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28 Clever, useful and funny things from AliExpress for LESS THAN $5

You are driving down a beautiful and remote highway in Nevada. It does not have any landmarks, and you do not have a destination. Just miles and miles of sand, low growing plants and more sand.

The highway takes a sharp turn, and you enter a little town. You are running low on gas, and it is getting dark, so you decide to drive around to look for a gas station, and perhaps a hotel.

The town appears to be empty, and all the windows are boarded up. At the end of a road find an old house. “What the heck”, you decide to yourself, “I should check it out”. Besides, this is the only house that you can enter without removing the boards from windows.

Inside the house appears to be empty. The dust is the only thing that stayed. All the doors are taken off, except one. Of course, now that your interest is peaking, you decide to enter it. Inside the room is a table with a wallet on it. You open the wallet, and it has a fresh, untouched crispy $5 bill in it, and it looks like it has just been printed.

You turn around, and there is a laptop on the floor, with AliExpress open in the new tab.

“The start have aligned” – you think to yourself, even though you don't believe in astrology. Now that your balance has a positive $5 on it, you have to spend it.

And here are some sweet product ideas.


Price: $5.49

This handy device attaches to the doorframe, and slowly closes the door after it is opened. The mechanism is mechanical, and does not require the use of batteries.

Because closing the door behind yourself is for peasants.


Price: $1.99

If your bank, like most of the banks, does not allow you to customize your cards, this is for you.

These credit/debit card wraps make a regular boring card into a work of art, or into a witty commentary on the political or economic issues.


Price: $2.85

This is a tiny lamp. It looks like a lamp for ants, but it works like a regular lamp.

If your desktop is as cluttered as mine, this might be the perfect size for it.


Price: $5.45

Everyone already has Airpods, so why not make them a little more unique?


Price: $0.58

Handy little silicone straps to make your cables more organized. You get 4 cables for $0.58, which is less than $0.15 per wrap. Great deal!


Price: $1.00

You can use it to hold your phone, and then the table can also use it to hold your phone.


Price: $3.67

Hopefully, you will spend your life without going to prison, unless you count buying products at these prices, because it is basically a steal of a deal!

But in case you want to feel what it's like to live in Southern states in 1930's, here is a little harmonica.


Price: $0.84

Great-looking rings for an especially low price.


Price: $2.63

A HUGE collection of stickers for a very low price.


Price: $4.51

Summer is coming! Make your own ice-cream with these food-safe silicone moulds.


Price: $4.53

If they're not holding anything, it looks like they are worshiping you.


Price: $0.98

Can't grow a beard? Don't want to spend money on Minoxidil? No worries!

This beard will have you feeling very Nordic. Just don't start invading Denmark.


Price: $0.74

These single-use soap sheets are awesome. Super-compact, and useful for camping and travelling.

Since they're sheets, they're TSA-compliant (you can put them in your carry-on). Great for hand-washing hands and clothes in the hotel sink.


Price: $1.19

As I mentioned before (and as you probably noticed yourself), the summer is coming!

There are a lot of sunglasses on AliExpress, but these ones have been especially popular in the last quarter.


Price: $3.09

Even if you are not a fisherman or an old-timey motel clerk, you can still make use of this handy retractable holder.

Unleash your inner dad and never lose your keys again!


Price: $1.07

Yes, you can make holes in the bottle cap with a hot piercer, but these look less ghetto.


Price: $1.70

If you are dying to know how much power your USB devices are emitting or receiving, this voltmeter will help you answer this burning question!


Price: $1.25

A pendant that has a piece of the sky in it, and it glows in dark. Nothing much needs to be said.


Price: $1.49+

A lot of them have 3 earring sets per lot for ~$2.50 (that's like $0.83 per pair!)


Price: $3.44

While some of the nasal hair are manually removed by picking your nose (your FBI agent sees it all!), the more efficient way of doing it is with a nasal hair trimmer.


Survival kit

Price: $1.52+

Pack, click, lock.

Prevent any dust, water or anything else from getting into them, to ensure that the tools and/or documents are readily available for you when you need them!


Price: $0.95

Na Zdorovye, Comrade!


Price: $1.49

Time to put them on EVERYTHING!


Price: $2.03+

Don't tell anyone how much they cost!

Over 30 different designs are available for any taste in the listing.


Price: $0.51+

And if cufflinks aren't your jam, these pins might be.

Made from metal, they are of a very high quality of cut and print!


Price: $0.87

I've cleaned my keyboard for the first time in years, and let me tell you: it was not pretty.

Ensure that your keys are more sanitary and are free of spores and foreign lifeforms 🤮


Price: $1.39

A silly thing, because you shouldn't take yourself too seriously!

