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Best AIO (All-In-One) Vaporizers on AliExpress [18+]

If you are not 18+/21+ (the age of majority in your country), PLEASE EXIT THIS POST IMMEDIATELY!

Vaping has changed a lot in the last 5 years. And while people still use bigger and heavier systems with 18,650 mAh batteries, all-in-one (AIO) systems are setting a high bar with portability, reduced cost, and less maintenance.

Some AIO vaporizers nowadays even come with rebuildable atomizers, which can no longer be a deterrent for trying a low-wattage system. They offer a decent throat hit (given your choice of juice, of course), they are lighter, easier to carry around, and they generally cost about half the price of the bigger systems.

I intentionally did not include any SMOK devices in this list – personally, I've had a lot of issues with them – leaking and general reliability. I've also skipped all AIO systems like Joyetech eGo, where the glass is a part of the case, and in case of damage to it the entire device would need to be replaced.

This is a list of the best AIO vaporizer systems that you can currently buy on the market. Also, AliExpress prices are much lower than what you would normally find in stores, so these are likely going to be the best deals you can find around.


voopoo vinci review

Price: $24.90

Main features

Battery size: 1,500 mAh

Pod capacity: 5.5 ml

Coils: 0.3Ω (rec. 32-40W) / 0.6Ω (rec. 20-28W)

RBA section: yes, optional

Output power range: 5-40W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

voopoo vinci coils
Compatible coils

VOOPOO Vinci is the best choice at this time.


1. Gene.AI chip, that can automatically adjust the power based on the resistance of the new coil – to prevent them from burning out prematurely.

2. Anti-spill mod design – the fill hole is on the bottom, and is only exposed when the mod is removed for refilling.

3. Smooth drags and auto/manual modes for starting.

The 1,500 mAh battery, which charges through the micro-USB cable, will easily last you through the day.

It has a 0.96″ TFT color display, which shows all the basic stats, along with the puff counter.

MOST DURABLE: GeekVape Aegis Boost 💪

Geekvape Aegis Boost

Price: $29.20

Main features

Battery size: 1,500 mAh

Pod capacity: 3.7 ml

Coils: 0.6Ω (rec. 15-28W)

RBA section: yes, optional

Output power range: 5-40W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

I've been using my GeekVape Aegis Boost for about a year now.

I bought an additional RBA section for it (highly recommended for using your own coils). I use it with the 0.8 fused clapton coils – each coil lasts me for about 4 months with heavy daily use – I drag it every few minutes when I work right at my desk: the joys of working from home 😏

GeekVape Aegis is shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof with an IP67 Rating.

The display is small, but it shows the battery status, the puff counter and the current wattage.

The stock mod comes with a plug coil type-system, two types of drip tips, and a cover to keep the dust and debris out.

If you prefer to not use an RBA kit, you should get extra coils ahead of time.


UWELL Caliburn G

Price: $29.99

Main features

Battery size: 690 mAh

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Coils: 0.8Ω

RBA section: no, the pod is too small

Output power range: 13-18W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

Like a JUUL, but better.

It is a pod system, but the coils are replaceable. No need to throw the pod out – less plastic waste.

The maximum wattage is 18W, and the wattage will adjust automatically based on the resistance of the coil (there are options for 0.8Ω and 1.0Ω).

Welcome to the 21st century! This vape comes with a USB-C port for faster charging.

No display, and the power indicator on the bottom shows the charge level (green = 60%+, blue = 60-30%, red = under 30%).

The design of the pod is actually genius: the airflow is on one side or the bottom. Since the magnet will connect regardless of which side you insert, you can flip it over for MTL/DTL flow. See the image below for explanation.

You can fire it up with either a push of the button, or just by dragging it.

BEST VALUE: GeekVape Wenax 

Price: $19.17

Main features

Battery size: 1,100 mAh

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Coils: 0.6Ω / 1.2Ω

RBA section: no, the pod is too small

Output power range: 9-16W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

Don't let the price mislead you: this is a cheap vape that doesn't feel cheap.

If you have been put off by vaping because of the buttons, screens and menus, this would be an ideal device to make the switch.

Wenax automatically adjusts the power output depending on what coil is in, and you can also fine-tune it.

The 0.6Ω coil lets you choose between 14,15 or 16W. The 1.2Ω coil lets you choose between 9, 10 or 11W.

If this is what your choice is, make sure to get extra coils.



Price: $36.36

Main features

Battery size: 520 mAh

Pod capacity: 2 ml

Coils: 1.2Ω

RBA section: no, the pod is too small

Output power range: 11W

Type of nicotine: Salt Nic ✔️ / Freebase ✔️

The UWELL Caliburn KOKO is basically a regular Caliburn, but with a smaller square battery.

