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2019’s FIRST unboxing and review

If I had a dime for every time someone commented on my video saying that it would be useful if I made a video actually testing the products instead of just showing product pictures, I would have exactly that many cents as in a name of a rapper that nobody cares about anymore. But okay, I hear you, why not: here is a new unboxing/review video, the first of this year. They're fun to make, actually, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed working on them.

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What I got from AliExpress: Unboxing Haul #8

Hello, dear friends. This is a new part of the critically acclaimed AliExpress Unboxing series that provide the unique insight and first-hand perspective  insight on various products that you may or may not choose to buy. The images below the video are stock product images, the real value of the post is within the video itself.

The product links are listed below the video.


A custom flask that costs about $8. It’s a stainless steel flask that can hold 6oz. of a beverage of your choosing. There are a few different design options that you can select from, and the wording is customized as per your demand at no extra cost. The quality of the print is decent, and the letters haven’t shown any signs of fading.


A pretty fancy case for a Google Pixel phone. Everything about it screams class: from the packaging with a silk loop on the top, down to the material of the case and its features. The store carries a bunch of other cases, including for the cheaper phone models, so if you own a more mainstream phone and are in need of a case, check it out, they have some pretty cool ones.


As may have seen in the previous unboxing videos, I have been buying a lot of soap from AliExpress. This is one of my favourite ones. The bar has a strong honey smell, which I love, and the top portion has a honeycomb pattern. It came with a string, which adds some extra resale value. Soap like this can easily be sold in higher-end artisan stores, or on sites like Etsy, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some less-informed people paying up to $7-8 for a soap bar like this.


The strip comes with an LED board and a USB plug. The remote control range is decent, and I am able change colors while laying on the bed, but I usually just have it on the cyclical setting, where it switches between colors on its own every few seconds. With it you can control the brightness and the speed with which it changes colors. You can also select the color and the intensity. The strip comes with a pre-applied adhesive tape on the back. I wrapped it around my TV (which has a few USB ports in it), and now I’m enjoying the cool lighting effects.


Unlike the other 3d sweaters that I bought before, this sweater appears to be made out of cotton, or some other non-polyester material. It is really nice and soft, and the stitches are very-well done. If you are new to buying clothing from AliExpress be aware that the sizes are usually way different than European sizes. I normally wear M or L, which in Asian sizing is XL or XXL if I want a baggier fit.


Another item of clothing that I bought is a reflective windbreaker jacket, also called an anti-paparazzi jacket. The material is a bit on a harder side, and it is not stretchy at all. It is moderately waterproof, and can be used in light to medium rain. I wish I got this one in 1 size larger, because the arms are a bit too short. The reason why it is called an anti-paparazzi jacket is when you try to take a picture with the flash on, the jacket absorbs all the light and your face becomes very hard to see. It can also be used for jogging at night, to make you more visible for distracted drivers.


A USB 3.0 card reader. I was getting tired of the long transfer times and since I have an SSD and several 3.0 ports on my desktop I decided to spoil myself with some present time tech. There are many different options for the 3.0 card readers on AliExpress, starting at about $3, this one being the cheapest option. It supports two types of cards, SD and micro-SD, which is all I need. Here is the speed test of a U1-class SD card, the fact that it reaches 90 Mb/s makes me believe that it really is a 3.0 USB and not a dupe.


I am actually not sure what my reasoning was when I bought this Van Gog's Starry Night tape, probably I just wanted to see what it’s like, and I ended up using it to mask my address on the packages for the unboxing videos, because it looks more flavorful than writing over it with a marker, and quite honestly much faster too. I wasn’t too impressed with this tape and it isn’t sticky and is meant for simple non-glossy paper.


One of the more useful things that I use everyday is the wire holders. I had to switch desks a few times recently, so the new desk owners inherited my old ones, and I needed to buy me some more. These wire holders come with adhesive strips on the back for the easy application. I didn’t take a video of this one, so here are the pictures of it from the item feedback section.


During the summer months, and sometimes during the winter I like to get out of the city and enjoy the nature, which is why I bought this mug. I expected it to be much bigger, but for some reason the 200 ml. listed in the item description did not register in my mind at the time of the order. I still bring it with me and use it, and instead of 1 cup of coffee in the morning I have 2. The carabiner handle is a nifty addition, which makes it easy for me to always have handy.


And the last item for today is this camping headlight with a zoomable light. There are a few things that I thought were awesome about it, one the fact that the light is adjustable, so I could make the light spot bigger and smaller, and the fact that the bulb inside is LED, which helped with the battery life. It was also rechargeable. The bad thing about it was the charger port was not a micro-USB or anything more standard. But the biggest caveat was the accumulator inside pooping the bed, as it no longer holds any charge. Overall, it lasted one and a half seasons, which of course is a bit shorter than what I was expecting from it.

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Unboxing $1 products from GearBest

In this video we are unboxing cheap $1 or less items from GearBest.

People often ask ,what are some other websites like AliExpress. Well, GearBest is one of them – and it is their largest local competitor. Their biggest advantage is that they accept PayPal. But as Warren Buffet once said, “Don't test the depth of the river with both your feet”. So if you want without to try it out (or rather see me try it out) without risking too much money this might be the time.

The video shows the products as they are in real life (well, after mild color-correction when making the video), so I suggest you hear the entire story, but if you just want to browse some cheap products – the stock photos and the links are below the video.