~ Random Product of The Week ~


Price: $2.42

What you've heard is true: chickens can be very clumsy. But this helmet is not for the faint-hearted ones – on the contrary!

This product has been designed to protect the engine eternal of every chicken's construction: its head. Despite the fact that they can live without a head for up to 18 months (RIP, Miracle Mike), the owners of this chicken helmet are aiming for a higher number.

This helmet can also fit an adventurous hamster.

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Trump toilet brush, inappropriate fridge magnets and other gifts under $5

New Year is coming, Christmas is coming, maybe someone-who-is-somewhat-important-to-you's birthday is coming – but we're on a verge of a financial collapse, and you just can't spend too much money.

No reason to worry! There is a fine line between having to go bottle binning and being able to afford to bring some joy via the means of surprising them with a novel physical possession.

In this post we have picked 20 best selling things from AliExpress for $5 or less. Buy away! And maybe get something for yourself too.

Best-selling things from AliExpress


best selling things aliexpress

Price: $4.83

The first thing today is this handy telescopic sink rack. It fits any kitchen sink – the size is adjustable.

You can make it bigger or smaller depending on the sink width, and load it with the sponges and steel wool balls and any other miscellaneous stuff that you might need to dry and use.

On the side there is a little rack thing for drying the wiping cloth. The rack has slots on the bottom, so that it does not collect the water.


aliexpress best sellers

Price: $2.99

Here we have slightly inappropriate, but artistic in their own way avocado and banana magnets. Best fit for fridges, but if you have any other metallic surfaces, like a furnace or an oven door, they can be placed on them as well.


ali express bestseller

Price: $2.50

Here is a 90’s childhood favourite – a cleaning slime. Just as the self-improvement book your parents hopelessly got you for Christmas, it is good for collecting dust, albeit in a more concentrated manner.

Just like your girlfriend at a Bed, Bath & Beyond, is quite efficient at picking up junk.


how to find aliexpress best sellers

Price: $4.20

Another thing that is pretty handy in a household is these fridge cabinets. They will help with organizing the fruits, veggies and any other knick-knacks you might have randomly and disorganizedly sitting around. 


best sellers in aliexpress

Price: $1.13+

Check out these greek statues. There are 10 different options to pick from. The attention to detail on them is pretty outstanding, if you ask me.

They are sold individually, and it is better to buy more than one to complete the look.

Speaking of organization, I’d like to bring your attention to the BackIt cashback plugin.

If you’re buying things from stores like AliExpress, GearBest, Shein, Banggood and others, and not using cashback, you’re just leaving the money on the table. With a cashback plugin you can get 5 to 12% of your money back.

It’s really easy – for desktop users, install the extension, and click it before you buy something on AliExpress. For mobile users, install the app, and open it before you shop. It’s that easy.

The payouts start at $0.20 for PayPal, and $100 for bank transfers. The link to the cashback is below ⬇️ 

Cashback Extension (for desktops)

Cashback App (for mobile users)


Price: $1.92

This nail clipper got curves.

According to the feedback, it is very sharp and solid, and the angle of it makes it easier to operate.

I didn’t know I needed my nail clipper to be ergonomic, but now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense.


Price: $0.95+

Another item that is pretty classy are these solid wood spatulas and spoons.

Wood is better than plastic, as it does not melt when you are scraping it against hot pots, and it is less likely to leach chemicals into your food. Typically, such kitchen products are sold at $4 and more at our local homeware stores. 


Price: $1.69

Here is another type of sticky pad. These ones are sold per unit rather than a roll. The key differences are:

1. The durability – this one is meant to be reused, and is made out of a more durable material that keeps shape, and

2. This one has a solid plastic piece in the middle, which can be used as a smartphone stand (OPTION 1 FROM THE LISTING)


Price: $2.69

Here is a newer version of the magnetic holder for the car.

This is a newer version: now with the sleeker design and different sizes for plate options. It makes driving safer, skipping crappy songs easier, and GPS use smoother.

You can simply attach the included magnet to the back of your phone, place the holder anywhere on your dashboard, and reap the benefits of easy phone use.


Price: $2.77+

This is a magnetic charger cable that we’ve seen before, but this is a newer version of it, which now comes with a fast charge capability.

The cable is able to transfer more data and more power to your phone, because ain’t nobody got time for sitting around for 8 hours for their smartphone to charge.

There are options for Micro-USB, USB type-C and for iPhones.


Price: $0.58

These earrings have been the best-selling earrings on AliExpress in the last few months.

There is a ton of listings for them, this one being the biggest discounted one.


Price: $2.32

Face masks – pun very much intended.

There are 6 different designs and almost 4,000 orders in this listing. The face masks are now made mandatory in a lot of countries, and this one is more fun than a simple one.