The coils aren't replaceable – you need to get a new pod once the coil burns out, but with the smaller wattage, each coil should last you for a good while. The link I have below will give you 4 pods, and you can always buy more here or locally.

A nice touch with the KOKO's design is the notch on the top right corner. You should be old enough to remember that some cell phones used to have that – it's a nice throwback 🙂

UWELL Caliburn KOKO review

Other things you will need if you go with an RBA kit (much cheaper than using ‘regular' coils in the long term):

Simple coils (0.4 – 2.2Ω): Check the price on regular coils on AliExpress

Specialized coils (0.12 – 0.6Ω): Check the price on AliExpress

Cotton – this is the one that I use myself: Check the best price on AliExpress

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Starry Sky Projector, DIY Neon Signs + 10 New Gadgets: November 2020

What is the use of something if it does not make our life easier, cooler, or best of all, better and cooler?

This is the sort of question you need to be asking yourself when you check out these products. It is not a question of if you are going to throw these into a virtual shopping cart and ship them off to yourself and your family, only a question of “when?”


Price: $35.85

If you have ever found yourself unable to sleep and staring at a blank wall for hours on end, the Laser Galaxy Starry Sky Projector is for you. If you have desperately tried to set the mood for a romantic dinner at your place, but just needed something a little more “light show” to top it off, the Laser Galaxy Starry Sky Projector is also for you.

Fully remote controlled, this projector is capable of creating a starry sky, a festival, disco lights, lighting for a home party, and more in whatever room it goes into!


Price: $31.99

You probably have 2 pockets at most times, right? So why do people expect you to constantly have 10 pockets on us, all the time? You’re not always rocking the cargo socks and flip flops, sometimes it is just khakis and shoes.

Make the most of your 2 measly pockets with the QCR Q1, which TRIPLES as a power bank for other devices, a wireless headphone holder (and charger), and an MP3 player.

Rough specs:

  • Bluetooth: V5.0
  • Charging Box battery: (Q1s/Q1 3500mAh, Q1Pro 6000mAh)
  • Earphones battery: 50mAh*2
  • Play Time :4-5hours
    Charger time: 1-2hours
  • Flashlight: 9hours
    Transmission distance: 15-20M
  • Waterproof level: IPX7
  • Current and voltage: 5V-1.0A


Price: $13.17+

Turn every room into a rave room with these LED strips. Fully customizable and coming with 120 LEDs, the RGF Neon light ribbon is industrial-grade in terms of both quality and FUN. It comes with a remote to change the colors and brightness of the strip and is perfect for making Tik-Toks.

The length of the single strip varies from 1 to 100 meters.


Price: $21.99

What else can you add to your dual-monitor setup with a light-up keyboard? Light-up headphones, of course.

Smooth and slick with a high-powered (300 mAh, which is considerable for headphones), 3D stereo sound, the BlitzWolf AIRAUX Bluetooth headphones are wireless and double as the perfect gaming headphones. The come with Bluetooth 5.0 – more range and stability, and of course, LEDs: they are gaming headphones, after all.

No need to bother taking off your headphones when you hop up for a bathroom break mid-game. Have a call coming in? Don’t worry about it, simply pick up on your headset without taking your eyes off-screen.


Price: $16.91

I’m sorry, do you still live in 1905? If you look out the window, do you see a horse-drawn carriage being drawn down the road and a small boy hawking newspapers on the street corner, or do you see an electric car driving itself and a group of teenagers with their nose stuck in their phones?

So if you do not still live in 1905, why does your pump soap dispenser make it seem like you do? With this auto-dispensing foaming hand-washer, leave the hands out of the equation.


Price: $4.99

Are you tired of your phone falling over every time you try to prop it up against something? All you want to do is watch some Netflix or a cooking video, and your phone takes it as a personal offense and tries to commit suicide over the nearest counter edge.

Lock your phone or tablet on the spot and guarantee no more unwanted chips and cracks with this universal tablet and phone desk holder.


Price: $6.37+

Coming in a variety of colors to match any room, this adjustable screen top-shelf display turns that useless space above your TV or computer screen into a small shelf, capable of holding a wireless router, a cable box, or whatever else you want it to!

Do you find yourself looking for your vision glasses too often? Store them on top of your display. Pens and notepads need to be handy? Put them on this top shelf. Do you use the USB card readers often, but don't have enough spare USB ports to keep them plugged in? There is this fancy shelf to put them on.


Price: $2.29

Honestly, nothing is quite as nice as a reliable, sturdy holding spot for your phone on your dashboard. This is a newer version: now with the sleeker design and different sizes for plate options. It makes driving safer, skipping crappy songs easier, and GPS use smoother.

With the FLOVEME Magnetic Car Phone Holder, you can simply attach the included magnet to the back of your phone, place the holder anywhere on your dashboard, and reap the benefits of easy phone use.


