.
    I also bought new Vanilla Visa, but still.. none of them can be used.

    I’m so sad, I can’t find any other ecommerce cheaper than Aliexpress.

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