Price: $0.85

Here is another device that can make regular kitchen tasks more efficient – a two in one colander and ladle.

It has holes on one side, and a scooping part on the other – it makes removing the veggies from soup easier.


Price: $0.21

Christmas is coming, and the people that aren’t important enough to get a big present, but are not unimportant enough to be left without one can get something small placed into one of these cure drawstring pouches.

They are also useful for organizing the little things in your pantry.


Price: $0.91+

Just about the only bad thing about owning an all-mahogany piano, is how posh people leave their negroni old fashioned drinkware on top of it, leaving it with moisture rings, that this 100-year old oak just can’t handle with grace.

These rattan coasters come in 4 sizes, and are perfect for making your morning Greek yoghurt parfaits feel even more fancy.


Price: $4.99

I don’t think this T-shirt needs an introduction, as it already feels quite comfortable around us.

Not sure this is the level of comfort I strive to achieve around hundreds of strangers, but if you’d like to have this lovely image displayed on your shirt like 500 of others did, the link is below.


Price: $3.53

Here is a true gamechanger: a rotating stapler. It is a true staple of a proper executive office.

No longer you have to fiddle around with paper, trying to adjust the angle, awkwardly moving the paper around. This thing has a rotating top, with the head action second to none.


Price: $1.90+

A roll of double-sided tape. A thing that is very handy in the household tasks.

It will hold your smartphones attached to the wall. It is less likely to hold your life together. A 1-meter roll can be bought for $1.90, which is pretty reasonable.


Price: $4.87

And while we are on the p-word topic, here is an eggplant pencil holder. There is an option for a less elegant design, being a pea as well.


Price: $1.93

In honour of the election events, here is a tremendous toilet brush. It’s orange. Maybe it will do a better job at draining, or at least cleaning the swamp 😉

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Owl Holders, Cosmic Key Chains + 8 Other Things for $3 or LESS

AliExpress is a good source for cheap gadgets, many of which are sold retail for 3, 4, 5 and 10 times the price. And today I will show you my latest 10 finds that you can get for $3 or less. 

Please get comfy, and take you wallets out – we are not messing around.

Cheap and Useful AliExpress Gadgets


cheap aliexpress gadgets

Price: $1.97

The first item is a total hoot.

This key holder also has a cool feature! When there are no keys hanging, the owls’ eyes are closed. When there are keys hanging, the owls’ eyes open. Totally not creepy.

Who doesn’t like owls? And who doesn’t like not losing their keys? Well, now every owl-lover can gain the wisdom of this predator of the sky by purchasing this key holder. You’ll never lose your keys again with a designated spot as cute as this one.


aliexpress best deals

Price: $1.90

Who doesn’t love a good tea-bagging? With this Unicorn Tea Infuser, sipping on some tea gets even more fun! This Unicorn Tea Infuser holds your loose leaf tea in hot water for the perfect cuppa.

Also, who doesn’t love Unicorns? Like, how super cute! 🦄


Price: $0.85 – 0.91

The world is yours with these planet key chains!

You can literally hold the world in the palm of your hand…and crush it if you want to. It’ll be a relief to finally let your keychain carry the weight of the world instead of your shoulders for once. If you’re looking for more of an out of this world aesthetic, this key chain also comes as different planets like Jupiter, Mars, and … um … Uranus. 


Price: $3.00

Yeah…books are still around. And apparently, bookmarks are as well.

Nerds will love this quirky bookmark for their latest read. Mark your place with these squished animal bookmarks. It’s like animal abuse…but it's not. The bookmark comes in a variety of squished animals like a Shiba Inu, Donkey, and Gecko. 

Regardless of which animal you choose, these bookmarks can act as conversation starters that can distract you from how boring the book is. 


Price: $2.84

What do you get the person who has everything? The answer is “Nothing”. We found it for you on AliExpress, and apparently, nothing comes in different shapes.

You can choose to be a dick and waste resources like gas, paper, plastic, and employee time by purchasing “Nothing” encased in a transparent shell for 2 dollars. Then when that special someone asks what you got them for a gift, you can say, “nothing.” Not only do you get to revel in the satisfaction of seeing their disappointment, but you get to see them get excited when they realize you did get them a present.

But wait, there’s more! You also get to experience their reaction when they realize that you did in fact, get them nothing. So, this is more of a purchase for yourself, if anything. 


Price: $1.88

Adult purchases – how fun!

Though as far as being a real adult goes, purchasing these curtain holders is not a bad idea. They’re cute and practical. These curtain holders are a great way to mask that your home really is not put together, but it kind of is.

Purchase these curtain holders in a variety of colors to match your aesthetic (or the adult you’re pretending to be‘s aestheic). 