Price: $90.25

A product for the kids in your life (or you, if you like adorable little deep-sea submarine humidifiers, I guess). The Puff Ring (not affiliated with Snoop Dogg) humidifier is sure to be the most beloved children’s humidifier on the block with its fun colors, cute design, and adorable captain of the make-believe deep-sea sub.

Humidifiers are said to help with:

  • dry skin
  • sinus congestion/dry throat
  • headache
  • nose irritation
  • bloody noses
  • irritated vocal cords/dry cough
  • cracked lips

INSTA360 GO Action Camera

Price: $199.99

It works with both Androids and iPhones, it records everything you do, and it is so simple a dummy could use it, so what is the holdup?

The Insta360 GO simply clips onto your shirt and – voila! You have a stabilized, hyper-lapse-friendly action camera  of your adventures at your fingertips, and you never even need to so much as aim it.

Insta360 Go supports shooting at up to 100 FPS. It has AI-powered FlashCut auto editing, which helps with creating the clips. With the charger case, the battery can handle up to 200 clips per day, which is probably more than you would ever need.

Insta360 is not a startup: they produce industry-leading cameras for 360 videography, and this camera is just one of their consumer-grade products.

The camera comes with a number of accessories:

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AliExpress Top Brands: TECHNOLOGY

In a not-so-distant future, brands like Xiaomi and Huawei were considered low-quality Made In China products. As time passed, they were able to break stereotypes and gain trust and popularity.

AliExpress has a ton of stores and brands: some good, some – not so much. In this post we decided to compile a list of up and coming Chinese brands that are less-known, but which definitely deserve recognition. We picked them and their products based on the feedback from the buyers.

Best Tech Brands on AliExpress


Rating 98.1%

640,000+ followers

Xiaomi is probably the best-known brand in China, except for Huawei. The quality of products is as good as any other big-name mainstream brands, but the prices are much lower than what you'd see in retail.

In this store you can find a variety of Xiaomi products like earphones, smartphones, MiBand fitness trackers and accessories for them, and other various home accessories.


Rating 97.9%

820,000+ followers

If you have gadgets that require charging, this is the store for you.

FLOVEME is mostly known for power banks, high-quality charging cables and high-capacity fast-charge blocks (for homes and cars).


Rating 98.6%

1,282,000+ followers

Go to BASEUS store for all things power: portable power banks, cables, QI charging docks and fastcharge blocks.

Good quality like FLOVEME, but different designs. Much better than going no-name.


Rating 98.5%

923,000+ followers

Anker store sells everyday electronics, and they carry audio equipment and home projectors.

However, they are best-known for Bluetooth speakers, TWS earphones (Soundcore Liberty and Life P2 are their best-selling models) and QI wireless pads.


Samsung's AliExpress store specializes in memory cards and SSD‘s.

I have bought a number of high-speed SD cards for my 4K and 8K cameras, and a portable SSD.


Rating 97.6%

1,505,000+ followers

QCY at this time is, without a doubt, a leader in True Wireless (TWS) earphones.

You can see their best-selling models here. There is just too many to name – make your pick. I would recommend looking at QS1 and T5 because of their specs.


Rating 97.7%

107,000+ followers

If you are looking for a budget action camera and don't want to buy off-brand, SJCAM is your go-to store.

They have interlaced 4K cameras, some great waterproof ones that don't require a case (SJCAM SJ8 for example) and a full specter of accessories for them.


Rating 98.9%

1,116,000+ followers

UGREEN is another well-known manufacturer of cables.

They also started producing SSD cases, USB hubs (this type-C USB 3.0 is the best-selling model), and charging blocks.


Rating 98.5%

547,000+ followers

TOPK has a variety of different gadgets, but their best products are their smartphone holders.

They also sell some interesting type-C charger cables with LED displays, which show the strength of the voltage, and other heavy-duty cables.


Rating 98.8%

Established in 2012, CHOETECH is one of the leading brands in manufacturing charger cables and charger cables.

For us, the most interesting Choetech's item is their dual-charging QI pad. If you are into camping/hiking, their portable solar charger panel is also worth noting.


Rating 97.5%

9,500+ followers

MIJIA / Yee are also related to Xiaomi. Yee makes smart lights (I have one – review here) and smart home electronics, but they go much more beyond than that – there are too many products to list.

They all have one thing in common though: simplistic design and impeccable quality.


Rating 98.5%

717,000+ followers

MI is definitely popular for smartphones, smart fitness bands and award-winning (Red Dot Award for design) earphones.


Rating 97.8%

862,000+ followers

YI is another Xiaomi's subdivision. It makes action cameras (I have a YI 4K – video review), dash cameras and webcams. All are well-rated by the buyers.