Head Massager

If you’ve never tried one of these before, you’re in for an odd but pleasant surprise. The shock goes away with use, but it’s oddly addicting. This seems to be the updated version, with the secondary level on halfway in. This massager was also a part of the OG $1 or less blog post. This is a head massages that gives your scalp a nice soothing feeling. This is what I think the pets feel when you pet them.

Product link:


Adjustable wrench keychain ring

The next thing is this lovely key ring. For no particular reason I have a soft spot for small version of bigger things, so I found this thing really adorable. You never know when you’ll need to use a wrench on the go, right? Or maybe you’re just really into tools and you want a keychain that reflects your passion. Of course it’s meant as a joke, but surprisingly it actually retracts and it can be used for the nuts that are not too tight. I feel like I’ve said too many inappropriate things for one description so I will just stop talking until the next product.

Product link:


Sponge Bottle Cleaning Brush

We all know regular dish sponges just don’t do the trick with narrow bottles. Impress the bottle depot ladies the next time you come by to drop off your weekly empties with your dish-washing skillz thanks to this dish sponge designed specially for bottles. This is something that can easily be purchased from a dollar store, but if you are like me and you like to get things delivered to you instead, you can also get a few in advance and save some precious time that can be better spent watching reruns of My Little Pony.

Product link:


Car Anti-slip Mat

One of the worst feelings is when you think you’ve lost something important, like your phone, wallet or keys. You can now make sure you never get that feeling when you’re driving with this anti-slip phone mat for cars. This thing is one of the most purchased things from the $1 or less article. The first impression is that thing is, like, really sticky. But the weird part is that it doesn’t have any glue on it or leave any residue behind. Since I don’t have a car I am testing it on another machine which is our washing machine. Different things stick to it with mixed results. It works well with the camera lens cap, with the wallet that has a bunch of change, and not very good with the wireless earphones case. It works pretty well with my phone – notice how it is fully vertical and it still stays on, so it gives me confidence leaving my phone on top of it in the car.

Product link:


Cat paws post-it notes

Another thing is these cat paws sticky note thingies. I can’t tell how many there are but it looks like there is about 50 of them? I’m not sure. I have to say that their stickiness is not something that I would write home about. Generally I’d say they are pretty useless as they don’t do much unless you plan to use them as a bookmark.

Product link:


Mini cutting tool for office

This is the first portable x-acto knife that I see and it looks perfect for opening packages mainly because the blade is short and there is a smaller chance to damage the contents. It is reasonably sharp but unlike the longer blade ones it does not have the extra blade length the break off once it gets dull. But I got it for the purpose of opening packages so I don’t need it to always be sharp and knowing how easily I injure myself it’s probably for the best. It has a hole on the back which I assume is meant to put on the key rings for the most intense unboxing enthusiasts.

Product link:


USB 2.0 Micro SD / TF Card reader

This is not the first and definitely not the only card reader that you will see online, and I don’t think this is the best one. It’s just fine, a regular card reader, nothing more, but it’s not like I expect too much from a card reader. I think what turns me off is that they made the inner plastic blue as if it was a much faster USB 3.0 – the color is the easiest way to tell them apart, even though the case still clearly states that it’s the good ol’ 2.0. If you pay a little more you can get a real USB 3.0, but if you have regular cheap micro-SD cards and all you need is a basic card reader this should do.

Product link:


Magic Prop Flying Butterfly Toy

This butterfly toy is pretty amusing and cuter than a basic fidget spinner. And also much cheaper. This by far is the stupidest thing that I got from the internet. So you are supposed to twist it around at least 25 times and once you let one end go it will fly away. The first few launches were unsuccessful because I couldn’t figure out which way it would fly and the next few I couldn’t film and watch it fly at the same time, but I’m happy to report that it can do what it’s supposed to do, but my expectations weren’t too high.

Product link:


Tear post-in notes

Another $1 miracle is another sticky note. Not sure why I ordered so many because I don’t really have much use for them, but here they are and let’s look at them. There must be around 50 of them here as well. The first two were too stuck to each other that they tore and were unusable, the rest were fine. The stickiness on them was also not too impressive.

Product link:


Camera Lens Cleaning Air Blower Brush

When I received it it took me a while to understand wtf this thing is. I thought it was shipped to me by accident until I checked the list of the products that I ordered and I realized that this is a dust blower to keep the camera lens clean with a brush on the other end. It blows dust particles off of the lens, because not only we all know that wiping is for peasants, but also wiping it right away can cause irreparable damage to the lens by scratching its surface, which is not something that you want to happen to an expensive lens. This thing does an alright job cleaning the lens, but I’m pretty sure that I will still have to use wet wipes for the tougher jobs.

Product link:


Reflective Bulldog Sticker

It’s reflective so it’s more than just decorational. It also reflects. I have a sticker like that on the headlight of my bike that has been there for a little over a year and it actually is weatherproof as I have been riding year-round in any weather, and it rains a lot here in Vancouver. There is a whole bunch of different stickers there so have a look if you’re into that sort of thing.

Product link:

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$1 Things: Unboxing edition! (VIDEO)

In this video we will see products that you can get from AliExpress for $1 or less, including free shipping. We will show you the unboxing process and exactly how they are shipped: the cheapest version of the fidget cube, some household products and other cool stuff.

Product links are below the video.


Fidget cube

Product link:


Money clip

Product link:


Stainless steel soap

Product link:


Silicone soap tray

Product link:


Washing machine vibration absorbent pads

Product link:


Acrylic pins (general link)

Product link:


Clip-on lapel mic

Product link:


Sticky silicone roll

Product link: (not recommended – refer to the video for reasons)


Copper light

Product link:

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