Price: $0.70 + shipping

When you’re making that coin, you’re gonna need a place to put it. As in, literal coins because we both know you’re a broke bitch who is still penny-pinching. The good thing is, you can be a cute broke bitch, putting your pennies into this coin purse.

Choose from black, green, grey, or red for the perfect place to squirrel away change (or small miscellaneous items, earphones for example) without shame. 


Price: $1.96 (1 meter / 3 ft.)

You can’t go wrong with double stick tape, you just can’t. Imagine the possibilities!

This tape could fix more than duct tape. Though just a fair warning, it won’t fix your heartbreak from your significant other giving you ‘nothing’ (or just how broken your life is).

But it could probably hang up those super cute umbrella hangers from earlier. You should purchase this tape just in case, because… adult things. Cheap gadgets don't get any more useful than this.


aliex best deals

Price: $0.74 + shipping

Yeah, you never made varsity. You didn’t even make junior varsity. Your Dad still doesn’t look at you the same way.

But that’s all about to change with these custom letters! Live out your high school fantasy by purchasing these embroidered letter patches. By purchasing these letters you can be number one on the varsity team all the time. Just imagine the respect you’ll get walking around in your own custom letterman jacket as an adult.

Hey, maybe even your Dad will respect you this time around!


www aliexpress

Price: $1.26 for 3

You know what everyone needs? Umbrella wall hangers.

That’s what we all work towards, right? Not hooks that hang up your umbrellas, but hooks that look like umbrellas. It’s essential for every household. These umbrella hangers are the ideal ones to purchase for your home.

Not only are they super cute, but they’ll remind you that a raincoat just isn’t enough on a rainy day.

This is a staple in cheap gadgets: it serves a good purpose and doesn't cost a lot.

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10 Geeky Products from AliExpress for $<10

It's been a while since the last Geeky things collection, and since one of the old ones has been doing quite well on my YouTube channel lately, I decided to make a new one.

We will see 10 different products, this time with a price limit of $10 for the budget-conscious buyers.


Price: $8.90 – 29.88

Another cool item that we will see today is a pretty popular item lately.

It is something that you may have seen online, but possibly didn’t know where to buy – a tortilla blanket. Wrap yourself in it – sour cream and lime are optional.

This will be the easiest burrito that you have ever made.

They come in a variety of sizes, the smallest one being $8 with free shipping to most countries.


Price: $8.49 – 16.99 (depending on size)

If you have a lot of gadgets, you probably have a lot of space cables. And they are most likely sitting in a cabinet somewhere, forming a tangled mess.

To make them more organized, here is a handy cord case.

It can be used for travel, as it has an additional compartment for smaller devices like power banks, tablets and action cameras.


Price: $1.05 / piece

This product has been listed in the shop section for quite some time, but lately it has been ordered quite a bit as well.

It’s a magnet set with the only plumber that I will tolerate eating my mushrooms and kicking my turtle.

Each one of these can be purchased for a modest price for $1, so be sure to grab a few for a full set.


Price: $8.02

The first item today is an infinity lamp with a mirror.

It has a few LEDs inside placed at an angle, so that when you look at it, it gives a neat tunnel effect. The LEDs can be turned off, and it can be used as a regular mirror.

There are different options, in the shape of a unicorn, a heart, a cactus and a few more.


Price: $0.82 + shipping

The next product are these blocky keyrings.

There are three options: a rabbit, a T-Rex, and a kitty.

I am not sure what the strap is all about, but the bulb likely indicates that all these cute things want to do is get naughty and make a yummy inter-specie sandwich.


Price: $3.89 – 5.39

Some blocky bois.

There are 8 different ones to pick from. The blocks are compatible with the other block sets that you are thinking of, though these ones cost a fair bit less.

They are a bit smaller than you might think – which is pretty expected for the price.


Price: $3.71

On average, a person uses a plastic carrier bag for about 12 minutes, and we recycle only one of every 200 we use.

A reusable bag does not seem like a bad idea, and here is a portable and collapsible one that can be easily carried around and easily folded back in when you are done using it.


Price: $3.99

The next product is a cool trick thing that you can use to impress all of your friends, as long as all your friends are 6 years old or younger. It is a handkerchief that can go through your smartphone.

A good magician never reveals his secrets. But there are bad magicians on YouTube that can explain to you how it works.


Price: $9.75

Here we have a creative bottle holder for the fine things connoisseurs.

This thing creates an illusion of defying gravity, which coincidentally is what the liquid inside such bottles usually does.

There are four different options, three differently colored chains, and a rope that looks like a malnourished snake.


Price: $9.73

Here is a smart brush for the pet owners.

Unfortunately, it is not smart enough to connect to your smartphone to track the total amount of strokes your pet is receiving.

But it does have the extendable cover to remove the fur from the bristles, which will make it much easier to clean.

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