Rating 97%

1,217,000+ followers

Bluedio is well-known for their high-quality audio products and solid warranty.

Their Bluetooth headphones, earphones and speakers are very worth the money. There is only a handful of models per category, which shows that you don't need to have a lot of options to be successful – just need a few current ones.


Rating 98.8%

82,000+ followers

This is more of a niche product: FiiO makes audio accessories that help you get the most out of your music and music devices.

There are portable amps, lossless MP3 music players that make your music sound really good and $600 earphones (that people actually buy!).


Rating 97.8%

1,065,000+ followers

ORICO has good card readers, USB 3.0 and 3.1 hubs and various electronics-related knick-knacks.


Rating 98.1%

180,000+ followers

Blitzwolf makes a variety of different electronics. I have been using their power bank (video review) for 3 years now, I also trust them for charging cables – the braided ones I have have been nothing but great.

They recently started releasing TWS earphones, which I didn't have experience with – BW FYE7 and BW-FYE8 (different styles) have good sales and feedback.


Rating 98.5%

195,000+ followers

VERNEE is a budget-friendly smartphone brand. Their most recent models M8 PRO comes with a Helio P60 and dual cameras, and V2 PRO is IP68 water and dust proof and comes with a huge 6200 mAh battery.


Rating 95.4%

547,000+ followers

UMIDIGI is another budget smartphone brand that has been on fire lately. I am currently using their F1 model (video review) – it has been great: amazing battery life and a bone stock version of Android with no bloatware.

But if you are looking for a new phone, I highly recommend looking at the A7 Pro: WOW!

HUAWEI (authorized) STORE

Rating 99.4%

173,000+ followers

HUAWEI is a brand that needs no introduction. Not to mention, that their phone towers are used in many countries, and their P30 PRO has won “Smartphone Of The Year” twice (which is a steal at $430 – or you can go with the PRO or Lite versions).

Aside from smartphones, they have smart watches and other stuff, which does not seem to be too popular.


244,000+ followers

Longet is one of the less-known smart watch brands, but it is getting there: the products are highly-rated and are still sold at a relatively low price point for their specs.


Rating 97.7%

You will definitely hear more about Tronsmart: their marketing team is being very aggressive. It started as a speaker brand, and now is venturing into the TWS earphones.

The best-selling speaker models right now is T6, which is also available as T6 Mini and T6 Plus.


Rating 97.9%

486,000+ followers

MIFA is known for their graffiti-design speaker and the rugged outdoor-oriented IPX6 speaker, but they have a few other models. Ultimately, your preference in design will help to decide between Mifa and, say, Bluedio.

We have a few more products with 9,999+ wishlist adds here. More are added every week!

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Best iPhone 11 Cases

Apple have released their $1000+ iPhone 11, and as with any other expensive smartphone, it's always a good idea to slap a case on it to keep it in the pristine condition for as long as possible. We have picked the best options on AliExpress, with a bonus product at the end.

We will start with the most basic, and will get to the fancier options as we move along.


Price: $0.99

A simple timeless classic: transparent silicone case. The cheapest possible version.


Price: $3.20

An improved version of the previous case, with the non-sticky surface to avoid having visible fingerprints.


Price: $14.19

A genuine cowhide case for a more luxurious feel. Not vegan at all.


Price: $2.39

A little more fancy-looking case with a weave pattern. A little more grippy than the previous version, but only a little.


Price: $10.32

Same material as luxury sedans interior. If you know, you know.


Price: $3.97

Same material as on the previous case, but on the inside. “Like wiping your arse with silk”.


Price: $1.87

For all the basic girls out there, you know you love marble pattern. There is a lot of differently colored options.

*not actual marble


Price: $2.33

Them Coachella vibes.


Price: $1.49

We know Apple said that iPhone 11 is more prone to damage, but we also know that it's probably not indestructible, so why risk it?


Price: $11.78

And if you think that you might need even extra protection…


Price: $1.79

A case that looks like is a work of art.


Price: $1.12

If you prefer minimalism.

Like minimalist gadgets? Check out this post!

(article continued below)


Price: $1.12

Arizona iced out boys approve.


Price: $1.53

Pretty cases for the better half of the population.


Price: $4.88

If you want protection some protection, but don't want the case to be extra huge.


Price: $1.75

For the extra hot days – you don't want the phone to suffocate.


Price: $2.18

This case will protect the phone from scratches without changing the look too much.


Price: $2.99

If you can't afford the 11 Pro version, but still want to look cool. This won't change how it performs, but nobody has to know that.


Price: $0.99+

We have picked the best iPhone 11 cases in our opinion, but there is a lot more different ones starting at $0.99

We have spent a ton of time picking the best products from AliExpress out there so you don't have to

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